Hrithik Roshan rubbishes Rs 380 crore alimony reports

Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan has rubbished news reports of his estranged wife Sussanne Khan claiming Rs 380 crore as alimony. The actor, extremely upset over all the ‘fabricated’ news articles that were doing the rounds in the last couple of days, issued a statement to clear the reports.

On Wednesday, he tweeted “Fabricated news articles. Demeaning my loved ones. Testing my patience”

Back in December 2013 too, there were reports of a 100 crore divorce settlement, which was dismissed as pure speculation by Sussanne.

“I was deeply disappointed when I read today’s (December 28 2013) article titled Sussanne and Hrithik Roshan divorce: Rs.100 crore settlement? There is no element of truth in the news and it is entirely speculative,” Sussanne had said in a statement.

The ex-couple filed for divorce by mutual consent in April this year although Hrithik announced Sussanne’s decision to end their marriage via an official statement on December 13, 2013. Both dated for four years before finally getting married on December 20, 2000 – the same year in which Hrithik’s debut film Kaho Na Pyaar Hai released in theatres.

Hrithik with Sussanne Roshan

Hrithik with Sussanne Roshan



  • Sussanne has reportedly dropped Roshan from her name and reverted to her maiden surname, Khan. My symphty with Sussanne & her kids. God save them.

  • Why this media is creating fake news about hrithik? ? Does it have any other thing to do. SHAME ON MEDIA.

  • i think media is more interested in HR’s personal life than HIS Career related news…….but why!!???that too before/after His every new movie releasing……..some insecurity or jealousy or being loyal or helpful to some one or to a certain group!!????lolz……..what a cheap way to make some one down!!!!!what can i say to HR………b strong like always & keep on giving happiness to Your Sons like always!!
    ny way Best wishes 2 Both of them;may GOD keeps them Happy & Safe……..We HR fans r waiting 4 the right time…….we will give answer 2 each & every insult to HR!!

  • Well it was 400crs alimony…
    Now HR haters who are always after indicine for reporting 244crs K3 collections should notice that indicine is compensating for that in your terms…lol

    Btw,i still think they should try to unite once again…

  • Sussanne should demand Krrish 3 box office collection to Hrithik then only it will become clear that what is the real collection of Krrish

  • @sachin11, K3 indian fig is 244 cr and worldwide is 380+ cr. if you have any problem go to some other website. anyways your so called bhaijaan failed to do any wonder despite his homecoming on eid with kick, kick got kicked. the audience have made jokes on it everywhere.

    @kunaal kohli, poor salman has said never to marry because not a single lady agreed to marry her even though he offered them his being human products as gift lol.

  • salman did a remake of telugu kick but still he was not satisfied so he copied his own contemporaries hrithik and aamir. his mask is inspired from krrish mask, he leaves a sign at robbery scenes just like MR. A of DHOOM:2 and the chase scenes are like DHOOM:3. but salman fans as shameless as ever are keeping mum about this.

    even the original telugu director of kick expressed his disappointment on this hindi version of kick, he said the makers of hindi kick completely failed to understand the true spirit of kick. if you don’t believe me, check out his official fb page where he posted about it or you can even google it.

  • He can afford it especially since Rohit 3 collected 244 cr so he certainly should have enough moolah to give his wife n kids the lifestyle they deserve and have become accustomed too…! Do the right thing for once

  • @babajee Today you are praising Ritiks but yesterday you were slamming Aamir for his divorce to Reena- you a chameleon – cant wait for tomorrow when you become the ‘woof woof babajee’ in full support of Akki Sirs Dogs Day Out- you arent really a fan but a floater looking for likes whereever he can get them

  • This is absolutely ridiculous and absurd . They are going for divorce and Sussanne will definitely demand alimony but why the figure will be disclosed in front of everyone . Its her wish whether she demands 380 CR or 400 CR . Who are we to talk in their personal matters ? @ Sachin11 I know you like cracking jokes but don’t you think this is not the right page to talk all this nonsense . If you think Roshans have manipulated collections then what is the requirement of again reminding people . Tu aise behave karta hai jaise tere paise hi cheen liye ho ! Stop showing so much hatred . I did not mean to hurt you but tum itne sensitive issues par bhi aise comment isliye it is important to break the ice .

  • Such retarded people to post HNY comments on Hrithik page regarding his personal life. I hope people like Sakhi knows something called Prrivacy n respect towards someone personal life !!!!!!!!!!!

  • media has always been doing its work against Hrithik, trying too hard to bring him down by publishing all kinds of rumours about him. it seems like the khans are not comfortable with someone who is as big as them and they still want to enjoy more years of stardom, shame.

  • by making fun of an Apt person in His field & insulting Him & His Father again & again;u can’t reach to any closer to that level!!now u can say,”i even dnt want to b such manipulative”…..ya u can say that surely(cause we all know grapes r sour…lolz)!!

  • Indicine has given 244cr collection for rohit3, rohit fans blindly follow this, @indicine said rohit3 is risky movie, rohit fans fully agreed with that. When indicine has given 4/5star to kick then @indicine’s review bcme worst for rohit fans. Such a double standard fans u are!

  • @Saksham i always said that Krrish 3 is 2nd biggest grosser after Dhoom 3 but after release of Kick some hrithik fans have started spreading negativity against kick by giving their opinions and reviews so i also giving my opinion here.

  • @tiger proof of that was when Indicine gave Kick 4 stars n bang all hell broke loose in the household of ‘nipins’..,. Jadoo toys went flying out the pram n in retalliation the loser came up with his own manipulative review to change the criteria n ratings…. Yes double standards and hypocrisy at play here amongst the alien fanbase

  • @navin uncle
    When did i talked about aamir’s divorce yesterday….??
    Where did u saw that,on which article,plz tell me,i also want to see that…

  • First of all, I seriously wish they reunited or matters settled so soon. All the best to Hrithik for his personal life!

    @Sachin 11,on a funny note, your second comment to reveal the actual collections of K3 rocks big time.

    @Punk, this comment is strictly for you. It’s OK when a person does not marry. Even Namo hasn’t officially married yet. It does not affect anyone. It is strictly personal choice.
    But there must be something fishy behind a woman leaving her husband even after having two children. Even the children could not prevent Suzzane from separating from Duggu. So, I suspect Suzzane was out patience with displeasure in bed. I suspect that your Hrithik might not be up to mark that Suzzane wanted. Perhsps he could not please her in bed.
    Tit for tat! Hit the nerve? Think twice before making personal comments on others.

    @Sakhi, Teesmaar Khan’s Ocean’s 11 remake edited by Joker Kinder won’t be able to go past 160 Crores. Nobody will be watching a crap film story driven films like Marykom and Haider and Hollywood level film like Bang Bang. Who will like to eat baasi tarkari (rotten veges) after the fresh ones?

  • Media and its fabricated stories…………………They publish anything for their benefit without confirming it…So cant expect good from media……….It good that HR himself cleared the doubts about this news and denied all these fake stories

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