Singh Is Bling team to shoot in Cape Town

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar, director Prabhu Deva, producer Ashvini Yardi and Amy Jackson are currently in Cape Town, South Africa to shoot for their upcoming film ‘Singh Is Bling’.

The film, which is scheduled to release on October 2nd, will be wrapped up in August.

Singh Is Bling, which reunites Akshay with his ‘Rowdy Rathore’ director Prabhu Deva,áhas been shotáat various locations in India,áRomania and Cape Town.

The first two photos are from the Cape Town flight, the other two are from Romania.

Akshay Kumar, Prabhu Dheva and Ashvini Yardi in Cape Town for Singh Is Bling shoot

Akshay Kumar, Prabhu Dheva and Ashvini Yardi in Cape Town for Singh Is Bling shoot

Akshay Kumar, Prabhu Dheva and Ashvini Yardi

Akshay Kumar, Prabhu Dheva and Ashvini Yardi

Akshay Kumar on the sets of Singh Is Bling in Romania

Akshay Kumar on the sets of Singh Is Bling in Romania

Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, Prabhu Deva - Singh Is Bling

Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, Prabhu Deva – Singh Is Bling



  • @babaji let me tell you that from the 1st day since 2013 I started visited here found evryone is making fun of akshay kumar..they are inspiring sunny to bash evryone..many of them still continuing same.. Just hoping that they must find themself to be happy wth bashng akki..according to them akki is floppy,gobar,joker boy,greedy,60cr king bt for me still he is my fav and he will be fav till i die..waiting for brothers along wth more thng please god give our sir more energy so that he can makes 6 movies in a year so that dnt need to wait for 3,4 month..stay blessed sir love you a lot @akshaykumar

  • I have no interest in Singh is being, all eyes on brothers. Though I still hate akki’s habit for doing 4 film in a year. It causes the underperformance if good films of him.
    I have respect for akki that he never tries to hide his age, he has white beard so its not like he is travelling or come in public platform with clean shave. In movies he looks as the character demand but not fooling himself that he is too young like 15 year earlier.
    The guy who is taking dig on akki look, I just want to say in his earlier days he used to one of the most good looking actor in Bollywood, he has most no. of affairs before marriage.
    @Rew1 and @eric I don’t want Aamir fans to bash akki very rudely just because of foolish comment of some akki fans. The 60cr club flop actor etc is very cheap word. Please show some decency and respect in your comments.

  • @sunny chechi: i review films honestly,i don’t do it for likes..If i like a film,i give a positive review,if not a negative review.And yes i will bash salman for manipulating the court,involving his innocent driver in the case n i don’t care if people bash me for that.
    But look what you are doing? What’s your problem if Ajay is’nt fair? More than 50% indians are like that,means u will call them Koyla!
    So i request you to plz don’t start any fight or say anything to any actor unless their fans bash Akki.If they bash akki first,i m giving you the license to bash them but plz don’t start as it is creating a lot of negativity for akki here.

  • @Ballaji
    Well said bhaijaan?
    Honestly it’s cos of fans like you I wasn’t too hard on akki if not if it was real time retaliation to lunatics I wldv gone extra miles!! Only u I observed give praises to be it ajay srk salman aamir hritik etc wen due. so just listen to your thinking faculty n don’t mind yr fans calling u “sell out” Besides honestly I actually respect akshay big time ,yeah I do, not ashamed to say it and that’s cos am a typical devgano fan always straight confident n fearless. . wish SIB best of luck though still have feelings Brothers will do much more but who knows??
    @sky… yeah I guess u r ryt. But it shd be limited to only d person that bashes yr actor. Not like some that go to an unrelated post and 1st thing to come out is ajay devgn!! and hritik n aamir of recent.

  • @sooraj
    Yeah but no difference between him n I so no need to comment. Rather akshay is welcome to a jungle country where animals are everywhere and filled with blacks like koyla devgn.. no qualms. Ofcourse I can’t forget that cheap racist comment but my profession made me come across worst things I prayed not to c so may be that’s why I ddnt reply back then. I wouldn’t still. About d jungle yeah I really laughed. Anys tanx

  • @Bipin hm yeah good ..!
    @Sky u r vry cool na ? nd yeah he used to be ?? he iz still most handsome..he was looking the most handsome man of this planet in the song teri meri Kahaani from Gabbar ..! nd do watch his other songs too if u doubt on his looks ..! aajj dil Shayrana from holiday ..highly recommended ;)
    & we akki fAns don’t take ur joker chelas cmnts seriously nd I even don’t reply ur chela @REW@ERIC COS Their cmnts r not even 10% near 2 reality . I just laugh nd bash Amir on another article ;)

    bt looks like u Amir fans do take my cmnts seriously nd Sh°ws ur insecurity ..!

  • Finally the old bhojpuri buddhaji got little wisdom after getting so much bitter truth regarding akki!!!!

  • @ thullu – and i request to you don’t reach at conclusion just after looking name – Raaj raees fan don’t you think is a new id?
    our single bad comments can provoke large fan groups.

  • @thullu, yes we aamir fans are very cheap and our level of quality is very down, and you akshay fans are very polite, sensible, genuine, goody goody and well behaved personalities which is proven bunch of times or hold on I should say BIllions of times by the likes of @Sunny Chichi, @Ajinkya, you, @Khiladi and many others. oyu fool, despite being a fan of an actor, you are trying to judge the qualities of other people which is hypocricy at best and don’t you look at your self who acts sometimes goody goody and then suddenly writes craps. shame on you. tell akshay’s fans to stay in their limit first. your retard sunny started it here and offended aamir and ajay in cheap way. what about that you double standard hypocrite? he keeps rubbishes cheap and resist words for aamir and ajay and nothing wrong with that? so Mr. Hypocrite Tantrik Baba, please wise up, brace your self and fasten your seat belt to the wave of wisdom for your real face and your other fellow fans.

  • @Sky I would like to tell you in a very strait and polite way possible, “I don’t give a damn to any one’s advise to me for letting me know what i should do or should i not do.” I am aamir fan and I will remain loyal fan. I am not blind cheap fan like these sadakchaap fans like SSS, Sunny Chuchi, Tantrik Baba, Romance Expiry, yuvraj, iamDhakkan, etc. but if anyone crosses their limit and offends aamir, then I will be the one to bash him to death. this retards sunny makkhi and many others like sss are the reasons why I will bash akshay. I don’t care about akshay nor i bash him unless these scumbags starting it. and I will bash them if they consider these stardom less actors like sharuk who has lowest fan base and akshay who too is fanless and their 2 rs sadakchaap fans bash class actor like aamir, then i have every single right to bash these crap sadakchaap actors’ 2 rs fans in every way possible. and once again i am telling you in the best polite way possible “don’t interfere in my business again as I don’t need any advise from you. Thanks.”

  • if the songs and comedy of this film are good then only this film will be successful…. anyways can’t wait for brothers it will be epic highest net-grossing film for akki & sid..

  • @Bhojpuri king what the hell are you trying to say? so according to your logic even tushar kapoor and harman baveja could have given blockbuster with katrina and multistarrers i.e. namaste london, hey babby, welcome, bhul bhulaiya, singh is king and they could also have given blockbusters with prabhudeva and sajid khan like RR and H1 and H2. so shut your crap. dhoom 3 and PK were ALL Time Blockbusters only and only because of aamirĺs fan following and screen presence. without aamir, dhoom 3 would have been disaster. brand aamir khan is much bigger than dhoom brand. so get lost.

  • @sunny chechi. If there is one thing remain in you it is shame and embarrassment. Pata kyon? Not everyone here supporting Ajay makes him their favourite hero no! It just shows a mark of respect for the gentleman. That’s the simple truth. Your next excuse will sound as #Me against the whole world! Yesterday you challenged me bcos I was a supporting ajay as a shah rukh fan,that everyone is bashing you bcos it’s a khans article they are jealous of akki. Ddnt you say we will meet in the next akki article? So here it is! Someone gave kudos to all all Salman Shah rukh Aamir fans for bashing you wen you talked unnecessary trash about ajay. Now I am praising all the superstar akshsys fans for beating you black and blue for castigating ajay out of ENVY cos you have nothing in life to do but to keep on researching on ajays career.
    1. You go to an ajay article and talk bad,next thing is all the fans of khans hritik youngistan trashes you FOOLISHLY.
    2. You go to any of the khans article and first thing is ajay devgn is all the fans trashes you.
    3. Your own idol and favourite akshay article where you should feel like the boss having confidence that fellow akki fans are with you. But what hapoens @sunny? You get the highest dislikes in your akshays article and get warned calling you childish which you are,from your own akki fans? Is that not stupidity? U can see now see the power of Ajay Devgn now deep inside you cos you are feeling totally ashamed of yrslf that Ajay mystical power charisma beat you hands down from by even your fans!! Wow Ajay is too much yaar!! Frustrating you and making yrslf hate and envy u more. No tell me why are akki fans against you? For the 1st time no any highly rated comment here In akkis article ??which is shocking and you know why? All bcos of you as @thallu said,you are making people spread more negativity towards akki cos almost all comments are bashing him! Not like yours though! Hope you slept well and ddnt dream of sultan again! Yr greatest nightmare! tell us why akki fans are against you pls?? Power is always power ajay is always power. Jealous lunatic!*!!

  • @Mahesh u meAn only ajay iz gentlemen ? nd Akshay iz besharam ? nd anybody can call him makkhi gobar ? u bloody fool .

    still my cmnt has good likes despite tht many akki fAns likes ajay ..!
    nd go back on previous Akshays article , my cmnt was most liked nd I will bash them so u just shut up ..khan fans will always support AJAy whether his fan iz write or wrong ..!

    nd akki fAns ? dis sh°ws ur immaturity’s akki FAN not fans , only 1 BABAji thullu who is also fan of hrithik ..!

  • @Eric
    How about aamir’s talash which even didn’t cross 100cr. If you count prabu deva than remember action Jackson. And if you count sajid khan then remember hematwala. But raju hirani is the finest director of Bollywood since Muna Bhai. So your aamir is not that big. Let him do 4 movies per year with small directors and release all of them on a regular weekend than I will see your aamir’s real power. Not to long ago when his talash released almost 3 years after 3ideots with Kareena and rani. But what happend. 80 to 90 cr.

  • @Eric
    i watched PK because of Raju Hirani. Not Bec of aamir. I did not watched talash. Bec it was not belong to Raju Hirani.

  • @bhojpuri king Its your problem mate if you didn’t watched a brilliant movie like Talaash. Regarding Raju hirani no doubt he was a super successful director before 3i happend. But the success of 3i and pk stand him apart from rest of director. You are talking director, Aamir directed single movie TZP and it even stand solid against a massy Multistarrer Welcome. Don’t try to think that Aamir is because of Raju. Aamir has changed the life of directors. Just look.
    Debut- QSQT – Mansoor Khan (debut director).- Superhit
    Dil- Indra Kumar debut director- Superhit and highest grosser of India.
    Rangeela- First commercial success to Ram Gopal Verma- Superhit/semi hit
    Raja Hindustani- Dharmesh Darshan ( second film, his first film was flop)- ATBB- highest grossef of the year.
    Ghulam- Hit – Vikram bhatt debut film.
    Sarfarosh- Above avg, cult classic- John Mathew Nathan debut film.
    Lagaan – Historic Hit, Ashu gowarikar (3rd film after two flops).
    Dil Chahta Hai- Avg- cult classic, debut film of Farhan Akhtar.
    RDB- Hit- Rakesh Omprakash Mehra second film after flop AKS.
    Reena Kagti- Semi hit- Reena’s second movie after below avg Honeymoon travels.

    Now Dangal with Nitesh tiwari- whose first two film was average grosser though appreciated film.

    Aamir khan is not depend on directors, he mostly not even repeat directors. Don’t compare him with Akki. He is in league of his own.

  • @Bhojpuri king doing 4-5 films a year is not necessity, its foolishness of Akki of doing so. And he conens with Remakes most of the time.
    This year GIB and brothers are remake.
    Last year- Holiday and Shaukeen were remakes.
    2013- Boss was a remake
    2012- Rowdy rathore, k786 were remakes.
    2011- Thankyou was a remake
    2010- Khatta Meetha,TMK were remakes
    2009- De Dana Dan was a remake
    2007- Bhool bhullaiya and Hey baby were remakes.
    2006- Bhagam bhag was a remake

    So what multiple films, IRS not that akki all films are hits, more importantly avg 1 film of him came under hit category.
    2015- No hit so far.
    2014- Holiday
    2013- no hit
    2012- RR, house full 2, OMG
    2011- No hit
    2010- House full
    2009- no hit
    2008- Singh is king
    2007- The best year all 4 were hits,1 became blockbuster
    2006- Bhagam bhag, phir Hera pheri
    2005- No film
    2004- No film

  • @Bhojpuri king you duffer, talaash was a dark thriller and made only for multiplex audience. If you have some common sense than at least try to apply I you duffer. No body cares whom you watched for, but truth is 3 idiots and PK were ATBB only because of aamir and then raju hirani. If aamir will do multiple movies in a year, still they will make more money than your akshay whose star power and fan following is nowhere close to the fan following of aamir. It’s aamir who made dhoom 3 popular and biggest. If your akshay had done dhoom 3 then it would have been disaster. Aamir is biggest and his movies work only because if his name. Period.

  • @rew1 stop barking all time on akki related topics u piece of crap… u r so called almighty aamir khan is nothing in front of akki…. tell aamir to clash his films with ajay, salman or srk… aamir will get his real aukaat by the way aamir has only 12-13 super hit/blockbuster films on the other hand akki has 18 so the stfu… i am not an aamir hater but a fool like u gave me no choice

  • @sunny my bro . U talked about before? We talking now. Deep inside u both of us know who started calling who names. Ajay has akways been a media shy personality. U shd know very well it’s shah rukh fan that started bashing our Khiladhi esp wen it was 2007 and many people were rating him over Shah rukh. Esp those in secured Shah rung fans that were angry that a new king of Bollywood would emerge that’s when they started calling him names. Also during jokers release you know that it was the srk fans that started calling him joker. Same wit ouatimd vs ce wen they were feeling in secured that akshay may overshadow srk though it ddnt happen due to some reasons. Come on Ajay I must say have the best fans comments here. No bro am real , they are very matured and knowledgeable and respect and praise other actors. It’s only when someone’s talk bad about ajay in validlly or according to wat you said,they take u serious that’s when they have the materials and facts to bash any actor with their own facts. Am not saying u shd stop or continue its just that am a fan of your comments bfo these ajay bad comnents.both ajay and akshay are very good friends now. They are peer groups and both have the khans a run for their money even till 2015! Finally I follow @aisha iqbals comments from the very 1st or 2nd day. May be u never read her previous comments before u started bashing ajay. She always use ajay and akshay vs all the khans wen they bash them. She said many facts of akki I ddnt even know?? Positive facts. I use to feel great inside wen she use akshay as a reference to bash @sss @javed @ikhan etc. All alone without mentioning ajay name. Now suddenly she has changed. I can understand. u know why too. But you are a guy man. Let go of ajay?? No matter how I admire khiladi I respe,t that guy alot. What’s his fault? Him Aamir staying out of publicity, parties glamorous fleets avoiding awards night?? That’s all? Or cos he shared screen with akshay in couple of movies as d lead actor? So wat? Does it make him bigger or Khiladi smaller? No! Bro u may say am I mad to say ajay is ….or that but to be honest yes I am mad cos of d negativity akshay is getting!,Mahesh said no highly rated comment in this article not your comments. Guy before in every khiladi article you see many highly rated comment, today 4 pages not even 1. Okay khans will always support ajay then why commenting with them? U think they like ajay more than their khan fans? If they did all comments you praise them they give you likes and rate your comments high but wen you bash ajay and praise their idol they still take it to be an INSULT? Meaning that Ajay us still very highly respected and loved by them. Just a friends advice. Nothing personal.

  • @Bollywood fan
    Excellent!! Don’t mind tingu fans. Yes tell aamir to have a CLASH with them forget sunny deol.
    Not sure of clash with salman but with ajay and srk no chance! @,Bollywood fan Akshay has 19 blockbuster/super hit/hit. Not 18. Then Ajay 16 . Tingu 13. If aamir acts with akshay no role? Just like Salman vs akki in msk akki dominated the movie. In ishq 1997 it was al about Ajay n kajol. The film ends with kajol kissing ajay on d cheeks. Aamir juhi no where to be found beside comic scenes and aamir always following ajay where ever he goes. That’s star power of ajay and akshay when they acted with aamir n salman. But media vallo ne koi be credit nehi diye. But we all know the facts. @Bollywood fan. Nose one bro!

  • @Bollywood lover you duffer aamir has done only 39 or 40 movie sn his career. How can you count # of hits like this? His success ratio is best in Bollywood and no one van match his success ratio. He is the most consistent superstar unlike your floppy gobar whose whole career is disaster. If aamir will clash with srk, ajay, akshay, hrithik then their movie will have no chance to Stan in front of aamir’s movie. Aamir’s popularity and fan following can not be matched by anyone in bollywood. He is the biggest superstar and your FLOPPY gobar is nothing in front of king aamir khan’s stardom and popularity you jerk. Your floppy will remain Flo actor while aamir will continue to rule Bollywood for many more years.

  • @sen ?????????????. Your comment is really hlarious as well as dumb. When did ajay overshadowed aamir in ishq???only in your dreams may be. Ishq was dominated by aamir and watch it again, in the name credits aamir’s name was credited before ajay’s name. And aamir dominated and overshadowed ajay ( who is also a great actor and my 2nd favorite) . But truth is Aamir dominated ishq with his Comic timing. Maybe akshay might have dominated MSK but akshay can not dominate if he shares screen space with Aamir. Aamir can easily overshadow akshay if they work together. Aamir can even overshadow Big B then who is alshay in comparison? Shut your nonsense crap. And aamir has more fan following than your akshay and is much bigger star with much better success ratio than 60 Cr club mediocre actor

  • @eric
    I can bet that cannot b an Ajay fan saying that. Look @d name @sen never crossed across it. I think it’s just anybody who wants to create fan wars. I can bet u as an ajay fan even though a girl I know naturally any Ajay supplorter must admire Aamir cos an average ajay supporter has class and respects ACTING before anything like show off,publicity ,media wateva besides they r d 2 superstars yet to attend an award. Big boys they don’t care!! So remove Ajay from d equation plssss…It’s just like an average Manchester utd supporter(sorry in our country even girls love n play soccer) like me critizing Real madrid.?? Both have that interwoven chemistry which is CLASS!

  • @rew1 u idiot I know aamir has done that many films I have been watching his films b4 u were even born and I know his success rate is unmatchable and the fact is u should do more research b4 opening ur mouth go check akki has best success rate then come talk to me

  • @Gautam grtt
    ur cmnt make a lot of sense .
    unless others who bring small small facts ..!
    I agrre with u ..!

  • N y these chhota chetan Amir fans accept tht akshay has way bigger fan followinggg then Amir ? retards ..! Akshays fan FOLLOWINGGG iz massive in small cities nd nd maybe biggest thts y his moviez superb TRPs

  • stop all these fan wars folks it will give u nothing look i understand many actors do bad films that doesn’t make them bad so stop criticizing they all are good in their own league stop all these comparison for god sake

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