Bajrangi Bhaijaan Box Office Collections in 10 days

Bajrangi Bhaijaan is plundering records at the domestic and overseas box office. The film has set the record for the highest 2nd Saturday and 2nd Sunday at the box office, beating the second weekend collections of Aamir Khan’s PK.

The PK record looked insurmountable in December last year, but the extraordinary word-of-mouth of Bajrangi Bhaijaan has proved yet again that super stardom combined with good content and universally appealing genre, is the golden formula for setting records at the box office.

Some other points:

  • Salman Khan has firmly established himself as the biggest star in the country today. Pre-Eid, Heavy rains, Baahubali (a dubbed film that is carrying incredible word-of-mouth), media negativity due to court cases.. absolutely nothing has stopped the audience from coming out in big numbers to watch Bajrangi Bhaijaan in the first weekend itself. Without a record-breaking initial, it’s almost impossible for a film to collect 300 crore plus. When the footfalls are high in the first weekend itself, word-of-mouth spreads like wildfire, which brings more people to theatres. A lesser star, outside the Top 3, without a festive release, wouldn’t have done justice to a film like Bajrangi Bhaijaan.
  • The biggest surprise though has come from the overseas business of Bajrangi Bhaijaan. The previous highest grossing Salman film overseas was Kick (Rs 70 crore). Bajrangi Bhaijaan is set to double that total by the end of its run and will be competing with Dhoom 3 for the 2nd highest overseas grosser, if and when it releases in other countries like China and Japan. With a film like Prem Ratan Dhan Payo lined up for release, overseas success couldn’t have come at a better time for Salman.
  • The drop from first weekend to second weekend is just 45%. Assuming that the drops are around 50% during the weekdays, the film will end its 2nd week with net box office collections of 280-282 crore. That’s the amount Dhoom 3 collected in its entire run!
  • The worldwide gross of Bajrangi Bhaijaan now stands at Rs 435 crore, which is higher than Chennai Express’s Rs 425 total (the third highest worldwide grosser). The film is certain to beat Dhoom 3’s Rs 540 crore total and could eventually get close  to the 600 crore mark!

In short, Bajrangi Bhaijaan is yet another turning point in Salman Khan’s career. With the Kabir Khan directed film, the actor has taken giant leaps towards global superstardom.

DayBajrangi BhaijaanGrowth / Drop Percentage
Day 127.25-
Day 236.60 (Eid)+ 35%
Day 338.75 (Sunday)+ 6%
Day 427.05- 30%
Day 521.40- 21%
Day 618.05- 16%
Day 715.55- 14%
First Week184.65 crores
Day 812.80- 18%
Day 919.25+ 50%
Day 1024.05+ 25%
Day 119.30- 61%
Day 129.10- 2%
Day 137.10- 22%
Day 146.03- 15%
Second Week87.63 crores
Day 154.11- 32%
Day 166.80+ 65%
Day 179.07+ 33%
Day 182.75- 70%
Day 192.63- 4%
Day 202.45- 7%
Day 212.25- 8%
Third Week30.06 crores
Day 221.45- 36%
Day 232.73+ 88%
Day 243.51+ 29%
Day 251.15- 70%
Day 261.02- 11%
Day 270.96- 6%
Day 280.91- 5%
Fourth Week11.73 crores
Day 290.65- 28%
Day 300.86+ 32%
Day 311.12+ 30%
Day 320.38- 66%
Day 330.36- 5%
Day 340.33- 8%
Day 350.32- 3%
Fifth Week4.02 crores
India Net Collections320.48 crore
India Gross Collections424.8 crore
Overseas Collections194.3 crores
Worldwide Gross619.1 crore


  • wow wow….what shall one say now….here is the king of Bollywood… now everyone should accept this reality

  • BB is going great guns? Haters gonna hate this and lovers gonna love both-) 1. BBs boxoffice storm and 2. Haters hate..Bhai Rocks

  • If today collection near 14cr then BB may be break record of PK. Overseas also rock….!!! Time will be tell BB cross 350cr or not.

  • Mammoth collections…!

    Nothing can describe these figures- unprecedented coz PK was expected to excel in the long run but not BB so WOW

  • excellent collection that too with yesterday controversy. don’t think it was beneficial for movie because there is no connection between movie and that controversy.

  • Salman is a huge superstaar,bajrangi bhaijaan is a glorious achievement in his illustrious career.salman is a legend now.
    Bajrangi will beat Pk and collect 350cr easily now.

  • Top 3 India:
    1. PK
    2. BB
    3. D3

    Top 3 Overseas:
    1. PK
    2. D3
    3. 3I

    Top 3 Worldwide:
    1. PK
    2. BB
    3. D3

    Top 3 Maratha Mandir:
    1. DDLJ
    2. DDLJ
    3. DDLJ

  • all bhaijaan haters where silent for the last couple of days…suddenly after the tweet they woke up…aree yaar no negative publicity can tarnish our bhai image… he is a family man that’s why he said hang the tiger not his brother…thats it…i am not personally supporting bhai tweet….however he doesn’t know this much negativity will spread…he recently said that he is both muslim and hindu… stop it guys he is such a noble soul….if you dont love him its okay,, but don’t spread negativity…

  • Salman khan is The Biggest superstar and the King of Bollywood

    Burnol ka offer ab bhi chaloo hain for salman haters

  • The big difference in pk is the movie start with message that it is inspired from gandhian thoughts but at the end pk say’s there are different gods in earth but he think we should pray to that god who made us. but they forget when gandhi died his last word were ‘ hey ram’?

  • In your second bullet point you wrote:-

    “overseas success couldnt have come at a better time for Salman Khan…”

    That is the truest thing you have said in ages- with PRDP the HAHK magic will once again mesmerize the overseas (india too) audience n new records will be set for sure.

    In short what BB has done only reaffirms my belief from 2 yrs ago when PRDP was announced that HAHK storm will take India by storm. Salmans starpower is not on the wane- infact its stronger due to his problems as thats when you know who your real well wishers are n whom your enemies are. Now its down to Sooraj ji to give PRDP that HAHK solid content.

  • With BAJRANGI’s blockbuster success in domestic, overseas and worldwide, SALMAN KHAN has also become a GLOBAL STAR.


    1> Aamir Khan

    2> Salman Khan

    3> Srk

    4> Hrithik Roshan

    There are more than one star in GLOBAL STAR LIST.

    So there is no meaning of GLOBAL STAR.

    So Srk fans stop considering SRK as GLOBAL STAR next time.

    Srk is no more in any kind of lists or records.

  • 300cr confirmed now.its trending is same as collections are come in same range for bb n pk.3rd week collection will lag behind pk due to prediction for two week 275-280cr.and final 305-310.

  • After long time Salman and content came together….. See the result….


    Just wonder what will happen…
    If Raj Kumar Hirani and Salman come together….

  • Let me also point that in the UK b4u and zee network havent done justice to BB.

    Promotion has been low key compared to other biggies so the success it has garnered has been imo to positive WOM amongst audience onto friends n family. Aaj ki party I have only seen on tv twice but promotions of crappy bin roye were everywhere last few weeks so more kudos to BB.

  • Please tell me die hard fans of SRK aren’t heartbroken the fact that Bajrangi Bhaijaan surpassed Chennei Express in less than 9 days. ;-)

  • Salman is not a Media made star, so media negativity wnt affect him.. he is peoples man

  • @yuvraj

    WTF is going on with you….?

    Why even bring up PK now / here…?

    We all get it- you didnt like it- noone would like someone telling them that what they believed in during their entire life is a big fat lie/ conspiracy so I can understand your frustrations but what PK did was made many ppl stop n take stock of their life n what they believe in. It questioned religious practices n thought processes- it didnt say categorically what is right or wrong but just question what gets fed to you n why…? To think for yourself- thats all. Hate it or like it but let it go now- you too obsessed with PK and it annoys me no end…!

  • I was expecting a 25cr + on Sunday, still the second weekend record broken. In 6 years first time any actor took second weekend record in his name since 3I from Aamir.
    300cr is definitely on and a lifetime of 330-340cr is possible.
    @indicine there were no pre eid factor for Bajrangi bhaijaan, as from 2nd day it enjoying EID,it was more for kick. Only hurdle I think BB had is bahubali which eventually taken 15cr collection from BB, may be 20cr. But competition from 3rd week may stop the film to cross pk.
    What is the collection of BB in us $, will it cross 3i overseas figure not gross but in $s.
    One fact is also that BB is become first Salman film who crossed 3i worldwide collection of 392cr.

    Randomly yesterday I visited Indicine Twitter account, where in article our dearest @romance dilwale fan were saying that SRK-Salman is real friend and Aamir is fake, we srk fans want that BB cross pk but Aamir fans not.
    Wah re chameleon. First of all yes no Aamir fan want that BB cross pk as we want to see Aamir at top, every fan base is just like neither Salman,srk or hrithik fans want that any actor break their idol record. Second thing even if BB cross pk than we Aamir fan not starting to abuse Salman and BB, just like srkians did when k3 official broke CE record. This is mutual respect. We appreciate if BB cross pk, not posting hating comment. You were asking me when I predicted BB 250+ in prediction article that how can I predict that much as for you BB not crossing kick and now you wishing BB cross pk. What a chameleon.

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