Trailers of 3 big films could be attached to Happy New Year

Filmmakers who are trying to cash-in on the Happy New Year craze, are lining up to attach the trailer of their films to the Shahrukh Khan starrer which releases this Diwali.

There are reports that the trailers of Ajay Devgn’s Action Jackson and Aamir Khan’s PK will be attached to Happy New Year, along with the teaser of Sushant Singh Rajput’s detective film Byomkesh Bakshi.

Happy New Year is expected to be watched by more than 2.5 crore people in India when it releases this Diwali and attaching a trailer to the film will ensure that audience even in the interiors of the country are reached.

Sushant Singh Rajput's look in Detective Byomkesh Bakshi

Sushant Singh Rajput’s look in Detective Byomkesh Bakshi



  • byomkesh bakshi is a cult character.hipe youngistaans sushanth justifies his selection as both byomkesh and dhoni

  • I decided to boycott Happy New Year but if they attach Action Jackson’s trailer then definitely will watch.

  • How do you know the film whatever the name is will be watched by 2.5 Crore people?
    So, there will be two Sushant’s films attached to the film.
    SRK is attaching Action Jackson trailer because Ajay attached his film’s trailer to SR.
    Aamir, the powerful ace khan, aataching the trailer of PK without the approval of the producer! Power of Aamir! The film could earn a few more crores because of PK trailer just like SR did!

  • Now now 40% opening of HNY will be due to these trailers, especially PK. Now it seems HNY might cross Ready easily.

  • If 2.5 crores Indians r expected to watch HNY then more than 3 crores r expected to watch PK bcoz PK won the poll in many sites for most awaited movie of the year.

  • that’s very good news. really waiting for pk and action Jackson. both will be huge hit. love u sallu aamir ajay.

  • if SRK is doing bad movies, its not our problem. No one stopped him to do good movies. That oldie wants to play safe.

    There is no romance genre or chopras now to save his ass. His last clean hit was CE coz of Rohit Shetty.

  • @Babaji No.Then people will come outside theatres in happy mood and people near theatres will think that HNY is entertaining

  • King aamir rule box office this year just like 1988,1990,1996,2008,2009 and 2013. PK will shatter each n every existing records.

  • According to logic of some people here Singham returns earned extra crores bcoz of HNY trailer so now HNY will also earn extra crores bcoz of these 3 movies trailers.

  • the number of pple talking abt srk and hny is incredible. u dont like srk or hny dont watch it – u keep calling srk old etc – well he is the same age as salman and aamir and ajay and akshay etc – but u pple will say that he looks so old – that is your opinion nothing special. Srk is himself – has been around for more than 20 years – and will continue on no matter – if u think CE was a hit because of rohit shetty that means that all of ajay devgan’s films have been super hits also because of rohit shetty right? just think abt it – all the films ajay has done without rohit shetty have been flops – himmatwala was his flop right

  • why will any producer attach their trailers to hny ? because they know pple will watch the movie – dont like it dont watch- chennai express was entertaining so pple watched it over and over again

  • So craze is bsuch that…aamir also desperate to attach pk trailer to hny…..hope finally pk will getbsome true buzz without transister. ….@legend u r right hny will cross ready but in weekend only……

  • Actually it is a bad decision, now people will be entertained during first 4-5 minutes during the trailer and after that the torture would begin.

  • @indicine, u should give a film verdict basis on Distributor share not by producer profit.. For ur kind information with Jai Ho (budget 65crs including marketing & printing cost) Sohail khan made a profit of huge 110crs+ (according to Taran Adarsh & Komal Nehta). (Note: With Jai Ho the producers earned the biggest ever table profit for a Hindi film ever in the history of Bollywood). But it does not mean anything .. The film was not even a clean Hit, Verdict :- Semi Hit (Though producers had huge profits various sub distributors lost money on this film)..
    At the time of Khiladi 786 producer’s verdict was Blockbuster Hit. But trade says its Below Average! Same things happened with R.. Rajkumar, Patiala House & many more.. Producers says Hit, Trade says Average or Semi Hit!
    Producers profit does not mean anything when distributors loose their money paid for a film.. So Bang bang is Below Average/Average as par trade (for sure). We belive Trade Verdict not producers.
    Thank u

  • Babaji- only idiots like you stay in theatre even after the closing credits end… Keep your stupid ideas to your salMir only

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