Singham Returns Story and New Stills

Singham returns is the much-awaited sequel to Rohit Shetty’s 2011 super-hit Singham. While most believe that the film is a remake of Tamil film ‘Singam II’, the fact is, Singham Returns is a fresh script.

Ajay Devgan will continue to play the character of a honest and fearless Bajirao Singham. The story jumps into action when a police constable from Singham’s squad is found dead having scampered away holding enormous sum of money and is charged of being corrupt. As the story unravels, Singham begins a quest to track a black marketer with tremendous influence within the political system.

Guruji, a righteous politician and Singham’s teacher, intends to change the society for the better but faces death threats from Baba’s goons.

During this blockbuster journey, DCP Singham fights these influential rogues in the system with utmost honesty, courage & diligence.

The dauntless lion is now ready to roar again and facing new adversities and challenges that cross his path to test his integrity and valor. With the love and respect that he earned, the complete law enforcement supports him throughout his ordeals.

Singham Returns releases in theatres on August 15th. The film is expected to be the second highest grosser of 2014 after Kick.

Check out the exclusive new stills from the film.

Ajay Devgan - Singham ReturnsAjay Devgan – Singham Returns
Kareena Kapoor Khan - Singham ReturnsKareena Kapoor Khan – Singham Returns
Ajay Devgan and Kareena Kapoor in song Kuch Toh Hua HaiAjay Devgan and Kareena Kapoor in song Kuch Toh Hua Hai
Ajay Devgan and Kareena Kapoor Singham Returns movie stillAjay Devgan and Kareena Kapoor Singham Returns movie still
Kareena Kapoor and Ajay Devgan still from Singham ReturnsKareena Kapoor and Ajay Devgan still from Singham Returns
Kareena Kapoor with Ajay DevganKareena Kapoor with Ajay Devgan
Kareena Kapoor - Singham ReturnsKareena Kapoor – Singham Returns
Ajay DevganAjay Devgan
Ajay Devgan as Bajirao SinghamAjay Devgan as Bajirao Singham
Singham Returns stillSingham Returns still

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  • The stills are quite good especially the solo ones of Ajay Devgn . Singham Returns will be a movie to watch out for . Singham was one of the best films of 2011 and till date it is the best film of Rohit Shetty . I hope Singham Returns becomes a even better movie than Singham . It should easily be Ajay Devgn’S highest grosser and i think it should more than 150 CR because 15th August is a very good period . I hope Singham returns becomes a huge success and Ajay Devgn’S career will be back on track after the failure of Himmatwala and Satyagraha . Ajay Devgn is one of my favourite actors after Hrithik Roshan . # Respect .

  • If singham returns bcms a superhit akki will loose his 2yrs old ranking of 6th position to ajay

    Bollywood updated star ranking
    9arjun sid

  • I expect this film to open huge on independence day..last year OUATIMD released on the same day on limited screens but still managed to open between 80-100% across the nation..if singham returns manages to get 3000-3300 screens then we can easily expect the collections to be around 25 crore mark

  • Singham also had the same story…
    A police officer is found dead having charges of corruption on him..
    Should have experimented a bit…

  • Highest grosser by the end of this year… I believe..
    Babg Bang
    Singham returns
    fainding fanny
    Jai ho
    Its entertaintment
    Raja Natwarlal

  • @Arjun kapoor
    Why will Akki loose his postion…?
    Ajay in 2012:
    Bol bachchan:100crs
    SOS:87crs by BOI n 105crs by producers
    Akki 2012:

    Ajay 2013:

    Akki 2013:

    Ajay’s success mainly depends on Rohit shetty films…others have failed miserably except SOS at the B.O office…people blame akki as 60crs actor…

  • singham return will max do business of 120-130cr..not more then dat…
    moreover….akki was and is above ajay….as ajay has no big grosser or superhit like akki except singham…..inshort, akki has more big grosses as compared to ajay….

  • Kareena is looking very fresh in these pics…hope she will has a good role in the movie unlike kajal agarwal who was just a showpiece in the movie……As far BO is concerned it seems Singham return will easily surpass his last highest grosser

  • Ranking of best ACTORS of bollywood since 2000 — 2014 1. Srk
    2. Salman
    3. Amir
    5 . Akki
    6. Ajay
    7. Emraan hashmi
    8. Ranbir
    9. Saif
    10. Ritesh d
    list is based on no. Of successful films. John and ranveer might enter list eliminating saif.

  • @fake akka arjun kapooor i dont have any regret that you posted such a comment. Waiting for deepika starrer movie to be crushed by a bipasha starrer

  • @Babaji, Ajey had one super hit ( Boll Bachchan),one Hit ( Son Of Sardar) and one flop ( Tezz) in 2012 while your Akki had one disaster ( Joker) and one flop in 2012 but in 2013 Akki had 2 flop ( Boss and OUATIMD) in Contrast Ajey had only one flop ( Himatwala) and one above Everage ( Satyagraha) so that means if Ajey’s Singham Returns become BB ( no doubt about that) and Action Jackson will become atleast Hit,Akki will loose his position to Ajey since Entertainment will get sanwitched between Kick and Singham and don’t forget Action Jackson will clash on Shauken and you know what will happen. loolz

  • @babaji chil yaar, who care the ranking of arjun kapoor, people only want to be like srk or salman or aki

  • Reading story before watching the movie would ruin my excitement. Pictures are looking nice by the way. Looking forward to this one, as I liked Singham. Ajay is superb as a cop.

  • Ajay is a overrated self acclaimed super star. Singham though the best masala entertainer failed to reach 100 crs. Bol bachhan also some how crawled to 100 crs after 50 or 60 days. He is a very good actor and I love those days where he was making gangajal etc. Now he looks like a buffoon when he makes those funny faces and tries to be like Salman or Akshay by wearing pink kurtas etc. Coming back to this movie, this might cross 100 crs, but no way will cross 120 crs.Mark my words.

  • Salman’s 5 minut in sos do 105 cr…
    Srk’s 3 hour in jthj do 106 cr
    that is call star pawr of salman khan

  • @lyrics kamal karte ho yar!sos ke liye official collection consider karte ho par jthj k liye boi!acc to boi sos ka clctn 87 so check ur facts

  • @ajey rocks
    If Joker with 20crs is a disaster then,Tezz with 15crs is an even bigger one…also in 2012 Akki had HF2(Hit),RR (BB),K786(Average)…
    Bol bachchan was not superhit but hit,and Satyagraha is not above avg.,it was flop..indicine corrected its verdict later and changed it to flop…
    Also don’t worry Akki is not in lead role in Shaukeen,he has just 10min. role in that film…

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