Poor voter turnout upsets Salman Khan

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan was shocked to know about the low voter turnout in the financial city on voting day.

The actor rued over the lethargic attitude of citizens, saying: “instead of coming out and voting, people prefer to relax at home or rather go out for picnics outside the city.”

The 48-year-old, who voted at a polling booth in Bandra, felt the national character of people today has weakened and believe in the “kya farak padta hai” ideology.

One should choose a leader in his constituency as he chooses his friend and girlfriend, he says.

“Person who doesn’t vote is the one who keeps complaining about the country. Hence, the change has to come in us and we need to give ourselves a boost,” Khan added.

The actor asserts that people should vote for one leader who is does more of social work in his/her constituency rather than just doing politics.

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  • Im so glad dat dis year less people voted, only because it made our bhai upset. Even i should nt haven voted, bhai would have been more upset den lol.

  • I don’t know y voter turnouts r akaays low when it comes to municipal or bypoll elections.very upsetting attitude by all those who consider voting day as just a holiday.shame on them

  • Salman is voting for making better india. and srk is
    voting for promotion of hny.
    Maine bhi vote kiya for making better india.
    ha mumkin hai.

  • Salman is right and it is everyones duty to vote.I voted and requested all my friends,co workers and relatives to vote and even i requested 1 co worker who is fan of Srk.

  • why people are not voting in maharashtra,haryana voting count is good but not very good but maharashtra is going very poor well said bhai people should choose leader like their freinds or girlfreind

  • low turnout… I think probably datz bcoz our bhai came out to vote…lolzzz
    had he been not gone to vote(like he used to earlier)… voters might hav came in healthy numbers.
    so basically itz d “salman thing”.. n hez responsible foh dat

  • Mumbai is the most hypocritical city. It is the most populated metro and everyone condemns terrorist attacks, but nobody will vote for the right person to secure a better future.

  • Priceless words by Bhaijaan for Indian citizens!
    “There is a difference between human being and being human. To understand what Being Human is, look at Salman Khan” Hrithik Roshan
    And Bhaijaan is looking good and stylish here. All the best!
    @Nivin_Pauly and Damnnn, at least appreciate him for what he is saying for the nation. He is not promoting his film or saying them for himself. Don’t be a Deshdrohi like KamalRKhan!

  • @nivin : Instead of commenting first on Salman pages ask your king to go out & vote. He is busy promoting HNY & does not care about common people or Govt. Later he complains to Govts about Airport detentions in foreign countries. Better srk vote & get a better govt to support him during airport scandals !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great word by Salman, I am happy he will come ahead for the voting need. this year we had great occupancy in Look Sabha Election and last year Rajasthan,Gujarat,chattisgarh and MP get maximum vote occuoency ever but sadly not in case with Maharashtra.

  • If the same commanded BY KING KHAN,THEN PEOPLE WOULD HAVE FLOODED OVER THE ROAD TO GIVE VOTE.THE RIGHT MAN SHOULD COMMAND LIKE KING KHAN,because people doesn’t follow any antisocial criminals,lol.


  • @SSS-Lungiwale : We saw how many turned out in Mumbai during Lok Sabha Elections. It was the least turn out among major metro cities !!!!!!!! Flooded??? Lol

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