Shahrukh Khan celebrates KKR win at Eden Gardens in IPL 2014: Photos

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan celebrated Kolkata Knight Riders’ big win in Qualifier 1 of Indian Premiere league at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata.

SRK’s KKR was battling it out with Preity Zinta’s Kings XI Punjab. After the match, the Veer Zaara stars shared a warm hug.

Check out all the photos of SRK’s celebrations at the Eden Gardens. His team, chasing their second IPL title, has made it through to the finals of the tournament.

SRK at Eden Gardens Kolkata

SRK at Eden Gardens Kolkata

SRK to the Kolkata crowd

SRK to the Kolkata crowd

SRK thumbs up

SRK thumbs up



SRK celebrates KKR win

SRK celebrates KKR win

Shahrukh Khan - Preity Zinta IPL

Shahrukh Khan – Preity Zinta IPL





  • KKR will win this final..the way they had restricted punjab in all their ipl matches truly deserves an applause and well deserved team to take the cup!!!

  • From nowhere to finals..From criticism to appreciation..From bottom to top..This team has proved itself..Haters on your faces.

  • always giving same poses, he doesnt have to do sm different, local Bakra King….. Boaring crap star

  • I want KKR win the final ipl season7 goodluck for my king and his team korbo lorbo jeetbo re yaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Damnnnnn why blaming me ? it is not my fault if his inner wear is visible but this is nothing in front of iconic scene of maya

  • SRK ‘s law of power…

    if u cant go to a stadium, just change the stadium…..
    omg srk is more genius and power full than newton…

  • KKR wins and some more sleepless nights 4 haters…
    a free gift from srk to haters…. and still haters say SRK is not so

  • 2008 Ghajini vs Rab Ne.. 2009 3 idiots was enough for SRK in 2010, 2011, 2012. And 2013 hahahahahhaa OMG, please dont talk.

  • OMG!!!!!!!KING KHAN is looking so handsome.look at his body looking like a 18-23 aged person,last some few years I had marked HE is not using any make up nor HE used any plastic surgery to swallow up swelled faces like salman/amir,still HE is looking so handsome.THE ONLY ACTOR who looks 20 age younger than HIS actual age and THE MOST HANDSOME ACTOR IN THE WORLD.Really HE defeated THE AGE.The most important thing look at his sense of wearing dress,I’m dying on these style,this is the NEW GENERATION STYLE which could only FIT ON KING KHAN,otherwise HIS age’s actor amir/salman/akki/ajay are dressing like uncle and their body size is like buffalo and KING’S BODY has the perfect size having no extra fat and looking sexy upon which crores of girls are dying and that’s why HE IS THE KING OF ROMANCE.I usually dressing up in the same way also thanks to KING KHAN,HE told us THE INNERWEAR’s name which helped me to choose with out thinking further.sorry being an SRKIAN I couldn’t resist myself to write these true things.

    about matches,I could guarentee to all punjab/chennai/dhoni/maxwell fans.KKR will lost if only if they themselves do the mistake and if your favourite’s fortune is so strong then only there is 0-3% chances is there for punjab/chennai.the only team who resist punjab 3times and defeat 2 times.however at start,KKR lose some almost winning matches,after they strengthen their batting and the result in front of your eyes they defeated each and every team in serially and become the 1ST TEAM who reach THE FINAL.hates off to Gautam sir to show the way,Uthappa,Sunil sir and other Tremendous Batsman/bowlers who defeated each and every team very seriously.also I like MI which lost to csk,in this IPL csk won wrongly against MI two times due to umpire’s bad decission.however they will not get this advantage,KKR-KING KHAN RULES(Bollywood as well Cricket).

  • Good reply Charlene and @Damnnn…….Sachin11 is surely g…y. We must worry about this man/boy. He is so obsessed by the King that he is replying on every SRK article…how sick someone can be. The same for Legend Khan. I pity this fools, noticing again and again that SRK is a brand. He is Nr.1 in everything.
    Aamir, Salman, Hritikh can have alle the records, break all records, act better etc. But they never be a SRK. The name is enough.

  • Shahrukh is so happy..Very happy for him and his team…I wish KKR will be champions again ! All best for them and my favorite SRK !

  • Hope KKR wins. I think probably KKR has to face CSK in the final. KKR is doing the same mistake which they did for last few years when they played Kallis up the order, now they are playing Manish pandey up the order. The problem is they eat lot of balls which is a huge problem in T20 game. Moreover, Manish Pandey is playing like a tailender. Shakib ul Hassan is a busy player and perfect for 3rd spot. Gambhir shud demote Pandey and send him after Surya kumar Yadav, it benefits cos he has the ability to hit sixes. Another point is, if CSK is the opponent then Gambhir shud play Morne Morkel ( he didnt played last 2 games against CSK) and shud not expose him to Smith and dupplesy instead deal with Umesh Yadav, Shaqib and Narine in powerplay cos they would attack morkel easily. Gambhir shud give morkel the opening over and bring back when Suresh Raina come in to bat cos Morkel is very good against left handers. And shud not bring Piyush chawla at all when Suresh Raina is batting cos this is leading to big overs and big runs . Simple thing is, attack Raina with morkel and other batsmen with chawla and rest of the bowlers will do their job. if Punjab comes into the final then KKR shud play the same team with same stragegy

  • @pravin, lol no dude. you got it wrong. i am not promoting happy new disaster. i am making people aware not to spend valuable money on a garbage film. 50 cr is its lifetime. grah nakshatra dekh ke bola hun, can’t be wrong ever lol.

    no one can promote a film before scared srk, he is so scared of his failure that he starts promotion even before the shooting has started lol

  • Some Morons believe it was Srk who changed the IPL finale to Bangalore, lets see some facts & points :

    * Why wud Srk choose Bangalore instead of his team home ground Edens?

    * Was Srk sure that KKR will qualify for final? If yes, doesn’t it sound fishy ??

    * If Srk is so powerful why didnt the MCA ban was immediately revoked by IPL (Owners) community ??

    * MCA liftes ban on Srk on only Finale match still why finale is shifted to Bangalore ??

    The fact is at Wankhede there is not enough VVIP parking space moreover State Govt in Maharashtra has banned loud music & fireworks after 11 pm. Moreover there is a buzz MCA was also not in favor of ex-BCCI Chairman Srinivasan.

    So stop cooked up stories n face the facts & reality. There is no one above the game !!!!!!!!

  • @hritik y r u showing so much hatred toward srk? Accept that salman is not that powerful and dare like srk. Many time I asked u one question still u didn’t reply. Y Salmans big budget multistarrer London dreams, janeman and yuvraj opened lesser that srks guest appearance billu

  • @indicine,my 2:15pm comment is very important and given to clarify someone’s doubt,it’s a kind a request to you to publish this comment and show the comment to others.

  • @Sht : I am not jealous but showing you a reality. Read my points again and again. Before you ask about Salman, Tell me why Srk YLJK lifetime (40 lakhs) is lesser than Salman’s so called disaster (by haters) Marigold 1 crore? Agreed it was a delayed movie but i am sure Srk didnt sign this movie on knife or gun point or director put a srk clone in it ??? Please reply.

  • @sss : Indicine is for fans and not fanatics like you. Indicine is for healthy debates and arguments not for a street brawl or foul language competition. Stop posting disgusting comments !!!!!!!!!

  • @indicine Plz dont apologise n no need to say sorry to “sss khan”… He deserves no explanation for why you wont publish his comment just like “shera zeeshan sayed khan” gave him no explanation for why he left him during the middle of the night in order to pursue a new romance with “trini”…!

    You saved us the readership the torture of trying to grasp what the loon is trying to convey to us with his hate filled filth…!

  • @hritik u r a big ignorant. First of all yljk released in 2004 and marigold released in 2009. And marigold was released like typical salman movie. And it was fresh movie. Look at yljk shooting had started in 1994 and released 2004. But London dreams and yuvraj, janeman were potential grosser before it released I didn’t compare RNBDJ with god tusi great ho. I know gtgh was delayed movie.

  • @HRITHIK — Various films get delayed due to various reasons.Now even AAMIRS one unreleased film is releasing on TV only.

  • love you srk you are real king………….besst of luck for final….my prayer with you……..good luck

  • @indicine team,it’s ok,it’s my mistake.I my self never wanted to use such abusive disgusting words,but what could I do if anyone hook up/wants to communicate with any 3rd grade people then his language automatically get abusive that’s a natural thing that happens with EVEN WORLD FAMOUS KING KHAN in I apologize,

    no need any SRKIANS need not to give answer about YLHJK,that film didn’t get publicity also in that film SRK’S voice intentionally changed by the director and it was a very delay release,still salman fans want reason,then let me give the history,let them answer these question if they are real fans of salman/amir.

    Which Has Not
    Cross 1 Crore:-

    aamir Khan:-
    Raakh-15 Lakh.
    Love Love Love-70 Lakh.
    Awwal Number-50 Lakh
    Deewana Mujhsa Nahin-75 Lakh.
    Jawani Zindabaad-90 Lakh.
    Afsaana Pyaar Ka-85 Lakh.
    Daulat Ki Jung-90 Lakh.
    Isi Ka Naam Zindagi-20 Lakh.
    *************** *****
    salman Khan:-
    Suryavanshi-95 Lakh.
    Ek Ladka Ek Ladki-75 Lakh.
    Nishchay-30 Lakh.
    Chandramukhi-80 Lakh.
    Chand Ka Tukda-85 Lakh.
    Sangdil Sanam-90 Lakh.
    Yeh Majdaar-85 Lakh
    *************** *****
    Dil Aasna Hai-85 Lakh.
    King Uncle-80 Lakh.
    Maya Memsaab-50 Lakh.
    Yeh Lamhe Judai Ke-50 Lakh.

    Aamir —- 8 Films out of 38 films [Despite
    Working In Fewer Films]-he has 1 such movie in every 5 movie
    Salman — 7 Films out of 63 films-he has one such movie in every 9 movie
    Shah Rukh —— 4 Films out of 55 films-HE has one such movie in every 14MOVIE,Which is negligible.
    [SRK and salman Has
    Worked Much More
    Than aamir. But,Aamir’s Movie Has
    Not Crossed 8
    Times 1 Crore Proved That aamir Is
    The King Of
    Disaster Movie.]

    now answer @hrithik,we are waiting for your answer.

  • @Sht & Kingshuk : I completely agree with both of you. The reason I brought this is to make you realize that there are lot of factors contribute to an actor’s success & failure !!!! Salman did movies just for sake of friends n also he had a rough patch in his career but the he bounced back is commandable. I strongly if any other actor had gone through what Salman went then he wud have been done & dusted. Last but not least Srk also had his share of failures but no doubt he is more consistent compare to Salman (I will not compare with Aamir coz he has done only half of movies than srk movies) but Salman has edge in terms of Blockbusters & big openings !!!!!!!!!

  • @sss : I appreciate your efforts for researching all the above movies. FYI… Among all movies YLJK was the last to release in 2004. Marigold was in 2007 which is not listed. I agree YLJK was a delayed movie but still it was srk who did it the movie & I am sure he was not under any pressure when he agree to do it. Salman also signed Marigold in 2004 but it took 3 years to complete. The bottom line every actor go through some pros & cons or ups & downs that does not mean only Srk is always right or only Superstar. There are other actors too who has given blood & soul to this industry, learn to atleast accept it if you cannot appreciate. I could have posted a list where Salman last 5 movies have earned more than srk last movies (India collections) but I dont want to start all over. At the end of the day we r all here for some fun !!!!!!!!!!

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