Salman Khan’s Wanted is an Adults only movie!

Salman Khan’s much awaited Wanted : Dead and Alive, remake of a south Indian blockbuster Pokiri, has been censored.

The censor board has passed the film with an “A” certificate, making it an ‘adults only’ movie. The length of the action thriller directed by dance-icon Prabhu Deva will be 4,247 meters in 18 reels.

Could this affect the multiplex collections of the film? Also it makes the battle for the competitor a slightly easier as the other release Dil Bole Hadippa has been granted a U/A certificate!

Both movies release worldwide this EID weekend. Stay tuned as we extensively cover both the releases, with reviews, box office collections and more.



  • Ohh God..Now May be DBH will get Benefit of it :-(
    Poor Salman….Something always Stuck in his Way. But No Worries Salman Ur Fans are Countless and ur Movie WANTED will be Biggest Hit of the Year For Sure.

  • I guess even Ghajini was awarded ‘A’ certificate..
    moreover the film promos suggest not much of a multiplex favour..
    “Pokiri” was a huge hit in south so “Wanted” will open big in Mysore region and also in UP/Bihar
    for me Hadippa is going to b a no contest for this movie…

  • What if they certify ‘A’ that means we should bring the birth certificate to theaters or what. . . In this generation there is no value for ‘A’ or ‘U’ …

  • @Sudeep : *Playing a Devil’s advocate here* So, since you don’t have a good comeback to Twany’s comment…please refrain from writng one esp with all the defensive dissing you would do.

    @ the article: Well, that’s intresting! But I doubt age would matter (esp. for the anxious 17 yr old above) since no one id-checks you at the cinema halls :)

  • Salmaan Khan should make some action movie. It is enough that bollywood makes much movies not only action.
    I am sure that Salman Khan will successfully work in action movies. Hey we are really getting bore after watching bollywood movies, we need some active actions. If somebody likes love stories then same other likes action movies.
    And salman rock on the bollywood. Hey other khans are also rocking on there.

  • If this movie is related to love then this movie maybe bored. Action movies can see everybody. Movie should be like, every person wants to do the same in his real life.


    I am next actor coming in bollywood but in my own way and style.
    I am Zahoor Gojri

  • wanted is not an adult movie as far as i know i saw 3 little children age around 12 ,10, 8, were there in the hall and they were enjoying it. so there no difficulties to c wanted it is a fabuluos movie.and in between we have comedy scene also.enjoy everybody.

  • zahoor wanted is an action movie. in between we some romance but it was should in a comic way children can also c this movie

  • guys who r saying dat salman khan is bad then u r a bad chooser this movie really holds a great position and dbh is also but wanted is a thrill and cool movie

  • WTF ‘A’ certificate…..we must watch Salman Khan movie….who cares if its certify with ‘A’……its a Salman Khan movie and thats only matters to me…..and ‘A’ certificate isn’t preventing children to enter the halls….i have watched the movie in theatre with my family including children below 10 years and no one was dare enough to stop any of us….
    SALMAN KHAN is the best…

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