Video: Dildaara Song – Ra One

After the Chammak Challo teaser that was released last week, a new song video from Ra One – Dildaara – has just been released and this one looks much better. The film looks like an out-an-out masala entertainer – action, comedy, romance – it should have it all, much like Bodyguard. Just that, Ra One has been made on a much bigger scale and has a superhero as its central protagonist.

The song, Dildaara, is really nice too. Its been composed by Vishal – Shekhar. Have a look and do tell us what you think.


Video Details

Video Title: Dildaara
Music Director: Vishal Dadlani, Shekhar Ravjiani
Picturised on: Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor

Movie Details

Movie: Ra One (2011)
Director: Anubhav Sinha
Producer: Shahrukh Khan
Banner: Red Chillies Entertainment
Cast: Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Shahana Goswami
Release Date: October 26th 2011
For more details: Ra One Movie Page
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  • well some people first start saying bad things about salman then whwn the anser is given they apologize & say that the temper is lost bcz someone says bad about srk without knowing the fact they r the one who sart it by saying salman k fans ki pant geeli hojaegi srk k six packs dekh k ; give me a break no one ever compared to salman in terms of awesome body atleast srk shouldn’t be. salllu the one satrt phsique craze in bwood. srk is good very good in his own ways. but if in terms of physique don’t even compare him with sallu even in ur dreams. i hope raone works it looks good.

  • this film is creating anxiety day by day…this film was out of news for some months… but now its back in action…SRK really knows how to take bak the No.1 spot…

  • Mohit..I’ll tell you..SRK is GrandFATHER of Salman..Got Popularity..Acting..and every thing..

    Indicine..yeah its copied..but..what matter is that..SRK did it better than the orignal thing..

    Guess what Sallu.Cant even do justice to a film which the director is directing for the second time..

    and BTW..Ra.One is the hottest property on has exploded on Youtube

  • Nomi..yes I wrote that pant gheeli stuff..I am sorry..U cant imagine how excited I was..I dont have problem with salman..I like him ..but I have problem with his fans..who are after SRK..speaking shit..u dont know the excitement..I get..when I watch stuff related To Ra.One..coz it is like a slap on those speaking bad things abt Ra.One and SRK..

    I hope..u are normal..and not like other salman fans..and appreciate what is looking currently..

  • Ashikaran you are right there is a big difference between us and Salmans fans we watch Salmans movie aswell as other stars and we not abuse him like fans of Salman always say nonsense about our Shahrukh Khan because we the fans of the King are king from the heart.
    Remember what King said nahi banta superhero muscel aur metalpart se banta hai superhero sirf apne heart se.

  • @aashkaran:

    frend…comments frm anti SRK fans shows that they r very much worried about Ra One as they know Ra one is going to create history in bollywood… so they should be jealous…they are even saying its a copying frm Robot without seeing Ra One..My dear anti SRk fans, SRK dont want any remake of other language films to prove himself… See salman ..his career was the baddest of all actors.. so he started remaking… wanted frm tamil, bodyguard frm malayalam and dabaang was inspired by Vikram’s movie Saamy… and all these 3 films are salman’s top grosser…and now there is a news that salman is again joining Siddik to remake the hit film Chronic bachelor frm malayalam which starred Mammootty… Y Salman dont u get any standard bollywood movies…If there is any mistake in my comment all can reply or else accept it …

  • has been hyped for over a year,from my heart i wnt to do well for srk sanity, bcos srk will run mad if it will hit him very hard that he may not recover.salman even wants it to beat his record,so all is well.

  • mohit: (September 10, 2011 at 3:29 am)

    Is srk the father of kareena or the grandfather,im confused




  • Hey guys, i think yha fight srk n sallu k fans ke ego ki jyada ho rhi he, comment unbiased yar.. For me i think Ra1 wil b a big hit, much bcoz of hype prevailng.. But u hav to agree that srk is realy nt givin a superhero kind of feeling, wid crapy spike hairstyl, n suckd mango like cheeks,. But there r positv aspects wid this film like gr8 visual efcts,top clas sound wrk, n above al seting a landmark of bolywd in world.. that today’s bolywd isnt jst songs n dance but it surely surpass Avatar in near future..

  • About salman, he rules d masses, such a stupid muvi Ready workd crores.. Salman is using d south formula of potraying hero as a larger than life charactr wid a punchline dialog, pls a shirtoff scene..n thats enuf for masses,.muvi hit., story jaye bhad me.. Salman bhai apne attitude ko cash kar rhe he, he’s realy lacking variety n challenging wrk,. as amir n ajay doing..

  • Teri meri is really a great song than dildara no doubt in that it is a song forever,it is not a song which matters but:- sallu giving entertainment to masses…yes.
    2.has srk ruled the bollywood for 10 years..yes.
    3.has changing times made sallu the king..yes
    4.will srk be back on top spot..only time will tell,if ra1 makes it to the top then no one can stop him.
    5.chances for the ra1 going to be hit…60 %
    in our bollywood the one who changes himself with changing times rulez for long.

  • He even copied all the stunts or action scenes from Dark knight, iron man, spiderman,rajinikant(robot)etc. If u see the promos all the scenes look familiar. Where is the originality?copy cat .. as always srk has nothing new to deliver …not even the poster.HA HA HA. And Shahrukh want Ra.One to go International. The International Audience will send it Right Back to India. Shahrukh is Over- Hyped, His Films are Over- Hyped and everything else about him is Over- hyped. SRK will live to Juice the last Penny from all of you. So go ahead, get caught up.

  • mohit: (September 11, 2011 at 1:15 am)

    indicine pls answer my question:is srk the father or grandfather of kareena in this film?

    Answer is GRANGFATHER


  • Award For The Biggest FLOP movie of the year is goes To,

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