Video: Vivek Oberoi Press Conference against Salman Khan

From the time we published Vivek Oberoi’s confession on Farah Khan’s Tere Mere Beach Mein, we have received many mails related to the issues and one common request was the details from the press conference of Vivek Oberoi against Salman Khan.

Back then, Vivek one of the more popular actors in Industry, did what probably was the biggest mistake of his career. Post the press conference, female stars refused to work with the actor and so did most directors, his career hit an all-time low and more than 6 years later Vivek is still struggling to make his way up.

Some strong words used against Salman in the video recorded on 1st April 2003 (which ironically was April Fool’s day) Check it out and drop your comments below..




  • vivek we saw ur confession of being a fool on tere mere beach mein and we have realised back agn that u r gem of a person indeed. mistakes are tend to be forgotten dude!

  • For god sake why is Vivek being punished like this? You would have thought that he did some irreversable physical damage to Salman. How much longer must he suffer, the rest of his life?! If Salman is such a GOOD guy than why don’t he step up and tell everyone that it’s time to forgive and forget.

  • Its actually a warning for all others…….Salman is great personality and no one should ever question him or speak aganist him….If somebody does then he must suffer….So let Vivek suffer…

  • Indicine Team: I can’t blame this guy.. Salman Khan is tough abusive and he was for sure “jealous” of Vivek because Aishwariya broke-up with him.. left him for this young ambitiuos actor who was suppose to reach the top after his movies Company & Saathiya.. so he just thought to destroy him in every possible way!

    This young man was tense, worried, desperate.. there4 he didn’t know which way to stop Salman.. I don’t blame him for this press conference or if he filed some cases against Salman.. he’d the right to do it!

    But what’s all this to do with his career?!! Probably Salman Khan is a very influential guy in the industry.. in a way that he could give a warning to all the girls in the industry, not to work with him, as well as the directors.. not to hire!! so that proves that Salman Khan as a very bad guy!

    That’s your Salman Khan Sudeep and other bunch of idiots on this website, who’re always defending him.. see which way he ruined this man?! Does Shahrukh, Hrithik, Aamir or other actors do all this?!!!!

    And more to add.. Salman does some charity just to enhance his image.. that’s all!

  • Moreover..Vivek Oberoi said that Salman bothered him with his telephone calls.. called him in one day 41 times.. 41 telephone calls.. just to hurt him with some bad words!!

    Poor Vivek.. I liked him Saathiya and thought that he’ll be one of the top actors in bollywood.. and see what Salman did to him!! if Salman harmed him but the directors or producers should not.. why?! R they that coward.. scared of Salman.. and why?! Is Salman paying the directors money to give him some movies?!! Probably.. everything is possible in this life, i/o getting paid for movies.. probably he’s the one who’s paying them.. haha

  • why did vivek say all this stuff to the press anyway he should off thought of his career first and anyway he ronned it 4 himself and i dnt blame salman bhai why should he say something that would make viveks life better nowway i would never do if someone says loads of trash to the press bout me.

  • Salman can Pay u also Fathiya/Gatiya / Kutiya. ha ha ha
    Salman didnt do anything with Vivek career….Vivek is responsible for his condition..When he himself confess it on Farah’s Show ..Why u r giving this ur Vishesh Tipni…get Lost.
    & I warn u one more time if u start this abusive language like idoits, etc …Be Carefull ..I gonna piss u off.
    Stay Alert.

  • Fathiya:We cannot make ur idiot mind into good one..because dog tail always is not straight..Like tht u r same idiot person …..Wht the f is vivek saying ….He had said lie n why should would u forgive him…GO n tell ur divorce person to be re-marriage..Would u do tht??????Similarly ,u cannot imazine wht must going to the mind of Salman .when this nonsense thing said abt him……People like u idiot will never understand because u r also have divorce against ur husband and u cannot feel wht Man’s feeling….If u need help then my girlfriend would teach u how to behave with a good person……U idiot… other word i can say u frm now….
    U r just an Idiot……(Srry ,but truth hurts but truth is truth)

  • Sudeep: firstly.. u go and teach yourself how to talk.. improve your English language then post your stupid comments.

    Salman – in brief – is so arrogant and in a bad way! in a way that he couldn’t tolerate any girl walkout from his life ( he reached 44 years old and still didn’t propose to any of his girlgriends!) he have fun..uses them, and then he dump them.. the only girl who dumped him before he does was Aishwariya Rai.. there4 he was mad and as he couldn’t harm the girl.. so he tried to revenge from this guy.. Vivek Oberoi who was only a victim.

    No gentleman would even do what Salman did.. a gentleman – when his woman asks for a divorce or decides to break-up with him won’t force her to continue living with him.. he’d understand ( and my ex-husband ) never forced me to stay with him.. he was sad and he was aware that he did mistakes and that he had to pay the price.. and the “divorce” was the price for his mistakes.. but he never stopped me or harmed me in any way ( and Sudeep: that’s non of yr business to enterfere in my life!)

    Vivek Oberoi is not a lier.. he’s a victim only.. and why would he lie asshole?! What would he get by lying and he had lost his girlfriend because of Salman Khan?!! this man is suffering till today..and everyone knows how Salman Khan was abusive and was bothering this guy since he knew that Aishwariya in a relationship with him!

  • salman is salman….
    vivek ne usse panga lekar ghalti ki, aukhaat me rehna chahiye tha…..
    samandar me rah kar magarmachh se bayer nahi karte….

    No pity for vivek, as he went against salman just bcoz of WOMAN ie AISh, n she also left her…..

    when aish did not support him, why salman needs to forgive him….

    but vivek should apologies personally to salman, not in front of media…
    if salman forgives him, he would definitely make vivek’s career on right path…

  • More to add: u guys never judge the girl.. who’s Aishwariya Rai.. how do u all know what was exactly the reason for her to break-up with Vivek? Probably she was worried for Vivek’s life or career.. that Salman might abuse him, might ruin him.. there4 she broke-up and stayed away.. we don’t know the main reason for her to leave this guy.. but I think and most probably was Salman.. Salman was the reason and she couldn’t cause problems for a guy who did nothing except loving her.

  • Listen i would like t say some thing after reading all the comments you know what….

    A good blood is always a good and high class is always remain the same…

    And salman is kind of a person every body wish to have in his/her life ….

    My dear friends stop being ignoring the fact what he has done to the world than any body you cannot just judge a person just like that as of me i have lot of friends who stay near to salmans house and if you want to know what is salman is al about first know more about him..

    in this bollywood industry there are lot of actors and actress who earned lot of money may be millions and billions have you ever seen any body doing some good deeds all i can say a big NO

    Any way with one or two negative comments about salman can never make his image down for all your information

    he was one of the best he is one of the best and he will even after his life…

    If every actor can stand up and want to say any thing about salman after couple of hits then i feel pity for then specially when it comes to vivek hmmm come on vivek before becoming a star you use to call thousand times to salman for tips to get in industry and now if he calls you 41 times that too for the sake of his love you can hold it …that shows how mean you are my dear..

    If some one knows what is love then they will not comment negative about salman but if they don’t you have the full say any thing as…

  • Hey there Guys

    Just read some of you guys comments with reference to Salman and Vivek. Salman did have some issues with Ash, which was resolved when Ash, broke off the relationship.

    Vivek, was a shoulder to cry on nfor Ash. Vivek and Ash where never in a relationship. Vivek, wanted a relationship, but Ash was not ready and not prepared.

    Most in the industry knew that Vivek, had an attitude problem, a serious one in fact. The thing that Vivek did wrong was dial the wrong number, which was Sallu, hence he nows faces the wrath. On one in the industry wants to work with him. It was his own down fall, and Sallu had nothing to do with his down fall. One who plays with fire, gets burnt..

  • Lakhwinder

    I just think that circumstaces wasn’t in any one’s hand when all of this. I think this is past … what like almost five or six years ago. there is no gain in talking about it. what done is done. This is Salman and Vivek’s personal issue and they will resolve it by themselves. No one needs to worry about it and noone need to judge either one of them. before saying anything about both of them look into yourselves. Salman and vivek both works really hard. Attitude anger problems who doesn’t have them in their lives.

    Just leave it alone…. it’s for the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • there is saying na, think at once before u speak. but vivek didn’t use this. he said whatever comes in his mind. like salman said this this to me. but later what happened? he paid for that n still paying bcoz neither ash n salman with him nor his career. In Farah show, vivek confessed but what to do? it’s too late. as everybody knows that salman dosti aur dushmani jo v ho bahu achhi tarah se nivate hai.

  • Kazole, he did this coz of aishwarya.. vivek could have resolved this issue personally but he called conference to tarnish salman’s image and to get rid of him…it did work for him for a while…but things changed, later ash also left him and got married to abhi and now that his career is on the rocks..he desperately needs work. considering salman’s ” influential personality” as someone said in above comments.. he obviously has no option left except for apologizing salman and expects salman to forgive and forget this.. in this video, vivek has almost crossed his limit…talked all rubbish…he is paying for the mudslinging that he did in the past

  • omg , vivek is crazy lOl,. none of this happened, why would arbaaz and shohil give vivket satisification, vivek claims taht araab enrouage him to beat up salman khan because salman khah..hahahahaha vivek u are too much, you are very immature and you talk lots of lies, on poor salman khan…


  • Everyone puts the blame on Aishwaria, why? There have been many accounts of how badly Salman has behaved with her and other girls, he is 46 years old and despite his good looks, fame and fortune, no girl has married him. Aishwaria has always conducted herself with dignity on camera and off camera. They were a very good looking couple. But Salman’s rash acts have been well documented – run over a sleeping person and crashed his car, shooting protected wildlife, drinking. Salman has said on TV that he was not violent against her but said – no one will survive if he got into a fight and he will give it his best shot. Who talks like that?? He sounds like he is covering something up.

    Aish said she will not working with him again in films, that is a bold step, because he is a big star, a Khan. She must have had a very good reason for this. She hired bodyguards using her own money to protect herself. She has filed police complaints and asked for police protection.

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