SRK looks a decade younger in Bulgaria, begins shooting for Dilwale

Shahrukh Khan posted a few pictures of the main team behind his much-awaited Christmas release ‘Dilwale’. The superstar, who was sporting a thick beard for ‘Raees’ where he plays a Gujarati don, will be seen in a clean-shaved look as he romances Kajol for the 7th time in his career.

A film starring Shahrukh and Kajol has never failed at the box office. Baazigar (Hit), Karan Arjun (Blockbuster), Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (All Time Blockbuster), Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (All Time Blockbuster), Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (Blockbuster), My Name Is Khan (Hit) – are the 6 movies that have featured the evergreen on-screen jodi of Bollywood.

Under Rohit Shetty’s direction, it remains to be seen if the two can recreate their on-screen chemistry for the 7th time.

The photo has Shahrukh looking a decade younger (he turns 50 in November this year) and Kajol, who is 9 years younger than her co-star, also looked beautiful.

Check out the photos!

SRK Kajol

SRK Kajol

Shahrukh Kajol Rohit Shetty

Shahrukh Kajol Rohit Shetty



  • @ indicine- do you mean kajol is looking 1 year older than srk as u mentioned srk is looking 10 year younger. and why you feel old srk kajol pair will work if you thinks suraj salman combo wont work. next time make article on prdp carefully otherwise after release you will disapoint with yourself. remember you like hny and nobody exept his fans like that movie.

  • As I said earlier , our @ Navin dadaji’s love for SRK is so incredible that even after posting 10 comments on a single article , he doesn’t seem to be tired even at this age , but when it comes to watching JAI HO in theatres , he gets tired after a single go , due to unbearable torture by his Bhai , which he could not tolerate at his age …

  • To all the Aamir haters who keeps on talking about talaash.So let’s compare it with movie a/c to srk fans)
    Budget of 120cr+ and talaash is only 45cr.
    Release date of biggest holiday in india i.e. diwali but talaash was non-holiday.
    Bo collection Talaash 95cr verdict hit but is only 110cr but it is also hit,amazing verdict system na.So we can clearly see talaash perform better than srk’s holiday release film but since media is always against Legend Aamir khan so they gave it wrong srk fans bin ur aaukat.

  • Not at all surprised by seeing our @Navin dadaji talking about Rohit Shetty’s car explosions , and asking for reasons , because we all know how hypocrite most Bhau fans are , as they not only enjoy Bhai-craps , and perform towel-dance on the streets , and even after that they talk about quality movies which our social-massage , sorry … social-message giving Christmas Khan makes !!!

  • @IMFan Truth is always bitter. When a decent commercial flick release on holiday, it will obviously do much more than non-holiday, at least 1.5 or 2 times more.
    Shahrukh’s holiday films like Raone, Jtjh and Don2 couldnt beat RR. Then where was his starpower that time?
    @razutmg143 Anyone can give a huge hit on holiday. If Akshay’s RR release om holiday, then 175 cr or 200 cr was confirm.
    Also Gabbar and Baby underperformed due to non-holiday, otherwose they would have crossed 120 cr confirm.

  • Akki release 4 films a year. He release most his films on non-holiday.
    Still his RR did 135 cr on non-holiday.

    Khans release 1/2 movies a year. And release them on holiday.
    But when they release their film on non-holiday, they collect much less than RR.
    Ready 121 cr
    Talaash 93 cr
    MNIK 75 cr

    So by logic
    Akshay>>Salman>Aamir>Shahrukh stardom

  • khiladi kumar here is the thing if pk would have released in non-holiday then also it’ll have done atleast 200cr.So don’t hate on legend Aamir khan

  • In 2012 Akki did 4 movies still
    RR 135 cr

    2011 Salman did 2 movies
    Ready 125 cr

    2012 Aamir did 1 movie
    Talaash 93 cr

    2010 Shahrukh did 1 movie
    Mnik 75 cr

    So who is there any Khan bigger than Akshay who can give 135 cr grosser on non-holiday inspite of 4 films per year?

  • Dilwale is the most waited film of the year reasons
    Srk Kajol iconic pair
    Talanted youngstar varun dhawan
    Queen of youth hearts Kiriti Sanon
    No1 Director Rohit Shetty
    chatbuster music by pritam
    All records in danger

  • @khiladi kumar i am just mentioning @flopakshay’s comment,credit goes to him…
    Actor’s highest grossers on-
    Aamir’s Pk: 340 cr
    Salman’s kick: 233 cr
    shahrukh’s CE:227 cr
    Flopshay’s Joker: 50 cr :D
    I think this clears all myths about
    flopshay’s stardom.

    Why superstar release on non-holiday if they get holiday if they wish…
    Superstars get what they want unlike your remake star….that’s called stardom you dump…you can only cry we want holiday…deewali…ghee ghee….
    industry dont want to spoil the entertainment of a festival period by crapgiri….

  • @khiladi kumar we all know that akshay give huge blockbuster in holiday period examples are tees maar khan 63 crores
    year 2010
    release date is christmas what a collection
    Another example
    Action repply
    Release on diwali 2010
    Collection 49 crores what a collection
    And u are comparing akshay mass movie having chartbuster song and wanted fame director with 2 years old srk non holiday movie what a logic and plz compare srk non holiday mnik with ur akki holiday release tmk and action repply

  • @navin pls stop talking about quality When your bhaijaan just know to pull girl’s skirt move his pocket and do some dhishum dhishum

  • @joker kumar

    Holiday release guarantees a good initial oh well it should do but everytime Joker Boy gets a holiday/ favourable release date then how can I say it diplomatically without offending you, he makes a DOGs meal out of itn negates the advantage alas OUATIMD or Teesra Khan…!

    Giving joker boy aholiday release is as stupid as buying a dictionary for complan boy- it wont make much difference to their stupid poor performance…!

  • I watched Jai Ho about as much as I saw Brock ending the streak last year at WM… Both were great events but sadly Brocks B**** Phenom doesnt agree with me as he is living in the past where the streak of undertaker n queens streak of giving consecutive mediocre hits meant something…

  • Quite good & I always loved his Hairstyle ! really nyc thick hairs …!
    pta nhi kaunsa Tel Lgaata haii :P

  • dilwale collection will be around 250 cr and so will be of bajrangi bhaijaan but i guess if dilwale is well made film dan it might cross d3 collection but bb will not collect more than 250 cr

  • @khiladi kumar @ illiterate akshay fan
    Akshay kumar is nothing by he himself, You can call him only a ‘Remake star’ or a ‘supporting star’ Take a look at his remake films, and multistarrer hits. then decide…

    Holiday – Thuppakki
    gabbar – Ramana
    Boss – Pokkiriraja
    insan -Khadgam
    Bhagam bhag – Mannar mathai speaking
    Kambath ishq – Pammal k sambandam
    De dana dan – Vettam
    Housefull -Kathala kathala
    Housefull 2 -Bhanda Paramasivam
    Khatta meeta – Vellanakalude nadu
    Garam masala -Boeing boeing
    Bhool bulayya -Manichithrathazhu
    Hera pheri – Manichithrathazhu
    Rowdy Rathore -Vikramarkadu
    Mr&Mrs Khiladi -Aa okkati adakku

    These are all official remakes. I donno if there are any unofficial or i miss something..And you know his multistarrer films…
    When a cameo role film become hit ,always ready to take credit just like OMG. But when fails it’s only a guest role. eg Shaukeen. OMG and Shaukeen both have almost same screen duration for akshay…
    But finally OMG is an Akshay film,while Shaukeen is not….lol….

    He is still struggling to get his first 100 cr movie without remake or multistarrer movie.And please don’t say these remake movies became hit just because of Akshay. Thses are all blockbuster at original version…
    And some idiots compare him with khans and roshan!!!…lol

  • Out of the numerous problems of our dadaji , one of them is that whenever you try to counter him with sound arguments , he starts talking about Cock , sorry … Brock , who once ran away from the wrestling ring owing to the immense beating that he received at the hands of The Walking Dead Man , AKA The Phenom !

  • ranbir’s non hollyday film 189cr
    kangna’s non hollyday film 140 cr
    flopshay’s non hollyday film 134 cr
    now ranbir and kangna are bigger star than flopshay

  • Motu: hi patlu! You look like so much aged!
    Patlu: so what! Yash raj films will handle that. But I’m worried about your body.
    Motu: what do you say! We have shown the trailer to bandars. They said they loved my dance steps. They also snapped a selfie with me.
    Patlu: but what about others?
    Motu: where do you live in! The trailer along with the song got unprecedented response!
    Patlu: where?
    Motu: at bhojpur. They loved it so much that they are day-dreaming of breaking PK lifetime record in one day.
    Patlu: oh, ok. My film also got incredible response at paglapur. There my fans said that, they will watch this film 1000 times whether film releases or not.
    Motu: my fans loved my dance steps. One day they started dancing, that caused an earthquake! See, how big and strong my fanbase.
    Patlu: in 2010, my fans watched my name is khan and they cried so much that this year flood has come! See how big and strong my fanbase.
    Motu: yes, Aamir has no stardom. He bought china, that’s why PK collected 340 crs nett in india.
    Patlu: yes yes, PK is flop.
    Motu: no, its disaster.
    (Than they started singing, “karan arjun ayenge, mere karan arjun ayenge. Lekin kab???)
    Just for fun. Don’t take it to heart.

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