Happy New Year THE GAME Trailer: Available on iOS and Android

Happy New Year THE GAME is now available for download on your iOS and Android devices. The game has been developed as part of the promotional campaign of Shahrukh Khan’s Happy New Year.

Unfortunately for those with Windows Phone devices, the game won’t be available. However, you can also play the game for free on Facebook.

Watch the trailer



  • according to farah hny will b an even better heist film than ocean’s eleven.self confidence is gd but overconfidence is extremely harmful.lets see hw hny actually turns out to b.fingers crossed

  • hope hny doesnt turn out to b like bang bang where the makers like farah promised to make it better than the Hollywood inspiration but ended up making a mediocre version of it.but knowing srk I think hny will b a gd film and very different from oceans eleven and don2

  • Happy New Year gets excellent Pre Release reports from Trail shows arranged for Technicians and some distributors.
    Its Going To be a BLOCKBUSTER Diwali.

  • @babaji

    Well its good coz yesterday we had the solitary Hrithik article where he showed his respect n gratitude to afew of his hardcore fans like you n nipun by gracing the cover of your fav magazine NobLess

  • @Sachin- At least They Haven’t used Rickshaws in game :D You want to comment on every SRK article -_- I can understand your love for SRK

  • @Tiger-What if it Crosses YJHD???
    u will leave indicine

    Nah I think you won’t coz last time when CE released Many Salman fans said if it crosses Ready We won’t be visiting indicine anymore..
    But see They are still here -_-

  • @www, at first let it to cross…..

    At the time of kick most of u srk fans predicted tht it would nt cross even 100cr. Wht about tht?

  • Hahaha!!!Very funny! Is it you call a game? Wonderful Job by Laal Mirchi!
    @Arjun Kapoor, first I have to agree to you. Overconfidence is not good! That too a Farah Khan claiming she has made a better movie in the form of hny than its hollywood original, Lewis Milestone’s Ocean 11???

  • Srk enndorses Nokia Lumia – Windows OS for money n releases HNY on Android for more money. Some people can never get rid of old habits (Bs) !!!!!!!!!!!

  • This game releasing strategy sound pathetic for me, we know that action oriented games is being popular, but why movies like CE and HNY releasing games and the fact is these games didn’t turned out too popular, for example D3 game is most popular and downloaded game ever followed by K3 but the sole reason that these film are action oriented, film like Ra1,don 2 games is authentic as they are action films even Ra 1 film is totally video game.Kick and bang-2 alsjustified.Thank god we didn’t have Jab tak h mojo game in which the user have task is spreading arms to defuse a fuss bomb.

  • @www forget YJHD, I am even doubtful weather it will cross 150 crores or not. don’t forget haklu khan is not consistant like king aamir and salman. Chennai express was ATBB because of no salman release, eid holidays, negative WOM for OUTIMD and rohit shetty. but the baap showed him in 4 months that he can’t beat him. same will happen this year. no one can compete with king aamir and salman at the box office in Bollywood.

  • @suchit – Thankd to Dhoom brand :-D the 10 hit tingu is in race with 11th consecutive hit KING :-D

  • @ QUEENSHUK BHATTACHARYA, no dear. KING aamir is competing with himself not with haklu chimpanzee khan who has one n only 4 months record holder ATBB chennai express which is his only one ATBB. HA HA HA HA HA. KING AAMIR has 3 ATBBS. so competition is only between

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