Son Of Sardar 100 crores: Fastest for Ajay Devgn

Salman Khan Son of Sardar

Son of Sardar 100 crores!

Son Of Sardar has followed Jab Tak Hai Jaan into the ‘100 crore club’. The film crossed the 100 crore mark on it’s 16th day after release, which is the fastest ever for an Ajay Devgn film.

Devgn tweeted “A happy gurupurab to all. What a day for Son Of Sardaar to cross 100 Crores on Guru Nankjis birthday! I am blessed! Thank u everyone”

He later added “and that’s only in india! 100 crores only in India!”

Ajay Devgn Films in 100 crore club

  • Son Of Sardar – 16 days
  • Golmaal 3 – 17 days
  • Singham – 42 days
  • Bol Bachchan – 45 days


  • congrats to ajay….
    but i am confused with one statement…
    what does he want to prove with…”100 cr only in India…”….???
    ajay sahab…be happy as u r in India….and indian audiences are pretty good as they can “DIGEST” anything….
    as far as overseas is concerned, u r watching the condition of ur movie outside the country…..)


  • congrats Ajay you deserve it Rohit Shetty didn’t make you,you made Rohit shetty being a successful director Ashwin you got a great start by this film


  • @fact…
    why have u introduced SRK here…???
    don’t feel so insecure dude…
    and i don’t think that 1000 nri’s can make a collection 0f 80-100 cr….
    be practical yaar….
    don’t make absurd comments….
    not at all…
    i am not jealous for ajay devgan…
    in fact i am a big fan of his movies like gangajal,hum dil de chuke sanam,OUATIM etc….
    and as far as srk is concerned…he got three consecutive 100cr in INDIA…
    how can u say it…???


  • last 6years….ajay has 8 hits and 15 flops…total 23 movies as in main lead…..
    out of 8,,6 are with rohit shetty……only rajneeti and outim were htis without rohit…..
    sos is also hit without rohit….
    but still success ratio of ajay is very lower compare to khans……
    salman-4 back to back blockbuster also 3 200+cr grossers…..
    srk-3 back to back hits adn 4 200+ cr grossers…….
    aamir-1st man to enter 100cr and 200cr club and probably best actor…..
    where is ajay??????
    though he has golmal 3,,singham,,bol bachchan and sos as 100cr grossers still he has dil to bachcha he ji,,aakrosh,,rascals,,tezz like flops…..
    where as khans are not giving flops at all……
    ajay cant go near khans…..


  • @guri…so when i’ve denied it….
    definitely salman will get his 5th 100 cr movie next month….
    but what is the need of this comment here….???



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