Why Aamir Khan is uniquely different

Note: Old article, first published on November 9 2012 (before the release of Talaash), republished on 31st December 2014.

A very popular saying goes like ‘Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently’.

There are many who claim to be different but very few actually are. They don’t follow the conventional routine path rather discover their own way through immense self belief and confidence. When someone chooses a less trodden path pretending to be different, there is a very thin line between confidence and arrogance which should not be crossed and that is possible only with a highly secured and determined mindset.

Slow And Steady: Away from the public eye for too long had always been considered negative in showbiz as it is equivalent to risking your stardom. When Aamir Khan made his debut in 1988, popular Bollywood stars used to work in multiple shifts and they had a major release every 2-3 months. Deciding to work on one movie at a time was a bold but equally determined step as his experience of working in multiple projects simultaneously wasn’t satisfying and fulfilling. Learning quickly from mistakes and rectifying them perfectly is the quality of a genius. Today, 15-20 years down the line, we see many actors following the same route.

Aamir Khan

Do Awards Matter? Awards, apart from being a motivational factor, are recognition of one’s work. But as seen over the years, the list of winners decided by Jury cannot be justified completely. Aamir took yet another tough step to boycott all the award functions when all his counterparts considered them as a matter of pride and prestige. With each passing year we have seen that the standard and quality of all the Indian Movie Award functions is deteriorating and most of them seem to be pre-decided.

Movies –Just Time Pass? Indian cinema is always meant for 3 things – Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment. Aamir has a firm belief that people who come to watch his movies for entertainment will also follow him on serious issues. And hence we have seen some cult, landmark and path breaking movies from him. Lagaan, Dil Chahta Hai, Rang De Basanti, Taare Zameen Par and 3 Idiots are treasures of today’s Cinema. For those who think he is too serious to do routine Bollywood romantic or action masala roles, should watch Fanaa and Ghajini. It seems the day is not far away when his name will have complete monopoly in the list of ‘Must Watch Indian Movies’.

TV – An Idiot Box – Oh Really? Big B’s KBC started the trend of all big stars moving towards the small screen. Top stars can now be seen regularly on TV as either hosts or judges of time-pass entertainment shows based on games, reality, dance, stunts, cooking, or singing. Along with the massive visibility through sky-high TRPs, there is huge money to fill the pockets. Aamir realized the power and potential of television, undertook an extensive research with his creative team and presented Satyamev Jayate. The show had such a massive impact that Aamir was invited to address the Parliament. Such was his involvement with the show that he postponed the date of his upcoming release Talaash.

Movie business has grown manifolds in the past few years and a good initial weekend almost guarantees a success today. As a result we have seen almost all the stars go all out to promote their movies. Aamir left no stone unturned in promoting Ghajini and 3 Idiots with his unique gimmicks. Promotion has become a key aspect of movie making now and with every big release, makers are coming up with a different marketing strategy.

No wonder then that all eyes of trade are now on Aamir’s next release Talaash. The promos are very well chalked out and are slowly raising the curiosity around the flick. But strangely much to everyone’s surprise, this time Aamir has not resorted to the promotional blitzkrieg. Is he avoiding over expectations? Is he waiting for the Diwali releases? Is he relying on Word Of Mouth? Knowing Aamir Khan, the reason can be any of the above or something even weirder. Yet, he invariably ensures he is in the news before his movie’s release.

Way to go Aamir Khan!

Article by Abhishek Sharma

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  • @Jitendra nigam he didn’t start south remake trend. Even before Ghajini south remakes were being made. Remember Bhool Bhulaiya?

  • I respect Aamir Khan Sir a lot. there was a Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan & then Aamir Khan. these 3 are the biggest superstars of all time.

  • Aamir is a best actor ever . Most versatile actor of our country . Only he can break his record . Talaash will surely break 3idiots record . life time biz of Talaash only in India will be 205 Crore :) nd more than 100 cr+ in Overseas .

  • His upcoming movies are sure shot blockbusters Dhoom3 and PK. He is the only legend of this generation. Nice article by the way

  • Some said Aamir started making good films after Lagaan. Sorry. Aamir had greats like Raakh, QSQT, JJWS, AAA, Sarfarosh, Earth & Rangeela also. And he has been changing looks of characters from Rangeela days.

    He’s the only one who never cheats his audience, never promises what isn’t there. And I respect him for marching to his own tune! He decides whether to act, produce or direct or simply take a break or focus on a TV show! He’s never followed a conventional or expected path! He does what he wants to, with complete dedication!

    Some fans of other stars might hate him. But in general public respects & trusts Aamir Khan like no other actor in post Bachchan era!

    Even foreigners say this guy is the one who makes good movies & never disappoints!

  • And after this TAALASH finishes below 100 crs….same goes for AAMIRs absense from films….after LAGGAN 4 years absence – MANGAL PANDEY….After 3IDIOTS 4 years absence – TAALASH…..

  • I like the way he markets his movies. Particularly with movies like Peepli Live and Delhi Belly, he did something extraordinary.

    And I am one of those rare species, who throughly enjoyed Talaash and Dhobi Ghat. I’d rate them higher than Dhoom 3 and Fanna. Let’s see what he does next!

  • The sad part of the game is, many supporters ditch these superstars after commercial/critical underperformance. SRK was trolled after Ra one. Aamir after Talaash. Salman after Jai Ho. Hrithik after Guzaarish Akki after Joker.

    I don’t admire that kind of personal attacks. Core aim of cinema is to entertain and spread joy but such abusive trolling leads to hatred which is of no use.

  • Amir is different as when he goes nude its creativity and for others its simple nudity…aboit awards he believes only in oscars not filmfares…he z alwz honest towards promotion about his movies their fans feel that but what about pk…he can call his rival actors anything in jealousy…

  • Aamir uniquely different and unique superstar of film industry and nobody can copy him coz he is god of acting.See PK if you dont agree

  • Aamir khan is uniquely different bcoz he concentrates on making good movies and don’t care of box office records but still records comes to him.

  • What a fantastic article about Aamir,that’s say all.Aamir is way different.Kudos to you sir.
    There are srk fan who like Aamir too_,there are srk fans who don’t like Aamir.But there is a srk fan who don’t care about srk his day start with saying shit about Aamir and end with that too, its none other than Google boy @sem.Keep hating man its very funny that a srk fan wasting his all time only on Aamir posts.

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  • The true megastar of bollywood one and only Aamir he is the only actor who deliver different things in his every movies he changed himself for his character in hus movie which i dont think so any actor can do the one and only one Aamir who can do any type of acting. .completely versatile and perfect star…I salute him

  • He is unique because

    He take tri re-shot of evey take hence he becomes retake-tionist however termed as perfectionist by some foolish typical Indian masala movie watchers.

    He can’t do non conventional role that is real classic and offbeat not like overrated rdb/lagaan/3i/pk.

    He didn’t respect FilmFare so as his acting career is totally wasted.

    he can blame everyone in public for manipulation but in reality he is the biggest ticket manipulator.

    He did one of the best plagiarised movie pk which is going to be highest grosser due to hike ticket price.

    He don’t care about money rather than quality….really?—-which made them to shift release date of pk from June to December if shooting wouldn’t have till that date they could have shift it to November,lol.

    Conclusion—-Indian film watchers have no sense of watching class movies.they are thinking rdb is better than CDI,lagaan is better than SWADES,pk is better than MNIK.they are thinking those semi masala films are classic even indicine members also proved that a good movie means that should have collected more,really?only a masala film watcher/a non actor can only think all awards are fake.when we can’t respect our awards then our glorious film industry will sink one day and no classic film will dare to release,do you have any answer to this question @indicine ?it’s those big actors who disrespecting even Filmfare while Hollywood celebrities to taught a lesson that how even their big celebrity is also desperate to get Oscar??but thanks to Mr.KING SRK who is only the biggest superstar who believes in awards/performances rather than only money.hats off to KING KHAN.

    Only One Actor Who through out the life gave double the classic that amir presented to Bollywood.HE got 14 TIMES FILMFARE(mother of all Indian awards) and proved him THE BEST.amir is good but can’t match the with quality of KING KHAN.KING SRK is the EPIC ACTOR after BIGB that industry have seen.love you KING KHAN,YOUR FILM can do magic and touch the heart.

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