We did not increase the ticket price, nor was Bang Bang a solo release: Hrithik

Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan has said that they did not increase the ticket price of his recently released film Bang Bang, like most big films that release during the festive season, and nor was the film a solo release (Haider released alongside), but it has still comfortably managed to beat ‘Krrish 3’ worldwide.

“We did not increase the ticket prices, our film was not a solo release and still it has surpassed the collections of ‘Krrish 3’ so I am very happy,” the actor told reporters.

When asked for his reaction on crossing Krrish 3, the actor said “I am very happy, but I don’t know what my father is thinking. It’s a one step ahead for me and it’s a growth. Start has been great, it crossed Rs 100 crore mark and that’s a big victory.”

The star is also happy that his kids, Hrehaan and Hridhaan, have loved the film.

“I wanted my children to like the film. They were so excited that I had to prepare them before making them watch the film. They saw the late night show and post the picture, they said that it’s the best film I have ever done. I am so happy and that reaction is the most important reaction for me,” said the star delightedly.

On his film getting mixed to negative reviews from critics, the actor said he he respects every opinion, including those from the critics, but is surprised that movies which opened to mixed reviews are those that go on to collect 100 crore or more.

“Every opinion matters to me personally. But whichever films have crossed Rs 100 crore in Indian cinema has got mixed reviews” he said.

Some photos of Hrithik below, have a look!

Hrithik Roshan snapped at Suburban Hotel

Hrithik Roshan snapped at Suburban Hotel

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan at Suburban Hotel

Hrithik Roshan at Suburban Hotel

Hrithik snapped at Suburban Hotel

Hrithik snapped at Suburban Hotel



  • “ofcourse, even salmanfans and srkfans
    know that they don’t have any movie which
    can come to top 5.”
    I think u wrote dis..
    wil u plz Xplain wot xactly u wer tryin to convey.
    n let me knw if u r an iso certified individual to give ratings on quality… n regarding audience response let me tell u Ce n kick grossed more dan ur above mentioned movies which obviously mean people liked both… datz y they sustained better.
    ultimately audience is the king… if a movie is universally accepted nomatter how much negativity sorrounds it…it wil do its share of business

  • I gave the same amount of money for bang bang as i gave for chennai express, kick and dhoom 3. This excuse of not increasing the ticket price is so lame and an obvious ploy to cover up for the failure of bang bang.

  • @damnn
    i was trying to say that even salmanfans and srkfans know that their stars haven’t done any movie which can come in top 5 in terms of CONTENT. That wasn’t a list of my fav movies. That was a list of best 5 movies by my take. .

  • Ajay devgan is bigger star than Hritik.After singam returns 32 crore opening Ajay get 4th spot in star rankings

  • Ok! @Nipun and Dhongi Baba, tell me, Have Hr single Blockbuster with debutant director? Don’t be pathetic you all hr fans.

  • @babaji,you’re such insecure and showing by our hatred towards HNY AND KING KHAN again and again.kindly mark every bang2 aarticl,you will get maximum salman/amir fans bashing over it though very few SRKIANS also involved in it which they bound to do in favour of of return what you dig at them in past.I was supposes Herr to give condolense to this movie and hr fans,but they are not deserving it.bang2 is shit and hr fans is my foot.your star couldn’t achieve even 1% of the success THAT KING OF BOLLYWOOD HAS.


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