Vivek Oberoi on Ash, Salman and the press conference!

From a future superstar, to internally the industry’s most hated actor.. Vivek Oberoi career was filled with loads of potential, unfortunately it is his relationship with Aishwarya Rai and the infamous press conference that ruined what should have been a fantastic career in Bollywood.

In Farah Khan’s chat show Vivek revealed details on the incident and a lot more. Some very interesting excerpts, read on.


I got this letter from the organizers of an award function that I’d won the award for “Company”..and then I was told that I shouldn’t attend it and later that award was given to someone else…I said I had the letter! I was fed up…I had only one goal in life, act in films but when this incident (press conference against Salman Khan) happened, people were told not to work with me. People started asking me to return the signing amounts saying that they can’t do the film with me because they were facing pressure from here and there.

What I did was very wrong but I didn’t kill anyone, neither did I harm anyone, I did not hurt anyone’s personal life but I was made to suffer a lot. Till today there are friends of yours and mine who say, ‘We’d love to work with you but we can’t!’ I am still dealing with that after having apologized. But more than Salman, I’m sad about Sohail because he was my best friend and he had even fought for me with Salman. He had told me, ‘I will sort it out, don’t worry!’ I felt bad that I had let a friend down. Till date, Sohail has not been able to forgive me…I speak to Arbaaz but I understand that I let down Sohail the most!”

Farah Khan – What exactly happened? There are some who know some part of it and others the rest… you please tell us?”

There was too much happening, threats were coming, indirect pressure tactics were being used and I was tired of it.. I tried to phone and even go and meet (Salman) and settle it. My dad was also out of town then… Had been there, he would have rightly advised me.. Lekin uss waqt kuch log the, jo mere kareeb the aur mujhe ‘rai’ de rahein the.”

Farah Khan – That’s a good choice of word.. ‘rai’ (referring to Aishwarya Rai)

Sujhav de rahein the, mashavara de rahein the.. ‘rai’ nahin de rahein the!” (Everyone laughs) People don’t know this.. I’d suddenly become an out caste from being this lovable boy. There were a few who called up saying that I did the right thing but they also soon disappeared. Suddenly there was no one to back me, and those who had asked me to do this also walked away saying that this is no longer their responsibility.

Farah – Yes there was such a huge backlash against you.

I was like… but you’re the one who asked me to say all this? There were many such eye-openers then. This was just the beginning.. it just continued.. I was ridiculed at every award function, made fun of…….


Everyone makes mistakes, but the price that Vivek has had to pay is something that would haunt him for the rest of his life. Ash moved on and married Abhishek, she is now a Bachchan bahu. Salman’s career is still going great guns, he has enough people backing him even with back to back disasters. Vivek very unfortunately has suffered the most, for no fault of his really, if you go by his ‘rai’ comments..

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  • hi
    vivek was a young boy bilindly in love with an older woman who had affair with the most imature man in our industery . i wish he should listen to rani mukherji’s advice,but he was a madly inlove

  • y any1 not talkin with vivek?? y any1 is not interested 2 talk 2 vivek???
    salman was a innocent guy, he love aish a lot …. bt wat vivek did was absolutely ridiculous…
    it was his personal matter, bt he made this a public matter….. to gain publicity…..
    he deserve all this

  • Ash is Ash….she is just someone that uses people. unfortunately for her, she will have to answer to the almighty above. Salman does not have the guts to take on the Bachans. we hear him say “Abhishek and I are buddies”, what a hypocite. poor Vivek, he was nothing to Ash. She just wanted to take him away from Rani…….

  • abhishek is a big duffer man.he dontot do marry with ash.because she love only salman khan .abhishek is a sick.but salman khan is a great.and ash has no good luck because she dont find salman khan.

  • I read what’s mentioned above and couldn’t understand exactly what happened to Vivek Oberoi?! And Starplus didn’t show this week this episode, they’ve repeated the episode with Salman Khan and his mom on Sat. and with 2 cricketers on Sunday.. last week’s episodes!

    Could someone tell me.. which way Salman Khan abused Vivek coz he stole his girlfriend?

    When I saw the episode of Koffee with Karan with Vivek Oberoi (in those days when he was involved with Aishwariya) and he admitted publicly that they r together..but then Aishwariya denied it on another episode of Koffee with Karan.. in those moments I could feel the rage in Aishwariya’s eyes because she never opens up about her relationship with guys publicly.. Vivek was such an idiot to do that!! and I think that that was a big reason for her to dump him.. he was a newcomer.. he was a “baby” in bollywood and she was just “big” and they didn’t decide to get married then!

    What I want to know.. what happened to him then? And why did he receive threats?

  • The “boy” needs to grow up!!! It’s time he took responsibility for all the things he did and said instead of consistently blaming a woman who, thankfully, had the smarts and maturity to choose a good husband for herself. Move on, Vivek. We are bored with your whining.

  • Aish has been made victim.She is a great human being. But this Idiot Vivek himself proclaimed that he loves her,marry her etc..on shows like KWK and Seedhi Baat. Aish never liked this so she moved away from this Idiot called Vivek Oberoi.
    Shame on him.

  • Salman abused him, called him and scolded him in dirty language so vivek was right then so he made us know what kind of person salman is.and suddenly his career flopped. And now since so long he is begging sorry to salman.vivek is ridiculous shame

  • Vivek is very cheap he proved it.He should respect Aish now she is married.
    Vivek never loved her if he was then he never would ve felt sorry for holding that press conferrence. PLUS that overly hyped ugly farah khan should stop hosting by hurting others

  • In my opinion: Ash just used Vivek to get rid of Salman as those days there were so many bad things happening between Ash and Salman and she just wanted to leave him so Vivek was new and didn’t know what exactly to do??? There were some stupid fellows around him those days who just provoked him to do all this non sense…. I really don’t think that he was the reason for Salman-Ash break-up…. The couple’s relationship was already in trouble and then there came Vivek for Ash’s rescue…. It is very difficult to get rid of Salman like these days Katrina can’t find the way…. I think She will also have to pick Ash’s policy to do that…. I think She tried it as well with John but didn’t succeed as Johny boy got scared of Salman and Bips i guess….Anywayz poor Vivek, I really think He has the potential to act well but when the good directors are hesitating to direct him, how can he establish himself as a good actor???

  • And Fathiya: When was Aish not open about her relationship with guyz publically???? I think she was very clear about her relationships with Salman and Abhishek with media…… All the TV channels were just showing Aish and Abhishek when they got involved and She was the one who first revealed that she was going to marry abhishek and i guess abhishek was never open about his relationship with Aish in public… So how come we got to know abt their relationship.???……. It was Aish offcourse…… She just plays mind games with guyz………. I have already told many times in my comments that she thinks that she is out of this world…. She doesn’t behave like what she is????? She always tries to show off……

  • Fahad: Probably because she wasn’t serious with Vivek.. there4 she felt bad when he announced it on Koffee with Karan.

    About her with Salman.. let me mention what I already read about them in the past.. I was following up the news and reading everything about Salman/Aish. relationship in the past.. what I read that Aish broke up with him because he abused her, not by beating her, but because he tried to humiliate her at a restaurant ( and without explainging how and which way in details.. do u remember the scene in the movie Fashion.. when Kangana is with her boyfriend and with some of their friends at a restaurant.. and he asks her to prove that she loves him by drinking the water in the bawl..the water which we wash our hands in when we finish eating!! ) that’s what Salman did to her!! Salman is so arrogant.. he might be good in a way, but he’s also a bad boy.
    What u said about her.. that she used Vivek to get red of Salman could be true.. but we’re not sure 100%.. she didn’t love Vivek.. that’s 100% for sure.. but there could be another reason for Aish to get involve with Vivek.. it’s Rani.. her best friend who replaced her in the movie Chalte Chalte.. Shahrukh replaced her because Salman was causing problems at the studio.. and to avoid all that.. Shahrukh gave Rani the role and she just.. accepted the role! and that was the end of the best friend’s relationship.. it could be a revenge from Aish’s side.. Rani stole the movie from her.. so she stole Vivek from Rani.. and then Abhishek, after doing Yuva.
    We all think this might be the reason.. that might be.. but we don’t know what’s the truth in their life.. what happened in their life.. so why should we bother?

    What I know is that Vivek is a good humen being but he wasn’t matured enough to know how to handle things..and he was trapped.. what I want to know is: which way Salman Khan abused him? And why he’s not getting good films because of this issue which is only.. personal?!! I heard that even some actresses tried to avoid Vivek and refused acting with him?! Why?!!!

  • for those of you who think vivek had an affair with rani, he never had an affair with rani !!!

    so get it right you people. they just starred in a film together, that was it. there was nothing happening between the two. you people are full of misconceptions.

  • I have seen this episode on Star Newz Vivek Oberio Had admitted everything what he had done with Salman Khan and He deserved what the public are given comments to him Dump, Idiot and loser whatever but this guys have a guts to says to front of media. People have to understtod but he have a no fault whatever he had done on that time he is in love with Ash.The main carlpit is Ash She used Vivek anywayz Salman so innocent and good human being.

  • spiderman:i agree wid u.rani nd vivek wer pals.nd vivek,who had tremendous amount of talent lost all coz of his stupid actions….aish used him against salman…salman ws in love wid aish threw tantrums…y is it dat he hasnt beaten katrina yet???if d guy is like fr one,he shud b same wid all d women around him….nd his female co stars love him…coz hes a man wid golden heart…
    i thnk vivek ws a stupid,immature guy who ws nw at dis time he shudnt hav said all dis…aish is maaried…nd he shud move on…he has taken a new panga wid bacchan family..

  • Salman deserves all the respect as he’s proved a lot of time that he’s the person wid the golden heart. VIbek is gud 2. Infact i miss his movies. They should have rather focussed on their career than fighting for that bitchy, shitty actress. Aishwarya Bachhan n ya as far as i remember salman telling that he never beat anyone. If he had then she wouldn’t have been saved. Its just the way she wanted to gain publicity n show how popular she was among guys or how crazzzy they were after her. Foolish bitch.

  • Yes FAHAD…..In my own view what Vivek did to Salman is bad, as a friend of his brother.What Salman did to Ashwarya is also bad. But what Aishwarya did to Vivek that is definitely wrong. She just use him as a weapon, that’s it. I read many things about their relationship, she have to apologise to him since b/4 is too late.

  • without a doubt, salman indeed does have a golden heart. he is very passionate about life and people surrounding him. he only beats up bad people ! and he always supports good people. my only concern about salman is that he is delaying too much getting married. life is passing him by. he needs to get married asap before its too late. the world is a very unforgiving place. after a certain age things just dont work out, and people start talking crap.
    in my opinion the sole reason why katrina refuses to marry salman is because she thinks he is too old. she wants to marry someone younger, she even said this herself.

    now, with vivek, all i can say is that he is an ass. when he came into the film industry he was touted as the next big thing, the next superstar to overtake shah rukh.
    vivek is an exremely big headed idiot. he started dictating terms, started controlling people, started to think he was the man and there is no one above him. he started throwing tantrums and started being rude to the filmifolks. he even thought salman khan was a nobody.
    so, now look whats happened to vivek. he is nothing but a mere pauper in bollywood. this is what happens to arrogant big headed idiots who dont have an inch of intelligence in them and who think they are above everyone else. he has now come back down to earth, and his career is in tatters all because of his attitude. he has now learnt the hard way and is realising his mistake. he only has himself to blame for ruining his career. he is now going around almost touching the feet of the very people he had insulted. what an idiot.
    dont get me wrong, i think he is still very talented and can make something out of his career. but he only has himself to blame for the position he is in at present.

  • Vivek though he was the man when he was with Ash. Some woman just hypnotise men with their beauty to a point of no return. Actually she enjoys men being “hungry” for her – it boosts her ity bity ego. Another thing – men in the industry actually don’t want to be associated with her. Abhi Shrek was just a way out for her ………….time was running out. No man wants to marry a “hag”

    So our heats should go out to Vivek, Salman and ………..or well Abi deservse having a cold fish in bed with him – cos he’s also life less. Chow

  • and for vivek..well deserves dis..he dumped his long time gf nd fiance for aish…..he ws “plastic”den!!!wat goes around cumes around..vivek deserves dis!!asshole..

  • Nasir Ahmed: you said that Vivek admitted what he had done to Salman.. could u explain it please? What Vivek did exactly to Salman?!! As far as I know.. that Salman is the one who created problems and not Vivek.. you’re saying things upside down.. if I’m not wrong!!

  • how can anybody talk like this about an ex (hard to believe) in public. this shows the depravation of values in bollywood. initially speaking to each others like 12th class cheap school kids and for the sake of careers licking up to other idiots and talking bad about ‘girl friend’ especially when she is married yo one handsome cool dude. bollywood has lot of rascals dominating possibly with the help of underworld or bad politicians. its surprising how grown up men resort to bootlicking all the time shamelessly in

  • life is so far a learning experience. Everyone makes mistake, Aishwarya, vivek and Salman are no exceptions. They all suffered in life due to their mistake but vivek is the one who sufferd the most. reason being his out spoken attitude towards life and making his personal thing publicly advertised. Aishwarya is now Abhisekh wife, as well as she is Bachchan bahu that means its now impossible to pin point her directly, rest Salman is Superstar, no matter how flop he gives back to back on friday, he will remain the. heartthrob of public and thats enough in movie world to back up. Vivek is tallented probably equally as Salaman though less natural. and if it comes to brooding mafia character no one can perform better than vivek, not even abhisekh who looks perfect for such role too though abhisekh I would say along with hrithwik and amir khan is the most tallented actors in the b-town. Now vivek don’t have such family backup as he is the son of one of the underrated character artist in b-town, apart his career is also not going well. Talking better personal life star real life is also affected with their professional life. So vivek being foolish person deserve what has so far happens with him and I am preety sure he is soon going to be history. Salman has golden heart and also karisma in his screen presence so he will definetely bounce back. Apart Aishwarya Rai, i donno what happens with her and Salman, donno about her relationship with vivek. If she ditched them for nothing its wrong but than she has every right to live her life and get the best person for her life and I am happy she settled down with such a well cultured and professional person like Abhisekh. Well vivek change yourself you may not settle down in film fiternity but you may be able to change your profession and settle down somewhere else .

  • Ek real chalu maal aur 3 behal. Salman ne saccha pyar ki, as usual his golden hearted nature he done lots of for Ash. Bollywood Game, contacts, politics n pressure ko handle karne k liye Ash ne Salman ka istemal kiya. After creating relations with elite club of bollywood she left salman to go ahead with them.
    After it, Salman ka pressure handle karne k liye Ash ne Vivek ko istemal ki. Bevakuf Vivek ka hal hua ‘Langur k haat me chalu hur.’ Bina natiza soche chala langur ‘tees mar khan’ banne. As a result an innocet but a great stupid Vivek fall down from Bollywood n his life became a alive hell.
    chahe publicly dikhava jo b ho par Bacchan family ko apne bahu k rup me ek super star chahiye tha jo bacchan family status ko international label tak borrow n increase kar sake. Idhar elite club power increase karne ko Bollywood Elite Club ne Ash ko Abhishekh k gale bandh diya.
    Ek taraf complex man Abhi k upar se ‘right wife for him’ ka pressure kam hua dusri taraf Ash ko mila charo taraf ki musibatvo se bachne ka big platform.
    Ab mera sawal ye hai ki ye sb totall Natak se sb se jyada kisi faida hua?
    Aur bali ka bakra kon bana?
    Hahahahahahaha bye.

  • Look – it was ill advised of Oberoi to call a press conference but look at the backlash! In this day and age, its possible to actually manipulate someone’s career in the film industry and totally ruin it?! That’s what is pathetic and the man who engineered Oberoi’s humiliation is the one who is the real thug – Mr Salman Khan! The people who kowtowed to him have no real professionalism, should have minded their own business and not participated in this sort of action against Vivek Oberoi in the interests of furthering their own careers. Its Round One to Vivek Oberoi actually!

  • Aishwarya is a scorpio born – who manipulates and does not forget or forgive (their bad points)- so evident from what is going on between her and Rani, Sonam Kapoor… etc . Coming to the maniuplation part, I wont be surprised if someone said she was using both Salman and Vivek. Its 100 percent possible from the stories you hear and from her star sign. Salman seems to be a person with good contacts and able to take an actress forward or pull a new actor downwards(vivek oberoi) and Vivek like how its discussed here was used by her to shield against Salman. Am sure she realised Viveks soft corner towards her and used him and played with his emotions without actually mouthing that she loves him which wld have made him feel that she does love him and in the end she can just wash off her hands with the fact that she never told him she loves him.
    I just feel everyone is turning against Vivek because he is the most powerless target. Salman doesnt dare do that to Aishwarya or Aishwarya to Salman! And both are older to Vivek and I cant believe Salman still acts so immatured and doesnt forgive Vivek! I guess even Salman should grow up!! Get married and am sure you will be mroe wise and forgiving – atleast dont forget you yourself have killed people – atleast vivek hasnt done that!!!!
    And vivek I feel should keep his mouth shut, just work , trust in god and get married to a beautiful girl – that will be the best revenge to all those who has hurt you.

  • The guy simply screwed up in that press conference in 2003. It’s very clear to see that he was used, manipulated and thrown afterwards once the purpose was fulfilled. His aggression was used against Salman whereas the real culprit behind his actions was Ash. Salman should open his eyes, and realize that Vivek did what ever he did due to heavy pushes from certain quarters and once Vivek had burst out, he was left isolated. Salman should forgive Vivek, its about time they should bury the hatchet. As for a fact, both Vivek and Salman need to realize what a witch Ash really is, and this was all her game. The scenario at that time was something like this after the press conference:
    Salman got insulted by Vivek
    Viveks blunder cost him a heavy price ultimately sidelining him from the industry
    Ash got married to Abhishek B.
    Clear picture showing who’s loss and who’s gain. Vivek has numerous times apologized to Salman, now its time for Salman to be the bigger man and let go of this bitterness.

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