Video: Dildaara Song – Ra One

After the Chammak Challo teaser that was released last week, a new song video from Ra One – Dildaara – has just been released and this one looks much better. The film looks like an out-an-out masala entertainer – action, comedy, romance – it should have it all, much like Bodyguard. Just that, Ra One has been made on a much bigger scale and has a superhero as its central protagonist.

The song, Dildaara, is really nice too. Its been composed by Vishal – Shekhar. Have a look and do tell us what you think.


Video Details

Video Title: Dildaara
Music Director: Vishal Dadlani, Shekhar Ravjiani
Picturised on: Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor

Movie Details

Movie: Ra One (2011)
Director: Anubhav Sinha
Producer: Shahrukh Khan
Banner: Red Chillies Entertainment
Cast: Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Shahana Goswami
Release Date: October 26th 2011
For more details: Ra One Movie Page
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  • indicine team plz. Correct your statement Ra.One is not like bodyguard.It’s a superhero film and I am sure that it will re-write box-office history.And it will be 100times better than bodyguard for sure.

  • has bombarded youtube 1000+ likes within hours..
    For sure hype and wait for Ra.One is universally epitome..their is no stopping no matter how much people speak foul about it..

    Brilliant in all aspects..and who says Srk cant do was filled with hillarious stuff and breathtaking VFX..

    SRK is KING..

  • may for people who not seen hollywood films this one wil be breathtaking,awesome..blah blah…and this not first attempt this kind of cinema…krishh,robo we already seen…records are met to be broken quality of movie is imp…movies lik dil to pagal,kuch kuch hota hai…no much to rang day basanthi,3idoits,tare zamane par etc….

  • Believe me ..I have seen the leaked poster..
    And..No doubt..salman ke fans ki panth gheeli hone waali hai..SRk ke six packs..hain..

    ITs Best poster till date..for any film

  • askaran is da biggest hipocrate ass hole i have ever seen in my life har waqt salman ke ha page men jake bhonkta rehta hai aur jb ise jwb do to “i dont hate salman” ” i liike him” bloody double face shit……………..

  • oh its overwhelming. Its an awsome song nd video. Srk is looking so cute nd innocent. Oh come on yr srk is bringing something really special. I m too excited.

  • Superb song comedy emotion this movie will show everyone why srk is king and I am sure it will break all the records.

  • Nice VFX on the SRk’s Six Packs. Movie is looking good and should be path breaking even though SRK’s char. and Costume (from other posters and videos) are lift off from Tron. Should take a good opening but main concern are masses if they r going to understand the stroy line. Classes couldn’t understand the story of TRON and I don’t think masses will understand that of RA1. If VFX are good then overseas should be very good and some records can be broken their. In India if masses would be able to understand then should be in top 5 even better but if they don’t understand the story line then not top 5 but still should be in top 10.

  • mughal..say what u want..I am least interested..I hope by the time..u read my comment..u must have seen the poster..and ur pant sachi mein gheeli hogyi hogi..

    and wassup..bhai itni takrdi palti mat maaro..plz..
    Ra.One will be out of league..
    it’s business will be unmatchable….

  • vishal i think so u r guy coz u r guy fan and nobody can beat teri meri song its the song of decade
    ra one will be box office disaster just wait and watch and plz dont compare salman (man i) with srk (guy u )

  • @ ashkaran I dunno what you meant by takdi palti but I always base my comments on facts…I am still a die hard salman fan who also like amir and srk but unlike you I accept I’m a die hard salman khan fan. On each and every bodyguard topic you have max number of comments and ofcourse all against salman and still you say that you like salman when you r a die hard srk fan. I watch every salman, srk and amir,s movies in theater. Now here is the fact I am talking about.
    1. Is Ra1 a better movie than bodyguard…….Yes
    2. Is Ra1 going to do more business than bodyguard…. I have a very strong doubt because of the masses in india. I loved tron both 1st and 2nd and I’m really looking forward to watch Ra1 but masses in India are not gojng to understand whats going on in the movie. Its not a salman or rajnikant movie that masses don’t care about the story but srk is not as strong as salman or rajni in masses. Overseas yeah this movie can break records if it has some good vfx.

  • Wassup..agreed to some extent..but I disagree ur second point..

    the fact is that..all had same doubts abt was highly multiplex film..but see 90+cr..
    whereas Ra.One has all the masala the biggest hype..and Indian audience cant be taken as illiterate..its the same audience that made 3I what it is today..Ra.One..will surely perform better than boodyguard..coz it has much bigger release..I am not sure if it will match the DAY1..but I am will trend better than BG..coz it has no competition..and GONE..I mean..u can expect business of 3Idiots from overseas..its such big..Await..and hype..

    I place my bets that it can breach 400cr international mark..which was earlier missed by Robot..which was a south film..not Bollywood film..bezti ki baat hai bwood ke liye yeh..

    Check out the new trailer buddy..and I am ..sure..u’ll get blown..

    and P.S I dont hate Salman..i watch every film of his..its just that..I loose temper when ppl say bad things abt SRK..

  • hahahahahahahahaha,have ever seen an ugly
    monkey with 6pack,srgay u can never be salman
    is nothing more funny than a ugly gay monkey with
    brown teeth and to top it off, with
    6pack .hahahahahahahahahahaha i cant stop laughing,salman fan
    should go and see srgay(salliu wannabe) in 6pack,its a funny thing,i
    cant stop laughing hahahhahahahahahaha

  • @mohit,
    u r absolutely right dude. srGAY kabhi salman nahi ban sakte. Jitna copy karna hai salman ka karle lekin Dabangg salman jaisa kabhi nahi ban sakta srGAY>

  • Agree, its a beautiful song. Like it better than Chammak Challo – both the way its picturized and the tune. Suddenly, Ra One is looking good. One or two good trailers can make a big difference. :)

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