‘I will rule this city one day’ SRK completes 25 years in the city of dreams

Bollywood Superstar Shah Rukh Khan, an industry outsider who once famously said he would rule the city of Mumbai one day, has completed 25 years of his incredible journey in the city of dreams.

Trying to replicating the staggering rise of the superstar, has now become the ultimate dream for millions of strugglers and aspiring actors.

“25 years in Mumbai, which has given me my life. For the first time at the opening of RC (Red Chillies) VFX new office. I felt, I must have done something right,” Shah Rukh tweeted at 5 in the morning.

Shah Rukh made his debut in the television show ’Fauji’ in the 1980s and later went on to make his film debut in ‘Deewana’.  He went on to play the lead antagonist in films like ‘Baazigar’ and ‘Darr’ before becoming the most loved actor in the country after films like ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’, ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ and ‘Dil Toh Pagal Hai’.

Since then, the actor has retained his superstardom for over 2 decades. He awaits the release of his yet-to-be titled film directed by Imtiaz Ali, which releases in theatres during the Independence Day weekend this year.



  • Ya it’s true ,he is inspiration to millions?…This can’t be refused

    But kaabil was better than raees

  • Rohit jaiswal tweeted there is a strong buzz going inside the trade circles that srk’s rehnuma has been postponed to diwali nd now will clash with robo2.@indicine:any idea??

  • Srk is still one of the best actors though he is going on a bad phase. . Hope he starts doing good films and avoid clashes to get a big blockbuster.. in my opinion the best actors in current years are aamir khan shahrukh khan akshay kumar salman khan (he is a good actor and ge is more than that.. almost like the rajnikanth of north india) hritik roshan (though he should increase hia pace of films otherwise he will be not able to cope up) ajay devgn ranbir kapoor (sanjay dutt biopic going to give this actor great boost) varun dhawan (great choice of films) then ranveer singh all of them are great bt actors like nawazuddin siddiqui or manoj bajpai will be always underrated though they are better than all of them… ps: I cannot a find a reason why rajkumar rao is underrated… he is the best actor of this generation. . And he also have good looks can dance and can play any role with and is not even typecast like ajay… I feel really sorry for him.. even after being such a rqre talent he is not recognised. .. to watch his acting capability watch citylights, shahid, kai po che, and recently trapped (one of the best)

  • Ability,Talent,Hardwork,Dedication,Consistency,Humour,Wit,Education….
    These all have made Shah Rukh Khan into the Megastar he his today…
    Be it on screen or offscreen he always has something special to tell…

  • Btw Indicine
    Now will you kindly add Sangdil Sangam
    Dil tera aashiq type disasters
    In Salmans filmography and remove kkhh from there? and make changes in that 90s article???
    Yea Indicine hasnt included above disasters in Salmans filmography but added kkhh there. Came to know today through comment section of 1 article

  • @Indicine-Please publish this!!! U are publishing haters article not this:
    Btw Indicine
    Now will you kindly add Sangdil Sangam
    Dil tera aashiq type disasters
    In Salmans filmography and remove kkhh from there? and make changes in that 90s article???
    Yea Indicine hasnt included above disasters in Salmans filmography but added kkhh there. Came to know today through comment section of 1 article

    @Sunny Toiletek prem katha: Fact is Akki is not even a star. He is yet to give a 15cr_ opening!!!

  • sad
    March 31, 2017 at 4:57 pm
    at box office number he is at no 2….bt in mass hysteria or shear craziness he is in right at top 2… ….i knw salman nd aamir fan hates him…..bt they all know his capibility……thats why they hate him…..

    Lol…. and why u hate Aamir & Salman ?! anyway ur comment is very funny…

    On box office he is no.2 with fan grossing 85crs Right ?! and aamir is on 3rd with 385crs right ?! and salman is nowhere near srk with 300 crs Right ?!

    I think u didn’t know fan following of Salman that’s why u have written like this.

  • Congratulation SRK sir.. And thanks indicine for post.. Those people who are saying .. Pack up and he should aaaaa big lol to them… First of all srk have one of the biggest production so if he wants he can do as many as films he want.. The person who can invest 150cr on script like ra. One think what he can do.. Apna tym shuru..

  • Congratulation SRK for completing 25 years in our Indian Film Industry….

    It’s not easy to stay in this tough industry for such a long period…..And best of luck for your future….

  • Finally something gud to say about srk from tiger ke zuban.very nice @ tiger.atleast in this article I suggest every actor’s fans to not to bash srk.let us salute not only to srk but every other superstar who has survived for more than 20 years in the industry!!!

  • congratulation king hope your upcoming work would be like what you want like fan raees and dear zindagi lot’s of love from bangladesh

  • 25 years in Industry and yet hardly only few good movies: Baazighar, DDLJ, Karan Arjun, KKHI, Chak De India & Swades.

  • Lol bhai fans logic in comment box here. ..
    SRK was the biggest bollywood star in 2002-2003 when he had done only 4 films under yrf…
    Ranveer has already done 5 films under yrf then why he’s not getting considered as the biggest bollywood star ??? :/
    why he’s not even in top 5 ??
    God bless we bhai fan’s logic..our star was struggling to give a solo blockbuster in first 20 years of career without barjatya and we give such logic for other actors….Lmao
    we consider yrf as the success guarantee and our bhai is having the best phase of career still our bhai needs yrf ??? ETT & TZH
    yeh kaisa stardom :/
    anyway we are really thankful to barjatya to allow bhaijaan have solo blockbuster in first 20 years…and Thank God after that Eid & blockbuster South’s film were always there else our bhaijaan would gave finished kabka…as his films were struggling to have even 5% opening for the FDFS of his films

  • he’s the face of bollywood coz of yrf dharma…
    that’s why before kkhh (1998)
    all top 3 grosser of 1997 belongs to SRK….
    before stepping in dharma he had bb in overseas as ddlj,pardes,dilse etc….

    DDLJ was bb in overseas coz of adi….hmm and that’s why he fell epic and gave disaster when he tried his luck without SRK…….

    What a logic

  • Bollywood is ruled by one man
    that is Shahrukh Khan
    1 Most awards winner
    2 most Hits movies
    3 most consistent career
    4 King of romance
    counting is still continue

  • @Aamir Khan
    If SRK books Xmas after Bhansali it is called Dirty game but if Salman books Eid after SRK, even then it’s supposed to be SRK’s dirty game?? Matlab kuch bhi.

    At times when people are booking release dates in an advance of 2-3 years(Gold, Thugs of Hindostan, Dwarf film), no one cares who has booked the festival first. The bigger star gets the date that’s it. That’s how Salman Khan earned Xmas 2017(no doubt it will get a solo release).

    I am saying this despite being an Akshay fan, there were initially strong rumours that Imtiaz and Shahrukh were planning to come on Independence Day. But it wasn’t offical. Then Crack was announced. Even then SRK announced his film only after rumours of Crack postponement had come.

  • Congrats Srk. I guess to make it big in the industry is no cake walk. He deserves the success for the hard work he has put in.

    I guess though his stardom is far higher among overseas Indians.

  • @ aamir khan, abe chindichor why u are talking about FAN ? His latest release Raees collected 135 crore despite facing a big clash in a worst period.opening is the criteria of true stardom.His wrost film HNY’s opening of 36.3 crore is more than biggest grosser of Bollywood Dangal, 29.8 crore.so Whose fan following and stardom is more ?

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