Shahrukh Khan celebrates KKR win at Eden Gardens in IPL 2014: Photos

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan celebrated Kolkata Knight Riders’ big win in Qualifier 1 of Indian Premiere league at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata.

SRK’s KKR was battling it out with Preity Zinta’s Kings XI Punjab. After the match, the Veer Zaara stars shared a warm hug.

Check out all the photos of SRK’s celebrations at the Eden Gardens. His team, chasing their second IPL title, has made it through to the finals of the tournament.

SRK at Eden Gardens Kolkata

SRK at Eden Gardens Kolkata

SRK to the Kolkata crowd

SRK to the Kolkata crowd

SRK thumbs up

SRK thumbs up



SRK celebrates KKR win

SRK celebrates KKR win

Shahrukh Khan - Preity Zinta IPL

Shahrukh Khan – Preity Zinta IPL





  • What da hell has he done to his hair? I hate that colored hair.

    But love da way he is hugging Preity. 2 of them look cute.

  • Is he celebrating KKR win or advertising innerwear ? also he features in ONN innerwears in ads but here wearing

  • lol let him celebrate these cricket match victories as much as he want. ultimately he is going to suffer huge losses on diwali when his ship named happy new disaster sinks deep.

  • he has gotten so old that he is colouring his hair brown. next time he will colour it pink lol and he will say that it was due to script demands when the real reason is whitening of hair.

  • Money can’t buy everything,..true world’s 2nd richest gay actor srk can’t buy wankhede’s ticket.

  • If Kings XI reach the final,they will surely beat KKR…
    We just need a Maxwell innings…
    KKR will not be able to play that well at Bengaluru(final venue).

  • Our king and we are very happy and we pray that our happiness will last long and will not disappear like chennai express records

  • @happy disaster
    thanks for promoting happy new year on every article. u have started promotion even before srk. figure of 50 crores u r giving is of 1st Friday. Make this correction just.
    @legend khan
    srk is not dying to go wankhede. u r talking as if wankhede is his home and he is not allowed to go in. srk power proved by the fact that venue of final is changed.

  • yeah he can not buy a ticket to wankhede…coz he wont go to thay shit ! he can biild or buy 10 such stadiums! and lol at wankhede ppl that they have bn asked to lift the ban to host final. lollllllll


  • I was pretty sure that KKR will reach the final today, first they have been unbeaten from last 7 matches (after final 8), Home ground so very well aware about condition and Third the rain which will definitely made hard for Punjab to win, as the outfield was slow and Punjab players are much relying on boundaries rather than single or double and boundaries are tough to score. Very happy for Gambhir and team they bounce back brilliantly. Great to see srk is smiling now while earlier he wasn’t able to control himself to use foul words on twitter in anger. All well if ends well. Lets see who will meet with them in finals. I hope its again Punjab and KKR as i want to make Kx1 win they haven’t got the title yet. But in reality best team wins who played better on the field on the real occasion. Finger crossed.

  • Hahaha one more reason srk has given to his haters for burning.
    Srk rocks, haters shocks

    @indicine pls publish one more article where srk and sachin are only Indians among top 100 most obsessed personality on web.i m sure haters will not sleep few more night.

  • It is reported that a monkey escaped from zoo & appeared in white top & low waist denims at Edens !!!!!!

  • MCAs invitation/ ticket will no doubt get lost in the post before Sundays final just like Thakurs invitation for Mondays Swearing In Ceremony got lost- in both instances the BJP and MCA will claim they sent out the invites/ tickets to Bakrapur n not Paglapur…!

    Easy mistake to make but surely everyone knows one is a fictional place n other is an enslavement camp in Youtube Kingdom right…?!

  • wow nice srk chammak challo dance
    i’m happy kkr win the match
    karbo larbo gitbore…@

  • srk facts. srk himself has said he has been colouring his hair for years now. no problem looks good. hate white bit but it is for his character in hny. fan facts. srk only unpopular in the eyes of those narrowminded few who do not seem to like him. even here srk displays his power. you say he is pathetic but you can’t leave him alone either. your hatred has got you wasting your life on someone you can not tolerate. wow! no other actor that powerful to me. as a srk fan i only have time to research him. can’t be bothered with hating others when srk is teaching love. everybody gets old and srk is doing it without plastic surgery unlike his fellow actors. it doesn’t change who he is to us because we never just saw him as a pretty face. as for movie flops i couldn’t care less about the box office. the only thing that matters is loving the movie or not. if srk gives me a movie i can enjoy again and again then i am happy.
    finally wankhede why don’t you go ask that security guard what his racist insult to srk was. all i know is that in the interest of peace in india to this day srk has refused to reveal the insult levelled at him. his reaction was passionate yes but he was justified in protecting his daughter. the children were in the wrong but they are children. the security guard mishandled the situation and for that wankhede blames only srk. curious. srk has since publically stated he regrets not handling the situation better. wabkhede has not appologized . now you tell me do you really believe srk wants to go back there soon? as for wankhede they are paying for their arrogance and not meeting srk half way. we may win we may not but at least kkr gets to play in the final. thank you for your fighting spirit. srk fan turned kkr fan as well.

  • In sha Allah kkr is goin to win the finals
    Korbo lorbo jeetbo..
    @sachin11 lol.. U staring at srks inner wear..wats the matter han.??
    Are you.. G@?!4$
    Coz I noticed dis after ur comments
    n foh ppl shouting here.. Let them knw.. Shahrukh cant go to the he changed the dats d power of king khan

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