Verdict: Buddha Hoga Tera Baap is a FLOP!

Buddha Hoga Tera Baap has been declared a FLOP by the trade. Here are some of the reasons..

  • The theatrical business has failed to live¬†up to¬†expectations as the Amitabh Bachchan starrer opened to a disappointing response on Friday. The film was quite obviously affected by the release of biggies like Delhi Belly and Transformers 3.
  • On weekdays the business was steady on the lower side, but not enough to recover its investment through theatrical business. The satellite rights have been sold for Rs 13.5 crores which will help the film break-even.
  • Second week was always going to be crucial but the release of Murder 2 has meant that Buddha has been replaced at single screens by the Emraan Hashmi starrer.
  • At multiplexes too Buddha Hoga Tera Baap has lost out on more than 60% of its shows, due to the release of Murder 2 and the craze amongst the youth for Delhi Belly has resulted in the exhibitors increasing the number of shows in its second week.
Overall, the craze for Delhi Belly along with the release of Murder 2 this week has affected Buddha badly. 2nd week collections are expected to be very low and the theatrical business of Amitabh Bachchan’s much hyped return-to-yesteryear roles will remain a mega disappointment!


  • The movie should have been titled Buddha Hogaya Flop.. Bachchan simply became over ambitious.. and if you watch the movie it just seems like a 3rd grade film of the 80s..

    I was happy with Bachchan doing the roles that he has been doing.. there is no need to try a salman khan or hrithik roshan..

    Buddha Satiya gaya hai.. I respect him, but announcing ash’s pregnancy just before the release of this movie.. and announcing their engagement just before the release of Guru.. even though Ash married a tree (and some say a dog too).. were cheap publicity tricks by bachchan!

  • puri jagannad was saying he will make a sequel for this… hehehe first buddha flopped unless he takes salman khan or srk as the next buddha movie will be disaster…..

  • Hahahaha, congrats to all Buddah’s fans for the failure of that 3rd grade shit movie which indicine gave a rating of 5/F stars!!!
    Mr.Amitabh Bachchan, with all our respect we love you, you are a legend, you are great, you have achieved all what you wanted in life, now it’s enough stay at home, enjoy rest of your life with your family and leave Bollywood to new talents!

  • Prem.. thats harsh man… I still like him in supporting roles.. he does a very good job.. looking forward to watching him in Aarakshan….

    Having said all that.. he is a great actor and is still capable of delivering hits.. which 70 year old man can still get his movies to open at 10 – 12 crores as a lead hero? Not many :) :)

    Bachchan is a legend and i would be very sad the day he retires

  • LMAO………Its only declared flop by anti BIGB biased site BOI…….None of the trade called it flopped be it Taran Adarsh (bollywood hungama), TOI, CNNIBN,.even the CEO of VIACOM18 vikram malhotra called movie profitable……..

  • Previously also, indicne posted a headline telling BHTBaap disaster……just check the other link posted under boxoffice section…….looks like handful of bigb haters are very happy with this fake news……..but let them be…..nothing will affect the profitability of BHTBaap…….

  • @suneil,

    dude if you are pkistani, then there is no shame to come up with fake name…….I am seeing that for last few days you guys are coming up with different ids (like megha, akroy etc..) to show your frustration but nothing will work dude as BHTBaap is already in profits………read my above statements

  • JUST CONFIRMED : The above article is copy and paste from BOI website (anti BIGB )………..HAHAHAHAHAHAAH…….and it makes handful of bigb haters happy……..well i am happy for them

  • Dude kk… get your facts right man… Buddah might be profitable but its only if you include satelite rights and music rights…. without that if you go solely by business at the box office it wont even come close to 21 crores that they spent for production and publicity.. so how can you call it a hit? hit or flop is only based on business in theaters and box office..

    if a movie is made at 10 crores.. gets 15 crores for satelite rights but earns only 2 crores at bo.. you cant call that a hit.. itll be a flop or even a disaster.. becos the producers might earn money, but the distributors and exhibitors will even up in the red..

    movies are made for the theatres.. not for television or dth shows.. get the point?

    unless bthb earns more than 21 crores at the bo.. it cant be called a hit :)

  • and if your following abhishek amitabh or taran on twitter… youll know that the bachchans are simply trying to lower the production costs.. viacom has clearly told taran that the cost for making the film with everything included in 21 crores.. indicine also wrote something about it here..

    whatever it is.. the fact is that bhtb opening was only 15%.. try to defend that my mate :)

  • @CHiran,

    even if its 21 crores and out of that 11 crores is towards publicity, then those 11 crores are already recovered by satellite price sold at 14 crores….publicity cost has nothing to do with production cost and theatrical business and thats why satellite right cost take care of those things……the main thing is the cost of production 10 crores and movie has already done business of 12 crores………how can it be termed as loss??……….Yes BOI (anti BIGB site) is telling that movie collected some 9 crortes which is total lie………Check your Taran Adarsh and even he didnt declared movie a flop………not even the VIACOM18 (whom you are refrefriing) and check the CEO Vikram malhotra of viacom 18…….from multiple resources like TOI, Bollywood hungama, CNNIBN you will never find stating that movie is flop………..Dont teachme Math dude

  • One more thing, BHTBaap came much later when the hype of DBelly was at its peak and the craze for transformer was its peak…………even then it made its own place and even after stiff competition , a movie of a 70 year old SOLO actor did a business of 12 crores in one week !!!!………Take that dude and defend yourself…lolz

  • the satellite price will also be reviewed by the company dear…. tees markhan too went for a song.. nowaadys nobody wants to be a loser so everything is settled at no profit tno loss ..face saving measures.. nobody will ask bigb to shell out the losses.. the credibilty of the producer director and the actor will come under the scanner for sure… and why boi is anti bachchan?? and glamsham pro bachchan.. the kinda favorite review posted here by devansh patel was only full of christmas gifts .. which looked and read preposterous.. and unbelievable … as for the film even a tax free certificate cannot save it .. i had long predicted the outcome but some people were hoping against hope.. for indicine floowers i have to say this
    a 12 crore/wk delivered by the megastar is indeed laufful especially when he is exhausted man of 68..clap…clap… just goes to show that the nation is not as crazyabout him as he imight want them to be.. it is nice to know that everybody knows you respects you idolises you pray for you and accept you as brand ambassadpr but people expect and want good work from you.. not kkuddah stuff.. so he should do more of philanthropy work more charity and less of films and tv cos he is repeating himself.. and now we should all take one minute silence in the memory of the film which has left us for the heavenly abode…

  • there is no need for any person of hisAGE to make a fool of himself at that age.. somebody said name me the person who can accept projects like these at athe ageof 68.. my answer ..there is noone who would like to doa project like this at this age except big b who will sell anything from ballpen to cement to naratan tail to boot polosh .. if you want to sell brooms also please contact big b he will do it at his age !!!

  • and please films budget nowadays is 10 crores .. itna to hiring and transportation of equipment mixing dubbing etc emein lag jata [lease stop calling ths a10 cr film

  • @megha,

    if you are addressing me, I don’t care………i know you are just a frustrated BIGB hater……..My response was for Chiran and not for you…None of the trade circles have called BHTBaap a flop except BOI (a bigb hater website )…..and there is no need to take this indicine article so seriously as it has earlier published an article calling it disaster (rememember??)

    As far as BIGB is conncerned, he gave a superb performance in BHTBaap (I am not saying that film was extraordinary, infact it had a very ordinary script but people loved BIGB’s performace)………And I am sure he will give superb performance in AARAKSHAN and not to forget KBC-5 coming….Rememebr he is neither Paanchvi fail nor gives Zor ka Jhatkas ……If he is doing commercials then because the business trust him for their products……There is no comparison for him……..BIGB Rocks!!!…….burn haters burn

  • @kk,

    You r right dear. BOI is great hater for bigb. I can see someone,s (megha) backside burning with your answers. You replied a well shot for all these haters of bigb. Nice job man.

  • @kk,

    Relax man.. why do you have to stress on BOI is a bachchan hater site each and every time you mention BOI? Stop the craziness.. go over to ibosnetwork the crap pro bachchan site and see.. even they have the collections at 13.5 crores.. and these ibos idiots hike collections by 20% for bachchan films..

    You missed one big thing when you said you cant include marketing in budget.. 11 crores was not just spent on marketing alone it included costs for prints as well.. so get your facts right first..

    what i am trying to tell you is, for a movie to be a hit, the distributors (and not the producers) have to not just recover but earn 50% more than the invested amount.. with buddah several distributors are still in the red and there is no chance of recovery now..

    Just think you are a distributor for mysore circuit and you pay the producers 1 crores and you end up earning just 50 lacs from theatrical business.. the film is a flop! the producers wont be paying a pie out of hte satelite rights to the distributors..

    again get your facts right and then defend flop buddah :)

    there was an article on indicine long back which i cant find about how box office works.. if i find it will post it here..

  • and have you seen opening of Murder 2? first day was 7 times of buddah.. hehehe..

    i guess more people turn up at Jalsa (bachchans house) every week on sunday.. than the total number who watched buddah in theaters.. LOL

  • at his age mr bachchan can pick the commercials he wishes to do pick the films he wants to do must they be so aweful???
    and yes what have boi have against him ..would you be happy if they declared this squish a hit??? as far as i know they have been quite truthful with the figures of ready murder and delhi belly!!!
    and why this damn film didnt survive against delhi belly?? you mean to say you have not seen this delhi belly or you will not see it at all just because it ripped apart bbudaah..cmon grow up man.. be a bit more sensible and mature ..if the film didnt work it didnt work…
    if this film was bull doesnt make me or anybody a big b hater ..all im trying to say he he should be more careful with his choices after all he adorns madame tussauds and is a padamshree..his looks and acting and presentation is too too repititive these changing times one must adapt to the times like aamir has.. experimenting with looks hairstyle etc is the order of the day ..even sanjay dutt and ajay devgn are doing it..but our bigb refuses to change ..this film was only a circus of his past sctivities which doesnt auger well for him .. alas he is doing stuff like kabhie kabhie abhiman etc which show his sombre side instead he has become a joker doing avariety of meaningless acts fit for a buffoon or a bhand

  • his last edition of kbc was no big shakes got enveloped in the huge bib boss and this time will be no different!!

  • @Chiran,

    did i ever mention ibos site???…… don’t act like crazy man………I was metioning Taran Adarsh (bollywood hungama), TOI, CNNIBN and even Vikram malhotra (CEO of VIACOM 18) and was considering multiple resources to justify my point……..on the other hand haters were keep quoting BOI which is a known antibigb site……

    As far as people coming to see BIGB at Jalsa, they are doing this for last 28 years continuously dude..I bet not a single person would like to see khans once they become 70 years old…… don’t be jealous of this fact….From last 10 years BIGB is the only actor who has given atleast one successful film every year (2000-2009) and thats why he is in demand by every big directors and producers …why would any producer or director will take BIGB if he has no significance????…..yes he has his share of flops and disasters but he never always worked keeping only boxoffice in mind….No other actor ever gave any SOLO success in 60s like BIGB gave…No other actor showed versatality as BIGB showd in his 60s…Murder 2 is doing well as it was not pitted against Amir khan production (the best production house in India) and Transformer3……

    As you can see by the comments of haters (including you) they come up with nonsense and garbage wiothout even knowing anything about BIGB…….they dont even know that last year KBC4 had higher rating than BIGBOSS consistently..they doont know that BIGB receoieved populars awards and National AWARDS in his 60s…they dont know that other stars followed him after his successful venture of KBC and the kind of impact it had made on audience…….they dont know why people like RAJ KUMAR SANTOSHI, R BALKI, PRAKASH JHA, VIPUL SHAH,KARAN JOHAR, SHAAD ALI, ADITYA CHOPRA,RAMGOPAL VERMA, RITUPARNO GHOSH ,RAVI CHOPRA, APOORVA LAKHIA, VIDHU VINOD CHPRA etcc wanted to take BIGB in their films…………they dont know why BIGB has 9 lakh followers in twoitter…….they infact sdont know who is BIGB………Hence any arguments with haters (including you) doent make any sense…….keep burning!!!

  • @chiran,

    how do you know that distributers are in red???.did you talk to any distributor???..If not then you are only quoting one source (BOI)……….ON THE OTHER HAND i AM QUOTING SEVERAL RESOURCE

    By the way just go to BOLLYWOOD HUNGAMA website and see their verdict on BBUDAH and then come and talk to me………If you want I can give you other sources about boxoffice performanmce of BHTBaap and distributor share I will provide you the sources…….. whether its taran adarsh, komal nahata, toi, cnn ibn, even major distribitors (i can give you the resource) NO ONE HAVE CALLED BHTBAAP as FLOP……….Go and chechk yourself and Till then keep burning

  • @prem

    no matter how much you bigb haters want, he wont sit at home as long as people would like to see him in KBC and as long as directors like prakash jha, r balki and many others will keep taking him………BIGB didnt come to the industry your permission and he wont sit at home no matter how much you blind haters want……..till then keep burning!!!!

  • Trana adarsh update: 14 crores indian market and 4 crores overseas market.TOTAL 18 crores from theatrical revenue PLUS 14 crores as satellite right : OVERALL: 32 crores

    cost of production : 12 crores

    Result : A profitable venture to investors and distributors

    Read Taran adarsh, Komal nahta (didnt post overseas no. yet), TOI, CNNIBN to verify above

  • @kk: you idiot, when did i say i’m an Amitabh hater? for you anyone against Buddah is a hater, stupid Big.B fans!!
    I just said that Buddah is a Flop and no amount of arguments can alter this simple truth, but you because he’s your favourite actor you will defend him in any case, and his film is a Big Hit according to you but not according to others, so chill pill, whathever you will say won’t change anything, Buddah is a FLOP. GOT it?

  • @prem

    Anybody who reads the fifth message posted by you on this message board clearly states that you are actually laughing at bigb fans and aksing bigb to sit at home……….you think people are idiots???……..Go and read your own comments before brking here….I have no problem if you are a bigb hater but as a bigb fan I have right to post my comments among the couple of haters who are spreaduing venom and false news…..For you haters its a flop but for majority of trade pundits its a profitable venture……

    I just posted TARAN ADARSH updates in my prevous post………Take that or leave it……..Bbudah is not a flop no matter how much you BIGB haters want it……..Just stop bvluffing here……..AND ONCE AGAIN, BIGB WONT SIT AT HOME NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU HATERS WANT (READ YOUR FIFTH POST ONCE AGAIN)…………BYE!!!!

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