Singh Is Bling team to shoot in Cape Town

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar, director Prabhu Deva, producer Ashvini Yardi and Amy Jackson are currently in Cape Town, South Africa to shoot for their upcoming film ‘Singh Is Bling’.

The film, which is scheduled to release on October 2nd, will be wrapped up in August.

Singh Is Bling, which reunites Akshay with his ‘Rowdy Rathore’ director Prabhu Deva, has been shot at various locations in India, Romania and Cape Town.

The first two photos are from the Cape Town flight, the other two are from Romania.

Akshay Kumar, Prabhu Dheva and Ashvini Yardi in Cape Town for Singh Is Bling shoot

Akshay Kumar, Prabhu Dheva and Ashvini Yardi in Cape Town for Singh Is Bling shoot

Akshay Kumar, Prabhu Dheva and Ashvini Yardi

Akshay Kumar, Prabhu Dheva and Ashvini Yardi

Akshay Kumar on the sets of Singh Is Bling in Romania

Akshay Kumar on the sets of Singh Is Bling in Romania

Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, Prabhu Deva - Singh Is Bling

Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, Prabhu Deva – Singh Is Bling



  • Now akki fans are accepting it is shameful for them that akki is not able to give 15cr opening day.

  • @tiger the real king

    baby openin widout promotion is 9cr

    htp openin wid promotion plus dharma banner is 3cr

    don’t insult my flop youngistan.

  • Look at aamir, sallu and srk, they heavely promote there movies, cuz they r not selfish, they earn money for acting in movie and promote movie so that producers could earn money as well, but Akki does not care at all about movies box office success, he only thinks about his profit, he earns money for acting and the rest is not his business. Really selfish man he. Rip him.

  • @Sunny Chechi: Better get lost from here you moron,why are u unnecessarily targetting other actors?? annin turn they are bashing akki coz of you idiot.So better keep your mouth shut.
    You don’t deserve to be akki’s fan after passing racist comments against Ajay.
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    Now get lost from here or try post decent comments without targeting other actors.

  • @sunny. Making fun? Racist comments come on bro. Read it and was really posses but ddnt reply. We are all one. Besides I know u don’t hate ajay so much but why even in your first sentence u emulated his sos dialogue. Seems you do lots of research on him. Nobody even ajay fans mentions his name more than u. Uncountable times. Why the envy? Okay am a SRK fan so if let’s say an actor I feel SRK is way ahead like akshay kumar dude I don’t even have time to reply or start posting trash about akki even in my SRK article between being the 1st sentence. Cos I know am bringing myself down and that’s what you are doing. Have class and praise your actor. U can’t change ajay aamir hritik pedigree NEVER so why fooling yr jealousy ? Worst where u showed u are insecure and so jealous is wen you said raj and Johnny lever have bigger fans?? I mean I you LITERATE or mental? Don’t worry keep on being jealous and making everyone know and disrespect your joker more and more. @Ballaji you are the onlytrue akki fan. We love him he is a big star but just warn your boy sunny cos it just makes us sat things that might tarnish his image.

  • Panouti Kumar gonna bring trouble to Siddharth’s career with brothers. Last year sid’s solo movie ek villain collected 16 CR in its opening day. But this year even 15cr looks difficult for his brothers due to the presence of panouti Kumar.

  • Looking great. I was mad when kriti left this film for Dilwale…. but anyway Akshay deserved better so he got Amy Jackson who is super gorgeous and has huge fan following after the film ‘I’…… I am sure Kriti is gonna regret because Dilwale’s credit will be given to SRK-Kajol jodi and not Varun-Kriti

  • When is Akki gona learn? No promotion no big opening, I was atleast expecting 70 cr Weekend due to independence day Weekend but we Akkians will just have to cope with this 40-50 cr Weekend when khans r doing that in 1 day

  • Feel like laughing at these khanturds who are bashing Akkis looks. Akki is the fittest actor of bollywood, even at this age.
    Salman, aamir and sharuk all look like grandpas now, worst of all being srk. Gorilla look more handsome than him.

  • Bhojpori Brothers will flop coz of Joker Boys greed for signing on fees to make floppy films with crappy directors with even crappier stories…!

  • @ babaji BB is doing great BB is talk of the Town so KJ is keeping promotion optimum as trailer and mera naam mery is big hit and have more than combined 10M view…….so
    it have great buzz in masses as well as classes……it will open 20 Cr

  • Even young actors like Ranbir, Varun sid pale in comparison with Akki! None of these newbies have 1/4th the charisma and energy Akki had during the early Khiladi days.
    And today nearing almost 50 years, Akki is still unmatchable.

  • I am die hard fan of Salman but like AKKI as well the only problem with him is releasing too many films in a year.

  • akshay kumar does not need promotion.he believe in work,so he only focus on acting. ok now got it.he is superstar not star.this is wrong trend.he does not need introduction

  • @indicine I also want a carrear analysis of sunil shetty.he was on of the best action heroes of ninetees along with akshya , ajay and sunny. specially his introduction fight sequence in mohara is fabulous

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  • @Raj raees, yes, floppy is playing father of Amy Jackson in this film. He has accepted his 60 Cr club flop aukaat and has started to play Buddha roles. Be knows that he doesn’t have even 5% of fan following of ajay devgan, forget khans, so that’s why he is accepting his aukaat. Floppy’s SIB will be competing with tevar’s record and Brithers will struggle to cross 100 crores despite karan johar as producer, karan malhotra as director and young superstar Sid as co star. Shame on poor flopshay Kumar.

  • @sunny chachi
    You are not an Akki fan, so I dont have to bash Akki. But remember
    Aamir is the fouder of
    100 cr, 150 cr, 200 cr, 250 cr, 300 cr
    Srk is the founder of….
    Let Srk get enough fans to give a successful TV show first (minimum 1 TRP, not utter flop 0.9 TRP like SSK).
    Then talk about global superstar Aamir Khan, who has more fans in China alone than Srk has in the rest of the world put together lol

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  • @sunny chechi and @ajankya big hater of Akki. You both should not bark about others star now because Brother movie near to release. So you both keep quite.

  • @Asit, in Myanmar still sunil shetty famous, last year released his film Desi Katty.,that movie DVD huge sell.
    In Mohra, Sunil shetty entry is epic….. First shodow appeared then at the some time epic music (famous music of 1994) and he make line and jump over others.

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    he promoted gabbar on various shows nd news channel in last 2 weeks ..he will do whtvr he can ..! nd brothers promotion will be kickass .so sit near ur t.v nd see all the interviews , reality shows of akshay nd don’t blame him , blame ur eyes who didn’t saw his so many interviews nd shows visit 4 gabbar promotion …!
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  • For all those who are dreaming for failure of Brothers think twice before commenting …..trailer has received phenomenal response with more than 8+ million views and Mary mere naam and sapna jahan is a big hit among the viewers which promotion u all shitty @rew1 @navin and other candy asses re talking about Akshay sir has himself said that he promotes his movies only in the last two weeks which is enough for a big movie like brothers … the time of its release trailer will receive more than 9 million views and more 60k likes…(current 52k likes)..
    @babaji….if u re a real fan of akki then don’t lose faith in him he will be back with a bang with brothers ….that’s for sure don’t be a chameleon… Brothers will surely open around 23- 25 crores mark at the box office and will collect in total of 255-265 crores at the box office (net India collections)….last year also it was predicted that singham return will collect 24crore on its opening day that too on national holiday..and we all knew what happened after that…..

  • @Rew1! Stop barking. Akki is bigger than aamir and old mango Ajay. Your aamir is nothing with out raju hirani. Don’t count D3 and PK as an aamir movie if tushar Kapoor and vievik were in those moves the result would be same. Your aamir’s real power is talash which even did’ crossed 100cr. And for Ajay he is nothing with out rohit Shety. So stop compering them with king like akki.

  • A Chutiya @Rew iz saying tht akki has zero fan followinggg bt no one iz reacting on his cmnt , y ? cos there iz no reality in his cmnts nd he iz a joker bt many Ppl reacting badly on my cmnt because there iz REALITY in my cmnt …so keep on burning guyx ..!
    Sach kadwa hota h Amir ajay supporters .

  • @Naven! We all know that who is bhojpori super star. Please don’t give this name to some one els. And for all educated young Indians. How you guys support criminal and watch his movie. Shame on all of you

  • reasons behind akkis movies poor performance.

    1. doing 4/5 movies in a single yr. before 2010 salman also did 3/4 movies per year and all were nt good at boxoffice.but when he came to limited release just like srk and amir now he become blockbuster khan.
    2.he didnt promote his movies .thats the very week point .promotion is very needed for every film
    3.he did nt find or get a better release date.if he comes to limited release and find a better release date his movies willbe very succesful
    3.he left his own famous and super hit movies’ sequals
    4.he is not so serious about his career

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