‘I will rule this city one day’ SRK completes 25 years in the city of dreams

Bollywood Superstar Shah Rukh Khan, an industry outsider who once famously said he would rule the city of Mumbai one day, has completed 25 years of his incredible journey in the city of dreams.

Trying to replicating the staggering rise of the superstar, has now become the ultimate dream for millions of strugglers and aspiring actors.

“25 years in Mumbai, which has given me my life. For the first time at the opening of RC (Red Chillies) VFX new office. I felt, I must have done something right,” Shah Rukh tweeted at 5 in the morning.

Shah Rukh made his debut in the television show’Fauji’ in the 1980s and later went on to make his film debut in ‘Deewana’. He went on to play the lead antagonist in films like ‘Baazigar’ and ‘Darr’ before becoming the most loved actor in the country after films like ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’, ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ and ‘Dil Toh Pagal Hai’.

Since then, the actor has retained his superstardom for over 2 decades. He awaits the release of his yet-to-be titled film directed by Imtiaz Ali, which releases in theatres during the Independence Day weekend this year.



  • Shah Rukh Khan ek he baar janm leta h duniyawalo, there won’t be any other SRK ever, love you SRK, keep entertaining us for many more years! You have not only ruled the Mumbai city, but our hearts, country, world & helped Indian cinema reach out with your sheer work & as they say the name is enough… S.R.K. …………….

  • Srk stardom has slowed down. Just like big b had entering his age 50. Srk still has a lot of fans to find a big opening. But he has lost what Salman has gained: the liking of general public.

  • and he did :)
    “Walk with a light of hope in your heart and you’ll never walk alone”-Dr Shah Rukh Khan…
    started his journey with tv shows like Dil dariya,
    Waghle ki duniya,
    Idiot, Fauji etc etc….
    and now second Richest Actor in the World….
    Some of his quotes “jab main Mumbai aaya tha toh mere paas dilli wapas jaane tak ke liye paise nahi the”
    “Hamare ghar me daal me paani zyada daala jata tha taaki sab log pet bhar kha sake”….
    Siddhu paji in aap ki adalt said “main SRK se tab mila tha jab woh fauji me kaam kiya karte the, usne kaha bollywood me jaana hai, maine kaha competition bahot tough hai bhaiyya..usne kaha My competition is with myself and not with others”…..

    SHAH RUKH KHAN the name who have been representing bollywood outside the country (overseas) since 1993….

  • he Was nvr most loved in 90s there were govinda,Deol ..when u talk about most loved..Amitabh,Sunny Deol,Akshay ,Salman names comes 1st coz they r loved in small cities villages metro cities ..SRK IS only loved in metro cities . This is the reason he is yet to give a Hit TV show lol ..He is not pan India Star !!

  • the day he will start releasing his movies on Non holiday like Fan He will come on the level of Saif Ali Khan. .

  • Article headline is so misleading and It can easily create a venetta!!
    Any way though i dnt like Srk…25 years of stardom is not a matter of joke!!Congratzzz SRK!!!…..He got success,He failed, but He tried and tried,pushed himself for Extreme…. which is a life lesson for Newcomers for sure…as an Actor(when You have decided to enter Bollywood and be a ‘Commercial’ Star) You have to work more and more to be within top!!There is no place of hypocrisy like I am selective or i dnt work for money or i dnt like number race!!atleast He gives His Loyal Fans, Film after Film to enjoy which is also a very big thing according to me!!
    And i am waiting for DADA vs SRK once again..this time in ISL ??

  • Congratulation Mr. KingKhan for completing 25 years in the industry…
    There’s a dialog in FAN
    “Kitne aaye aur gaye, Aryan Khanna (SRK) 25 saalon se wahin ka wahin hai”…

    Dilwale vs BM
    Raees vs Kaabil
    Rehnuma vs Toilet
    You can try to pull him down but there’s a one more dialogue in FAN I’d like to say the same “Shah Rukh Khan ko neeche girane ke liye pehle Shah Rukh Khan jitna uthna padega” :)

    My Fav films-
    KHKN,DilSe, Mnik
    RNBDJ,k3G, Mohabbatein
    MHN, Don, OSO, jthj, CE….just to name few :)



    LOVE U


  • Mumbai City of dreams.
    Heart of India.

    Bollywood Place of dreams.
    Heart of Mumbai.

    Bollywood known for –

    Rajesh Khanna – 1st Super Star

    Amitabh Bacchan – Angry Young Man

    Aamir Khan – Mr.Perfectionist

    Salman Khan – 1st & may be last Mega Star

    Yash Raj Films – Mega Banner who made many stars & allowed them to achieve their dreams…some got compared with above 4 due to yrf’s backing.

  • SRK The Dirtiest n Ugliest man alive on Earth…. coz

    About some recent clash….

    Diwlale clashed BM on Christmas 2015….
    BM was announced first but the man with Dirty mind announced his film on xmas but God destroyed him to hide his failure in Domestic he inflated (manipulated) overseas no.s…. (no $5 million in us, no 2 in UK no $8 million in UAE then also crossed 27 millions although it was a crap among craps…. It is the sign of inflation, better films like Fan n Raees, even CE n HNY was better than Dilwale but failed to cross $20 million. I know xmas helped but not that much…

    He announced his film on Eid 2016, although he knew that Salman will release his film Sultan on Eid but he took the chance and advantage of not announcing the Sultan and srk played the dirty game and announced the film. even I knew that salman will release his film on eid but I was like WTF has srk done ?! But God Said wait n watch I will do the justice and then Salman announced his film and got the date….

    Again srk played dirty game by announcing his film on 26th jan… but Kabil was to release on that…

    4th….. Last but won’t be the last
    SRK announced his film with Imtiyaz on august 11 and that date was in hand of Akki’s crack… although crack postponed but akki took the revenge by announcing Toilet….

    God plz forgive this sinful person

  • Biggest superstar from last 25 years……………bhaag AK bose bhaag………King is coming with THE RING……waiting………

  • Congratulations Sir for completing 25 years in Mumbai.whatever you told once you done that by ruling Mumbai and Bollywood for over 2 decades.

  • Chaand Taare Tod Laoon
    Saari Duniya Par Main Chhaoon
    Bas Itna Sa Khwaab Hai
    Bas Itna Sa Khwaab Hai.
    Who thought this song will prove true one day.

  • at box office number he is at no 2….bt in mass hysteria or shear craziness he is in right at top 2… ….i knw salman nd aamir fan hates him…..bt they all know his capibility……thats why they hate him…..nothing to take away from other two khans also…..they both are also legends…..one has makes the record of most continued blockbuster which looks like difficult to break in near future…….and amir khan has made a record that is nearly impossible to break …..other actors struggles to give 1 hgoat he gaves continue 3 athg …..impossible to break this record man ……..so my fav is srk….bt i loves to watch all superstars film…….seroiusly think if there is no srk or aamir or salman or akshay…..you will lose an pure entertainer…..so respect all this legends…

  • A Grand salute to you sir ! After Big B you are (SRK) the most recognised fcae of Bollywood In INDIA & all over the world.

  • Dear Illogical Indians…..Just Accept the Fact that SRK is the Only Bollywood Star who has made Bollywood truly Global.
    Proof- 10 Years ago, Hollywood Didn’t Even Pay Any Attention To Indian Actors.
    But Now they Do It Because Our Own Star SRK has Surpassed Their Stars in Terms of Popularity And Stardom.So they pay so much Respect to SRK <3
    It's Time that you Illogical people Start Accepting the Fact that SRK Has Made Indian Proud

  • Has he really retained superstardom? He is struggling to get a solo release everyone is taking on him and also getting successful.

  • He said to you personally Mr. Indicine writer that he will rule this city one day there was no relation of this statement with what he tweeted. Its because of media people like you that he came out to many of us as a negative arrogant person but in real he just tweeted an honest feeling of his heart not for you guys to make it larger than life.

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