Which Hindi film will be the highest grosser of 2014?

Q. Which Hindi film will be the highest grosser of 2014? – Vashisht (Mauritius)

A. In the remaining 7 months this year, five big films are scheduled to release. Salman Khan’s KICK is likely to beat the current highest grosser (Jai Ho). Then there is Hrithik Roshan’s Bang Bang, Ajay Devgn’s Singham 2, Shahrukh Khan’s Happy New Year and Aamir Khan’s P.K.

Depending on the response and word-of-mouth publicity, any of the those 5 films could go on to be the highest grosser of 2014. Singham is a huge brand in India, and if the sequel is as good as the first film, then it should easily do 150 crore plus. Bang Bang has a good release date, even though its competing against two other films. Happy New Year, as we all know, will be huge. Akshay Kumar’s Its Entertainment and Ranbir Kapoor’s Bombay Velvet could surprise too, but both films are unlikely to be huge grossers.

But if we had to pick one film this year, it would be Rajkumar Hirani’s P.K. This film is going to be absolutely massive, as big or bigger than Dhoom 3. The best director in the industry with films like 3 Idiots and Munnabhai behind him, one of the biggest superstars in the country who has conquered the Christmas weekend.. P.K has everything going for it. We strongly believe, the Aamir Khan – Anushka Sharma starrer will be the first 300 crore grosser of Bollywood.

With close to 10,000 votes, readers of our website too have voted P.K as the biggest film of 2014, closely followed by Happy New Year. Read article -> Top 10 Bollywood movies of 2014

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  • PK will be highest grosser of 2014 and it is always disappointing for us that our king wins polls but when it comes to highest grosser of year our king loses to Aamir or Salman

  • Only One Film Which Can Break All Records Of Dhoom3 Is Aamir Khan And Rajkumar Hirani’s P.K… AUR PHIR IT HAS BEEN PROVED AGAIN AND AGAIN THAT ONLY Aamir Khan Can Break His Records.

  • The highest grossers of 2014 from my *point of view* will be:

    1. P.K.
    2. Happy New Year
    3. Kick
    4. Bombay Velvet
    5. Bang Bang
    6. Singham 2
    7. Hamshakals
    8. Holiday
    9. Jai Ho
    10. 2 States
    11. Ek Villain

  • indicine ignoring kick but kick will be huge.highest grosser of the year will be kick followed by pk and singham2, holiday or hny.

  • Either Happy new year or Peekay, depending on the content and universal appeal. Most likely Peekay.

  • I too feel,that it will be PK.
    But for it to be the highest grosser,it has to be that well made…otherwise it will lose,coz it won’t have anything much attractive like a HNY,KICK or Bang bang.

  • P.k.- 300cr in any condition

    Agar p.k. Single release hui aur 3idiot ke jaise public risponce mila to fir 450cr-500cr tak ja sakti hai. Only in india.

  • Is this a question to be asked?
    Of course Bang Bang and Bombay velvet are gonna rock at box office this year although hrithik gives always a tough competition to khans as well as now ranbir

  • Currently it looks likely to be Kick.

    However, one cannot say anything about Aamir-Hirani combo, and hence it has equal chance.

    The dark horses are Holiday and Singham 2.

  • Who Is Better Actor Aamir , Srk Or Hrithik ? Most Celebrities choose Aamir in koffee with karan.. What u say ?

  • Pk has highest chance as it’s releasing in the same period when d3 came. I wud have good WOM. .it’s again a combo of raju-amir. .i has clash wid welcum back.still pk will get atleast 3700 plus screens. So finally pk has most chances. .

  • I had very high expectations from Salman’s Ek tha tiger,but when i watched it,i was very disappointed to know that Ek tha tiger was actually Fake tha tiger!!!
    Now i believe sallu can’t do gud films.
    So kick will be his another watch n forget film.

  • Same was said about 2010, 2011 and 2012……and the world knows what happened……never underestimate Salmania.
    You can’t change what has already happened, So don’t waste your time thinking about it and get over it.

  • Singham 2 will roar loudly. Rohit shetty has already started promotion.
    Holiday needs heavy promotion now.
    As for bang bang, it will do 170 crores plus(wid clash) and 200 crores plus atleast.

  • How the heck can you forget Akshay Kumar’s HOLIDAY . it will be surely on top 5 grosser this year .

  • Hny all the way..
    Btw @indicine shd not avoid holiday..i think its a bigger movie than singham2
    Also its releasing after ipl.. N by one of the most renowed director a r murugodoss(who knws pulse of the masses)
    I wil go foh hny followed by holiday/bang bang den kick.. N den p.k

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