Hamari Adhuri Kahani Friday (Day 1) Box Office Collections

Hamari Adhuri Kahani has fared poorly on its opening day at the box office, collecting just Rs 5.04 crore on Friday. For a film directed by Mohit Suri, the first day collections of Hamari Adhuri Kahani is the lowest since his 2010 film Crook.

Comparison between last few Mohit Suri directed films

  • Murder 2 – 7 crore
  • Aashiqui 2 – 5.75 crore
  • Ek Villain – 16.5 crore
  • Hamari Adhuri Kahani – 5.04 crore

Apart from a poor marketing campaign and the lead pair failing to generate interest amongst the audience, Hamari Adhuri Kahani was facing tough competition from films like ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’, ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’ and Hollywood film ‘Jurassic World’.

Moving on to the positive side of things, the reports from smaller centres is good, which could help the film sustain well throughout the week. But a lifetime total of more than 35-40 crore is looking difficult. Multiplexes need to show huge growth in business today (Saturday) and tomorrow, if the film has to have any chance of emerging a success.



  • mr hashmi u cant expect your movie to do well with average content because ppl spend their money on khans, kumar etc .so from the next time try to choose script with superb content even through azhar is ur last chance

  • All goes wrong for Emraan..Even Mohit suri,bhaats,music can’t save him..feeling bad for emmi..7 back to back flops..

  • now-a-days bollywood films work with the name of khans/huge promotion/very good content/luck………………Actually,Emmi movie songs now aren’t that great compared to his 3 years back movies

  • On Indicine I have seen everything!! No seriously. When it comes to movies, I thought there are people who worship stars, who are crazy movie buffs. But never knew there are people who worship, lick and are obsessed with movie critics. LOL.

    Om Jai Anupama Chopraaaa.. Om Jai Rajeev Masandd….

  • The 1st day collections are underwhelming . Although it looks tough but there is still a chance for the movie to be successful . If it picks up today and Sunday then the chances will be increased . I think Monday will also play a huge role if the drop is huge then it will be a flop but if it maintains then it can be Average . ABCD 2 will also play a huge role if it fails then HAK can perform good in the 2nd week but all these are just assumptions because the reports of HAK are not good . Best of Luck to Emraan and Vidya .

  • 100% super hit success ratio only for the big four(SRK HRITHIK AMIR & SALMAN) now a days.

  • HAK is a very good film,believe me guys I watched it. Don’t trust critics.

    @Neeraj >> Lolzz funny pun intended for best critic Nipun.
    Nipun you should create Anupama Chopra fan club on twitter and facebook.

  • Critics can go to hell …its a very well made film. will jump for sure & Emraan rocket big time. Now m a fan of him …

  • And this kid said aamir khan is a boring actor…yes mr you r the biggest entertainer….lol..pair chadar dekh kar falane chahiye……

  • Emraan said he doesnot watch bollywood movies and said bad things about Aamir sir.So i wish only failure for him,hope he’ll be bigger joke than uday and tushar.

  • High collections for such a crap film…

    All eyes still on TWMRand Jurassic Worlds collection reports

  • I watched it yesterday. It is Very bad movie. Very boring and slow. 1/5 for this movie.
    My prediction on this film
    1st day-5.04 cr
    2nd day-5.26 cr
    3rd day-5.6 cr
    1st weekend-15.9 cr
    1st week-24cr
    2nd week-3.5 cr
    3rd week – 50 lacs
    total-28 cr
    verdict- flop

  • realy disappointment. i thought music reiviews are 4/5 so movie review also 3.5 or 4 .
    dont know what will happen with it.

  • indicine Wht I Said
    tht This starcast Will B the main reason of the failure of this movie .. the music was popular bt The collection really Dull …!
    I m vry happy tht my prediction of This movie went Right…..Flop/Average !

    where is Dat @MAYUR HahahaHahha Commenting rubbish things Dat it has taken Excellent start in single screens & blah blah ….!

  • I don’t understand BO anymore! Here on indicine you’re saying it’s bad, while in multiple other websites they are saying it’s decent and that the movie got mainly positive WOM, here is an example of those articles :
    “Mohit Suri’s love saga ‘Hamari Adhuri Kahani’ starring Vidya Balan and Emraan Hashmi in the lead has opened decently at the box office. The film collected 5.04 crore on its opening day, more than the collections of Hollywood release ‘Jurassic World’.
    Though the critics have panned the movie, it is expected to pick up on the weekends given that the film has received some positive word of mouth from the audience.”
    so I really don’t get reports anymore ! everyone is saying something differently

  • Watched it and i must say honestly it was a very disappointing film. It is Mohit Suri’s weakest work in recent times. His last good film was Murder2 that too way back on 2012.

    Coming to HAK, i wonder what was Mahesh Bhatt thinking while he was converting a book’s story into a movie. Such story’s sound good when we read them. But , Mohit Suri could have executed it better. He could not lend any depth to each character which was his feature in Awarapan,murder2,Zeher and raaz2.
    Instead, they were forced to mouth some badly written dialogues written by SHAGUFTA RAFIQUE whose writing is going downslide with her each movie.
    Some of the dialogues evoke cringe.

    Coming on to the postive sides, Emraan Hashmi,vidya,Rajkumar rise above the flawed script and direction and give there heart into the film. Vidya has given a good performance but bad writing lets her down. Emraan has got some of the best lines and he charms the screen whenever he comes.
    Rajkumar’s crazy act gives a little thrill to the audience at the back end.

    Overall, HAK is not a failure of any actor in the film. Its just an averagely written and directed film.


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