‘I will rule this city one day’ SRK completes 25 years in the city of dreams

Bollywood Superstar Shah Rukh Khan, an industry outsider who once famously said he would rule the city of Mumbai one day, has completed 25 years of his incredible journey in the city of dreams.

Trying to replicating the staggering rise of the superstar, has now become the ultimate dream for millions of strugglers and aspiring actors.

“25 years in Mumbai, which has given me my life. For the first time at the opening of RC (Red Chillies) VFX new office. I felt, I must have done something right,” Shah Rukh tweeted at 5 in the morning.

Shah Rukh made his debut in the television show†’Fauji’ in the 1980s and later went on to make his film debut in ‘Deewana’. †He went on to play the lead antagonist in films like ‘Baazigar’ and ‘Darr’ before becoming the most loved actor in the country after films like ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’, ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ and ‘Dil Toh Pagal Hai’.

Since then, the actor has retained his superstardom for over 2 decades. He awaits the release of his yet-to-be titled film directed by Imtiaz Ali, which releases in theatres during the Independence Day weekend this year.



  • Media made star, single handedly he has destroyed all awards’ reputation with his manipulation. Be it box office numbers, awards or theater counts, he is the undisputed king of manipulation.

    All hail the SUPER-Fart

  • So for indicine srk has became the sultan mirza and he rules mumbai is that so and what salman and aamir are his servants and what big b is his minister of state, and people of mumbai are ” according to indicine ” the citizens of shahrukh’s empire.

    Bollywood is just an industry for god sake and Srk is only a successful actor of it who was a superstar once but has lost his no.1 status to his contemporaries as soon as you guys will accept it it will be better for him only.

  • Congratulation Mr.SRK for amazing 25 years.
    And best luck in the coming years .
    Peace from Aamirian ?

  • time tho logo keliye hote hai shero ka tho zamana hota hai!!! King Khan!!! aap ka zamana chalta rahega!!!

  • @indicine where is the article of King Khan going to be honored in San Francisco film festival in USA!!!

  • When I started watching movie I was huge fan of mithunda, post mpk salman but when deewana released then it was srk and only srk till now. Though I like mithun and salman too even today but srk is above all. Still remember raju ban Gaya gentleman dialog when juhi asked her “jabtak ko kam nahi milta tab tak chote mote kaam kyu nahi karte, he replied “Agar chote kam karunga to Chota admi banunga muze bada admi banna hai” and look at him today. He achieved almost everything. Salute to this man. The Legend. Probably biggest superstar of all time in terms of consistency. This thing only those people knows who are from 1990s. Else people will start to count who has no of hits. And base on that they will judge everything
    Both srk and amitabh has similar stardom but srk ruled longer period. Amitabh superstardom was biggest when it comes to perticular time zone that is from 1975-1991 but srk’s superstardom is longest from 1993-2009. Post 1991 bachchan vanished not even in top 5 but post 2009 srk stardom is still top three until today infact if he get right movie with right release date still he is capable to create havoc. It is his bad luck that all his potential grosser don’t get good release time post 2012 his five out of seven movies faced clashes with another big star movies including rehnuma. Hope he regain top spot.
    My fav srk movies are
    Chakh de
    Kabhi ha kabhi na
    Kal ho na ho
    Raju ban Gaya gentleman
    List is endless

  • This overhyped media backed star is nothing more than a glorified Phankha Salesman…!

    His 25 yrs of mediocrity has only been loved by jobless homeless peasants whereas ordinary patriotic Indians despise this Pro Peasantstan deshdrohi khan…!

  • @Fake Aamir Khan
    FAN collected double of this decades biggest commercial disaster Veer

    BTW In 2006 Sakman declared Jaaneman when Don was already declared

    In 2016 Salman declared Sultan when Raees was already there!!!!

  • @Sayar : You should also read comments from @Aadav & @Zuheeb. If srks fans are obsessed with Salman then we can’t help them. Just read @Aadav comment nowhere related to article & you people talk about logic & sense. Lol

  • @Zuheeb : You cannot compare YRF of 90’s to today’s YRF. At that time there were no multiplexes, no corporates, no big productions except handful. Even getting a movie with YRF was very huge those days. Today is all about content and not just names. You should consult a doctor first & need a treatment for being over obsessed with Bhai & his fans. Get well soon !!!!!

  • @Indicine, do you guys validate any news before publishing? Shahrukh khan himself said in so many of his interviews that he came to mumbai in 1991…so 25 years completed in 2016..but since his last film flopped n he doesnt have any release coming up soon so his PR published this article just to bring him in news…last year there was an article on completing 25 yrs in bollywood…now 25 yrs in mumbai (how’s that possible?)..next year there might be an article on srk completing 25 yrs in bandra..then after few years 25 yrs in mannat…WTF ?? Also in many of his interviews he has said that he proclaimed one day i will OWN this city not RULE…and then he said that today the city owns me..so the article n the heading are both wrong…but indicine just wants to publish some article related to shahrukh every other day since there are no major films left with him to write about..after few weeks im expecting an article on srk.completes 25 yrs in bandstand area…

  • @ Salmir fan, abe idiot SRK debuted in Bollywood in 1992.And it is 2017 today.so it’s been 25 years for him in Bollywood.although Deewana released on 25 june.So his complete 25 years will be on 25 june 2017.

  • @hritik
    I posted against Salman because this guy @Aamir Khan and others started all these. They always instigate.
    And getting YRF was a big deal?? For your info Yash Ji had directed Parampara with Aamir which was an A grade Disaster.

  • Rocky
    March 31, 2017 at 8:53 pm
    @Aamir Khan
    If SRK books Xmas after Bhansali it is called Dirty game but if Salman books Eid after SRK, even then itís supposed to be SRKís dirty game?? Matlab kuch bhi.
    I am saying this despite being an Akshay fan, there were initially strong rumours that Imtiaz and Shahrukh were planning to come on Independence Day. But it wasnít offical. Then Crack was announced. Even then SRK announced his film only after rumours of Crack postponement had come.

    Abey Yondu londu…. in the same way salman n yrf were planning to come on Eid & it wasn’t official then dirty Grandpa announced his Raees… but salman didn’t leave his date…. Chamandu

  • Abey Yondu Chamandu Zuheeb Salman doesn’t need Yrf, YRF needs Salman…. that’s why salman did ETT on request of YRF after getting SuperStardom….

  • @Abhishek KR, abe chutiye..so if Deewana released on 25th June then how did Shahrukh complete 25 yrs today? Is this some kind of april fool joke? As i said again on 25th june indicine will post another article “srkcompletes 25 yrs of deewana” since substantial is happening in his career anymore.

  • Lot of people outside the house, lots of people on the Railway station, lots of people in the mall…but why so few people inside the theatres? Oh i forgot…standing on the streets n railway platform like jobless cattle is free…but buying movie tickets costs money, so people save it for salman n aamir movies..

  • india will never see the stardom which srk have… he is the king of the cinema.. king of bollywood.. and king of our hearts

  • one can not compare YRF of that era…hmm let’s check out their highly successful filmography since 90s…
    yeh dillagi,
    mere yaar ki shadi hai,
    mujhse dosti karoge,
    hum tum,

    Now i leave upto you to arrange these films in bigger success order…and decide which was the biggest hit followed by which one and followed by which one…..
    who needed whom ??
    Why YRF was able to give big success with SRK only ??
    why saathiya, mujhse dosti karoge, mere yaar ki shadi hai, Yeh dillagi, aaina doomed at boxoffice ???
    yrf used to be success guarantee those days, No ??

  • @Aadav : Another sense less & retard comment. Parampara was not YRF it was just directed by Yash ji. First learn the difference between production & direction. Secondly, even though Parampara failed it was still a big movie of that year due to huge cast & Yash ji and you should know that despite debacle Yash ji still offered Darr to Aamir. SRK has utilized media to hype & create fake perceptions though there is no doubt about his capabilities & hard work but portraying him as immortal was non sense.

  • @Sayar : Still Veer could not beat 40 lakhs of YLJK which was the maha bigger disaster of that decade. Veer was not even flop and you are calling it as disaster. No one can beat SRK fans in spreading false myths & fake stuff !!!!!

  • Rule the city? Really? Is the Maharashtra govt listening? Somebody is going to take over their job..

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