SRK looks a decade younger in Bulgaria, begins shooting for Dilwale

Shahrukh Khan posted a few pictures of the main team behind his much-awaited Christmas release ‘Dilwale’. The superstar, who was sporting a thick beard for ‘Raees’ where he plays a Gujarati don, will be seen in a clean-shaved look as he romances Kajol for the 7th time in his career.

A film starring Shahrukh and Kajol has never failed at the box office. Baazigar (Hit), Karan Arjun (Blockbuster), Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (All Time Blockbuster), Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (All Time Blockbuster), Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (Blockbuster), My Name Is Khan (Hit) – are the 6 movies that have featured the evergreen on-screen jodi of Bollywood.

Under Rohit Shetty’s direction, it remains to be seen if the two can recreate their on-screen chemistry for the 7th time.

The photo has Shahrukh looking a decade younger (he turns 50 in November this year) and Kajol, who is 9 years younger than her co-star, also looked beautiful.

Check out the photos!

SRK Kajol

SRK Kajol

Shahrukh Kajol Rohit Shetty

Shahrukh Kajol Rohit Shetty



  • @gotya fan that’s because of holiday festival. Even a kinder garden kid would know that HNY was released on new year holiday, while pk and kick both released on normal working day. After all first weekend and first week also decide stardom and aamir is far ahead. So get lost. It’s the ultimate result which counts. Srk is coward and releases all his films only on holiday. If aamir and Salman will release their films on a holiday then sure the HNY’s opening will be smashed badly. So sarookh fans are the dumbest fans I have ever seen.

  • Shahrukh Khan and kajol in a Rohit Shetty universal entertainer will be a treat to watch during festive time..all the best team dilwale..hope u bring smiles and laughter again on our face just like eid 2013 with Chennai express

  • @Eric HNY hold biggest opening as well as weekned record which will’nt be broken by salman or amir, bb prdp n dangal will prove it

  • @Romance Dilwale_fan: hmm true … and that too being the worst movie of 2014 and farah khan derectorial # respect…

  • @eric,you amoor fans are dumbest of all.highest WORLDWIDE in non holiday grosser is MNIK collected 200+CR.while your 2 floppy khans,I mean chotu and motu are still chasing MNIK’S WORKDWIDE COLLECTION which was A HIT .unlike disaster like talash/jai ho,lol.also salman never has a non holiday release because jai ho was republic holiday release,so better you shut your mouth down.and giving HITS in pure non holiday like February month that also only 1800 screen(talash-2500 screen,jai ho-4700 still a disaster,lol) with facing negativity is only the job.of KING SRK not 2rs raju/dhoom made star chotu and south remake made star motu,lol.ha ha why you salmir always writes.brainless comments so the types of movie you’re watching,lol.

  • @sss : Kangana beats all Srk movies (including holiday n festival release) except CE & HNy, Salman has 3 movies n Aamir has 3 movies so who is chotu now ??? Lol she also beats all srk movies for week 2 collections Salman has at least 1 n Aamir 3 movies !!!!!!!!!!

  • @hrithik,if kangana beated all 2nd weekend collection’s of KING KHAN except amir/salman,then IT’S KING KHAN is THE BIGGEST MEGASTAR OF BOLLYWOOD and chotu is your salman/amir.why because in case of them story/south remake/big director/franchise played important role while in case KING KHAN PLAYED the KEY ROLE,LOL.

    Again I would like to clarify your confusion KING KHAN is not doing any film with seriousness by choosing great story rather than HE was rescuing HIS friends like Anubhav,Farah’s sunk career from danger just like your bhai did in past according to you.but unfortunately your bhau couldn’t succeed due to lack of stardom but KING KHAN proved once again WHY HE IS THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD because HE already defeated your 2 disaster decade star in last 2 decade.let kangana to achieve at least 10% what KING KHAN achieved in ACTING,leave that at least your bhai couldn’t achieve what She achieved till don’t you feel any shame that your bhau is a non actor and can’t act.the whole world is laughing towards your bhai for his dumb movies and worst past and you’re just jumping with joy by comparing his classless hits with THE DIAMOND OF BOLLYWOOD—-KING SRK!!!!!

  • @SSS in which planet talaash and jai ho were disasters? give me a single proof you lunatic clown. talaash was a clean hit and jai ho was semi hit. mind it. you can’t make up your own verdicts. if they were disasters than my name is khan is also disaster. at least talaash and jai ho still made more than my name is khan which was last holiday release of SRK. he doesn’t look like a hero but looks like an old lady with boy cot hair. and don’t worry he still holds the record of indian cinema’s biggest disaster ever i.e. yeh lumhai judaai ke, which ranbir’s bombay velvet too failed to break. LOL.

  • @hrithik.. Forgot me?? don’t worry.. We Aamirians are enough for these Kingtards.. Enjoy your time during the auspicious occasion of Ramzan..

    @Phenom looks like you are still in Hangover of WM streak.. PK ka record toh ghanta todegi@hrithik.. Forgot me?? don’t worry.. We Aamirians are enough for these Kingtards.. Enjoy your time during the auspicious occasion of Ramzan..

    @Phenom looks like you are still in Hangover of WM streak.. PK ka record toh ghanta todegi Dilwaale.. Market ka Aloo Pyaaz nahi hai apna BO collections.. Dilwaale.. Market ka Aloo Pyaaz nahi hai apna BO collections..

  • #Dilwale Shah Rukh Khan will be Back with a All Time Blockbuster and will Crush #PK Lifetime Collections. :’)

  • #eric when ever a star son or a new cumor take entry in bollywood is just compared with our shahrukh sahab.

    Comparision us se hota hai jo best ho.
    Na ki lallu pillu se hahaha

    Nothing to prove any one….sahab is best

    Luv you srk

    God is blessing you as always

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