Trailers of 3 big films could be attached to Happy New Year

Filmmakers who are trying to cash-in on the Happy New Year craze, are lining up to attach the trailer of their films to the Shahrukh Khan starrer which releases this Diwali.

There are reports that the trailers of Ajay Devgn’s Action Jackson and Aamir Khan’s PK will be attached to Happy New Year, along with the teaser of Sushant Singh Rajput’s detective film Byomkesh Bakshi.

Happy New Year is expected to be watched by more than 2.5 crore people in India when it releases this Diwali and attaching a trailer to the film will ensure that audience even in the interiors of the country are reached.

Sushant Singh Rajput's look in Detective Byomkesh Bakshi

Sushant Singh Rajput’s look in Detective Byomkesh Bakshi



  • Happy New Year gets excellent Pre Release reports from Trail shows arranged for Technicians and some distributors.
    Its Going To be a BLOCKBUSTER Diwali.

  • This is called craze even SRK rivals like aamir attaching their movies trailer to HNY… Babaji dhoti sambhal buddhe bcoz now teri fattne vali h

  • @legend enjoy till december this year, as hirani wont save aamir’s ass after pk, hirani to direct ranbir next. and no dhoom brand also next.

  • Aamir know the power of king khan. Diff b/w 9 hits and 27 hits 2 filmfares and 8 2 overseas and 18 overseas block buster actors.

  • I don’t know why people are creating negativity against hny…
    I am a salman fan but I doesn’t mean that I hate srk…respect good actor waiting for hny hope the magic of om shanti om reloaded

  • @indicine my 3:54pm comment was similar to the village idiots 3:41pm comment but you instead published the buddhas comment n blocked my comment- be fair now…. Let me rephrase my comment and please publish it- thank you

    • @Navin, your comments will only be approved if you start making some sense. Your comments add little or no value to the website or the comments section. Most of them are nothing but name-calling and attacking members here – which doesn’t make for good reading for visitors who are not familiar with people who comment here.

  • srk has nothing to prove now. He has proved himself way back. He is mega star and respected by entire world. I am quite surprised to see negative comments from some ppl which I think is a bad thing.Srk had already changed the face of indian cinema not only in India but on international level. These days bollywood is recoznised in the whole world bcoz of Srk… being an indian spreading negativety for some one who has been contributing for indian cinema for year is really unacceptable… what the other so called superstars are doing now he had done it from very begining. and continues doing that… consistancy is the most important thing in any field…. Srk is way ahead of other actors that is way he is regarded as king of bollywood…

  • The little man knows that PK will be a debacle, so he wants to cash some crores on SRK fame.
    PK will be the flop of the year, just like Bang Bang.

  • Srk fans : Karma !!!!!! If SR collected few more crores bcoz of HNY trailer Imagine how many crores PK trailer alone going to add how many crores ???? forget about Action Jackson & DBB !!!!!!!!!!

  • @anand original or local,
    You fool first understand the arcticle then talk about who is promoting what, it’s a trailer getting attached to the movie not the film, that tells the power of the movie. Being little kulla Amir Khan for his intelligent business mind he is utilising his intelligence promoting his film with Happy new year. It’s clearly tells the power of King Khan SRK. Let the movie be 3 hours or 4hours we being SRK fan we are happy to watch him the more we see rather watching aamir or salman in 2films of 2 hours.. Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost, so u guys are all invited with family and friends to watch the movie and we are not there to disappoint u guys. Come and Enjoy..

  • little shortie old srk desperately needs another hit because CE was just a rohit shetty magic. so KING AAMIR is helping this oldie little man to come somewhere near ghajini’s lifetime record.

  • @zaffar yes srk has nothing left to prove now because his time is gone. no one cares about him or his films. and aamir and salman are ruling Bollywood and compared to their stardom, srk can’t prove anything more. lol.

  • @aniel that little man proves his class when PK trailer release with HNY, I hope when audience came out after watching HNY than they will say we had pay for PK trailer as HNY whole film is no where near to entertaining as PK seems too. I tell you beta fut le yaha se PK me release hone se pehle other wise you will become nil from A-nil.

  • Happy New Year Movie First Day/Friday Box Office Collection: Rs. 30 cr expected

    Happy New Year Movie Second Day/Saturday Box Office Collection: Rs. 33 cr expected

    Happy New Year Movie Third Day/Sunday Box Office Collection: Rs. 35 cr expected

    Happy New Year Movie Forth Day/Monday Box Office Collection: Rs. 25 cr expected

    Happy New Year Movie Fifth Day/Tuesday Box Office Collection: Rs. 20 cr expected

    Happy New Year Movie Sixth Day/ Wednesday Box Office Collection: Rs. 18 cr expected

    Happy New Year Movie Seventh Day/ Thursday Box Office Collection: Rs. 15 cr expected

    Happy New Year Movie Total Box Office Collection in First Week: Rs. 176 cr expected

  • ohh that means Hny wil definitely get advantage just bcz of pk attachment… will creat another benchmarks for next 4-5 yrs

  • @aman mathur don’t worry king aamir is one man army. He will keep ruling box office even without raju hirani or dhoom brand. Dhoom brand got bigger n better only cause of king khan. Aamir the real king khan will keep ruling box office for many years.

  • @sky what class aamir his having????…he has done vulgarity in 3 idiots…same idea he is using here in PK to cash in…but PK gonna be a flop for sure…bhojpuri film like PK. will be running only in Bihar & UP

  • @Aman Mathur there was Ghajini, RDB, Fanaa, Lagaan, TZP before 3I and D3..don’t worry bhai..Aamir will keep belting hits without Raju Hirani and Dhoom also..!!! Keep burning!!! :D

  • @king of Bollywood, this is the problem of all the brainless people. And you are no exception at all.. Before calling someone vulgur, look at his achievement and hard work. And grow up.

  • it will better to watch ‘pk & action jackson trailers on youtube’ . why to waste money n bear a torture like happy new year .

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