SRK looks a decade younger in Bulgaria, begins shooting for Dilwale

Shahrukh Khan posted a few pictures of the main team behind his much-awaited Christmas release ‘Dilwale’. The superstar, who was sporting a thick beard for ‘Raees’ where he plays a Gujarati don, will be seen in a clean-shaved look as he romances Kajol for the 7th time in his career.

A film starring Shahrukh and Kajol has never failed at the box office. Baazigar (Hit), Karan Arjun (Blockbuster), Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (All Time Blockbuster), Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (All Time Blockbuster), Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (Blockbuster), My Name Is Khan (Hit) – are the 6 movies that have featured the evergreen on-screen jodi of Bollywood.

Under Rohit Shetty’s direction, it remains to be seen if the two can recreate their on-screen chemistry for the 7th time.

The photo has Shahrukh looking a decade younger (he turns 50 in November this year) and Kajol, who is 9 years younger than her co-star, also looked beautiful.

Check out the photos!

SRK Kajol

SRK Kajol

Shahrukh Kajol Rohit Shetty

Shahrukh Kajol Rohit Shetty



  • Whether he looks a decade younger or decade older , doesn’t matter …
    ‘He’ is Shah Rukh Khan !!!
    Enough said .

  • Actor’s highest grossers onnon-holiday
    Salman’s Ready: 121 cr
    Aamir’s Talaash: 93 cr
    Shahrukh’s Mnik: 75 cr

    Akshay’s Rowdy rathore: 135 cr

    I think this clears all myths about khan stardom.
    Akshay>>Salman>Aamir>Shahrukh in stardom

  • This xmas is for mastani and herapheri
    negatives of lungiwaale
    kajol’s loud voice, flying cars,sarookz artificial acting

  • Just a shame he couldnt look a decade younger in Jab Tak Hai Mojo when he went into the first of his many comas going back in time to a younger version only to look ten years older…!

  • let us just wait for trailer and see the film, superstars can only grantee opening, but its the content which takes films farther. and everything is not about boxoffice.its not a joke to get 300cr without extraordinary content please calm down.

  • Dying to See It..SRK and Kajol’s Characters Will be young enough..The Best Jodi is back again

  • Indicine I can understand your typing mistake actually its a decade older but by mistake u have written younger.

  • Bulgaria is a nice peaceful quiet country- sadly soon their tranquility will be disturbed by the overbearing obnoxious over acting of Queen n Kajol aswell as shettys fetish to blowup 1234 cars for no apparent reason…!

  • Aamir has 5 ATBB which are Raja Hindustani, Ghajini, 3 Idiots,dhoom 3 and pk while Sarook has only 2 ATBB and both of them in 90s which are DDLJ and KKHH …even KKHH 1998 has less earning than Raja Hindustani 1996.
    in 2000s he become crap and unable to give single ATBB

  • Nice to see Indicine being very precise these days n categorically telling us that Queen looks a decade younger n not misleading us by saying Queen looks afew yrs younger or a dozen yrs younger or half a dozen yrs older or a decade younger that Dilip Kumar etc etc

    Keep up the good work guys n for Varunwale also be very precise by sayig it will either collect same as queens 4 yr old crap Ratoon Point One or same as Queens 5 yr old flop MNIK or Queens 1 yr old Crappy New Year etc etc

    Expecting the same pin point accuracy regarding queens crappy films as you give for his old man looks…!

  • @alihussain
    @romance Beta, ye ‘saare record todenge SRK waale, RaOne will be ATBB, HNY 500 cr India, 1000 Cr WW’ jaise dialogue tum SRKians pichle 8-9 saal se keh rhe ho. And everyone knows the result. 😂😂

  • Title is completely misleading- clearly everyone can see the great injustice Indicine has done to Kajol here- not only does she look younger than in Baazigar but she infact looks young enough to play Queens daughter in the movie… Wow Kajol looks gorified n hot

  • Both of them are looking so cute and beautiful.They are one of the most successful Bollywood pairs in the history of Indian cinema.The best part is they have always tried different genres in their every movie.They will surely rock the screens and with Rohit at the helm of affairs it would be even more fun.
    Waiting for another All Time Blockbuster

  • @Khiladi kumar r u having any piece of brain or that part is filled with shit ? Plz reply.
    People who r comparing non holiday release of srk salman aamir and akshay and then deciding the star power, i have just one word for u f..k

  • The first pic clearly shows the 2 sides to plastic surgery:-

    kajol = when surgery works well and Queen = when surgeons are revealed to be human n not miracle workers….

  • There is something called the time. See the release date of these films and then come here to comment.

  • Kajol looks 2 decades younger n when standing next to Global Queen she looks 3 decades younger…

    Now thats power of our Queen who can even make Dilip Kumar look 4 decades younger and Amit ji 3 decades younger

  • Like… rohit shetty films… Its fun unlimited… But not interested… In dilwaale… Because…of boring sahruk

  • Last year:
    SRKians World Class Prediction:
    Before HNY release: 350 crore India, 300 crore overseas, WW 800 Crore. 😂
    After 1st day: 400 Crore India, 350 crore OS, WW 1000 crore. 😂
    After Weekend: 300 Crore India, 250 Crore OS, 700 WW 😂
    After 1st Week: D3 se zyada krlegi WW
    After 2 weeks: 250 Crore India, 600 WW
    After 3 weeks: 200 crore toh krlo yaar. 😢
    After end of run: “Fir kat gya” 😭
    Actual : 178 crore in India, 380 WW 😂😂😂
    This year too, Dilwale prediction by World Class Predictors :
    “Day 1 collection > Avatar lifetime”.
    God Bless these SRKians. 😂😂

  • Am wondering why SAROOK is the only ugly Khan while the other Khans are very handsame such as Aamir Khan, Salman, Fardeen, Zayad, Imran, Fairuz , Sanjay Khan…..etc ..

  • MNIK was released in 12 feb 2009 and it was fifth highest grosser of all time in India at that time. Highest overseas collection at that time and first bollywood movie to gross 200 crores worldwide……. Now dont bark this things again u stupid idiots…..

  • Khiladi kumar u talkbso much about non-holiday but u never talk about akki’s holiday performance y???
    If u talk about it then u’ll die in shame

  • Hiii Kajol Devgn Plssssssss as u r shooting for yr upcoming movie can I plsssss go for a date with your HUSBAND (A.D) if u don’t mind😜😜. Just 4 3hours$$$$$$. Say yes am leaving Johannesburg wit immediate effect!!😉

  • According to Haters (totally illitrate people) reason of Srk,s Sucess
    1_yash raj
    2_Karan Johar
    5_Rohit Shetty
    r u really think this people make famous to Srk..Then let me explain
    Yash Raj_was going tough face when his movie did nt work at Bo But when they start working with him in Darr and then many more movies suddenly become the biggest production house of country dont forget DDLJ was 1st movie of ADI.
    Kjo_ kjo debut movie KKHH was ATBB then K3G,KHNH,MNIK, was hit if u think that due to kjo only then why his movie SOTY was just hit in india and above average grosser and movie with Kajol and Kareena was flop and kurban was flop .
    Kajol_If Kajol makes Srk so popular then why apart from Srk all her movie is hit to superhit not BB Or ATBB.
    Deepika_debut with Srk in OSO then some say OSO hit because Deepika then if deepika is bigger than Srk then FF was flop piku not gross even 80cr and ramleela gross 110 cr and then hatter say YJHD 190 cr just because deepika then why only with srk her movie gross more than 200cr in India and 400cr WW.
    Rohit Shetty_Yes I agreed in recent time RS movie collected 100cr eassily but then he never cross 120 cr mark with SRK CE managed 227 cr almost more than 100cr from his last best hit Golmal_3 and Apart from Golmal _3 which is blockbuster all his movie just hit to superhit eg..Singham_hit Singham return_hit and Golmal one and Two Hit with SRK I got ATBB sucess with CE…So hater think 100 time before saying u can say whatever u want But u never prove that Srk is not Biggest superstar of bollywood in India and Overseas….

  • ali hussain u are in that group who keeps on saying that srk’s film be highest grosser of the year but u are only trolling srk for last 7years.

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