The Jungle Book beats FAN at the India Box Office

The Jungle Book in its second week has beaten Shah Rukh Khan’s FAN at the India box office. The Maneesh Sharma directed film, on its 5th day, has once again failed to sustain as it couldn’t take advantage of the holiday for Mahavir Jayanti.

For FAN, this is a clear indication of negative word-of-mouth because even films that receive mixed response show growth of 10-15% on a holiday. FAN seemed to be holding up better on Tuesday morning and noon (like we reported in the evening yesterday), but business at multiplexes came down in the night.

The Tuesday collections of FAN are likely to be at around the same level or little lower than Monday. On the other hand, The Jungle Book, which is carrying excellent word-of-mouth, has shown a big jump of more than 25%.

Only the Hindi collections of The Jungle Book (not including the English version, which is also doing well) will go on to become the 2nd highest grosser of the year – beating Kapoor & Sons, Neerja and could challenge the lifetime total of FAN if The Jungle Book crosses the 150 crore mark at the India box office.

It’s content and content alone that is winning at the box office this year. For the big superstars of our industry, it’s their script sense that will be put to a bigger test than their stardom.

DayThe Jungle BookGrowth / Drop Percentage
Day 1 (Friday)10.09-
Day 2 (Saturday)13.51+ 34%
Day 3 (Sunday)16.87+ 25%
Day 4 (Monday)7.60- 55%
Day 5 (Tuesday)7.07- 7%
Day 6 (Wednesday)7.97+ 13%
Day 7 (Thursday)10.97+ 38%
Week 1 Total74.08 crore
Day 8 (2nd Friday)8.02- 27%
Day 9 (2nd Saturday)8.51+ 6%
Day 10 (2nd Sunday)10.67+ 25%
Day 11 (2nd Monday)5.09- 52%
Day 12 (2nd Tuesday)6.37+ 25%
Day 13 (2nd Wednesday)5.02- 21%
Day 14 (2nd Thursday)4.01- 20%
Week 2 Total 47.69 crore
Day 15 (3rd Friday)3.58- 11%
Day 16 (3rd Saturday)6.65+ 46%
Day 17 (3rd Sunday)8.69+ 31%
Day 18 (3rd Monday)3.02- 65%
Day 19 (3rd Tuesday)3.010%
Day 20 (3rd Wednesday)2.94- 2%
Day 21 (3rd Thursday)2.67- 9%
Week 3 Total 30.56 crore
Day 22 (4th Friday)1.78- 33%
Day 23 (4th Saturday)3.53+ 98%
Day 24 (4th Sunday)5.16+ 46%
Day 25 (4th Monday)1.76- 66%
Day 26 (4th Tuesday)1.87+ 6%
Day 27 (4th Wednesday)1.71- 9%
Day 28 (4th Thursday)1.53- 11%
Week 4 Total 17.34 crore
Day 29 (5th Friday)0.75- 51%
Day 30 (5th Saturday)1.34+ 79%
Day 31 (5th Sunday)1.52+ 13%
Day 32 (5th Monday)0.60- 61%
Day 33 (5th Tuesday)0.60 0%
Day 34 (5th Wednesday)0.56- 7%
Day 35 (5th Thursday)0.65+ 16%
Week 5 Total 6.02 crore
Day 36 (6th Friday)0.59- 9%
Day 37 (6th Saturday)0.90+ 52%
India Total Collections177.18 crore
Hindi Collections98.1 crore
English Collections79.08 crore


  • FAN had double role of ‘duniya ka sabse bada superstar’ SRK , chartbuster Jabra Fan song , extensive promotion on TV n media , highly buzzy teaser n trailer launch and heavy promotion by Indicine !

    Still it could not beat a songless heroineless film of MOWGLI which did not have any promotion and marketing !!

  • Just like bajirao mastani beat dilwale on Monday to end of run. And again kid beat king from Tuesday to end of run.

  • Now the jungle book will easily able to cross 140 crore mark….nd it is good that rich content oriented films successed this year…mohenjodaro would be the best content movie of the year…heard that it has hritik fighting against crocodiles, tiger and bulls….wao….sure shot winner…

  • According to a recently published article by BOI, 2016 1st quarter at 523cr has turned out 2 b d highest grossing 1st quarter 4 Bollywood ever. It is a staggering 34% higher than last year & 3cr ahead of 2013 which is also d highest grossing year for Bollywood at 2818cr nett . with strong line ups of films v should easily beat 2013 by atleast 300cr margin. Infact if the nett collection of rest of d year matches to last year then also v will beat 2013. So v should b instead targeting the 3500cr mark.

    Yes there will b BO bombs Like fan here n there bt there should also b overperformers like tannu mannu bajrangi pkpn2 bajirao.

    Coming to Hollywood there nett bo in India will again see a jump bt with such a staggering jump in bolly BO their contribution to indian BO will continue to be in the 12-15%

    So let’s get over Fan fiasco and concentrate on the brilliant year ahead.

  • Last year, shahrukh beaten by Rising young superstar Ranveer Singh.. And now shahrukh beaten by an unknown infamous Kid…
    Bro, the end is near……!!!!

  • @indicine how fan is got negative response. It is a good movie.if no songs effect collection then the jungle book have no song no popular actor and actress.

  • I have no problem with The Jungle Book doing well, it’s a good movie & it deserves all the success.
    FAN on the other hand might not be earning big but it marks the return of SRK the actor, which is the biggest positive for SRK the Superstar’s career.
    One failure won’t affect a person who has been ruling since 25 years.
    Plus, SRK has the best line up of movies compared to other actors.
    If we consider the last line of your article, someone like SRK has nothing to worry about.

  • A film that was Rich In Content deserves all the success n collections coming its way- well done to Team Jungle Book

  • @indicine all wants eid eid leaving than other holidays
    Can u please tell me reason behind it?
    before salman khan booked eid it was regarded as unlucky date for release of movie
    how dis scenario change in 3-4 years???
    actually how many holidays are there in eid?
    Regarding sultan releasing this eid how will it get adv of eid holiday? ??

  • hahaha the jungle book makers decided to prepone the movie not to clash with fan.. if they had known this would happen to Fan, then they would certainly released The Jungle Book on 15 April

  • What is the cause of this supercrash with huge stardom and excellent reviews and fans are watching repeatedly?

  • fan flopped because -1. srk fans can’t digest their idol use bhojpuri version of jabra even for promotion because they hate bhojpuri.

  • now Srkians will cry and explain that FAN was a movie for a niche audience no popular heroine and no chart busters.. oops sorry i forget Jabra fan was chart buster in 11 languages which could not help FAN hahaha

    Still highest grosser of April HOUSEFULL 2 with 114 crore

    Don’t you dare be the shower clap for ur superstar of 2016 Akshay Kumar and feel the poOoooooowWwerrrrRRrr!

  • At least now the big shot producers of our Hindi Film industry (hate the word Bollywood) should take notice and make really engaging films instead of making foolish sequels and unnecessary hyped storyless comedies or thrillers… Top among those is Eros, UTV and Balaji… It doesn’t mean that you start making biopics of famous people which seems to be trending and is about to become an overused genre… A film should entertain… that’s it ! Be it from any genre… making a boring stuff and saying it’s meant to be a niche film or making a biopic of an inspirational personality like Sachin but which seems to be unentertaining serves no purpose right from the viewers to the distributors to the person on whose life the film is based… Otherwise you can see that Hollywood is about to overcome our film industry, they are far better in technology and execution, they are catering well made films to the multiplex audience and it is just Hollywood… If Korean and Chinese films start releasing in India (Dubbed in Hindi or English), the BOLLYWOOD will surely collapse… The Koreans make mindblowing thrillers… they are simply amazing… So the producers of Our Indian Film Industry, take notice and entertain good script-writers, there is a lot of literature written in our Country in every language, go for it… there’s no derth of good stories in our country… Otherwise Good luck and be happy calling BOLLYWOOD….

  • @Indicine, how The Jungle Book is doing in oversease? Is it released there? What is a response for this movie in oversease? As the film is having an indian backdrop to it, we are very exited to see The Jungle Book’s reaction from hollywood.

  • Raees is not getting any release date then it should should release at maharata mandir so it can go for rest of the life like DDLJ however it would never beat Megasatar salmanh bhai’s HAHK record 😊😊

  • SRK himself said fan z not for collection. He delivered his part n gave a good if not excelent opening. I think fan has performed excellently.The problem z the media expect so huge collection 4 every srk film.Yes dilwale was an under performance but not fan.

  • The business this film is doing is unbelievable and extremely high, even some big Hindi releases could not bring so high figures in its second week. The Jungle Book has crossed all the limits of manipulating, I think The Jungle Book makers have paid the box office trade

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