Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Dilwale’ Release Date confirmed

The official release date of Shahrukh Khan’s much-awaited ‘Dilwale’ has been announced. Like ‘Dhoom 3’ and ‘PK’, two films that set all-time records at the box office, ‘Dilwale’ will release a week before Christmas on 18th December 2015.

The makers are currently shooting for the film in Bulgaria, after which they are expected to shoot some under-water sequences in Mauritius.

SRK - Kajol - Dilwale

SRK and Kajol in Dilwale

The final release date of ‘Dilwale’ sets up a clash with two other films that are also scheduled to release on the same day – Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Bajirao Mastani’ starring Ranveer Singh – Deepika Padukone and Feroz Nadiadwala’s ‘Hera Pheri 3’.

The situation is similar to last year, when ‘Bombay Velvet’, ‘Welcome Back’ and ‘PK’ were all announced for Christmas, but common sense prevailed and the biggest film ‘PK’ eventually got a solo-release.

While there are reports that ‘Hera Pheri 3’ is likely to be postponed, the cast of ‘Bajirao Mastani’ have reconfirmed that their film will release on 18th December.



  • Records are going to tumble on 18th Dec. Probably one of d most anticipated movie in recent times.It’s destined to be a blockbuster.Srk-Kajol jodi can never disappoint

  • The biggest blockbuster is coming on 18th
    December …
    dear records get ready to be broken …!!!
    we do not target pk’s record …!!!
    actually, we are going to create a new 400
    crore club in domistic and 300+ in overseas ….
    worldwide : 800 crore+

  • anyways……. if BM nt postponed srk miss biggest year this yr to…….
    heart breaking fr srk fans…

    If salman gets independence day next year its awesome cause Tuesday is 15 aug…. again kick strategy…..

  • RIP all records….
    No one will give a s**t to BajiRao Mastani.. Hera Pheri 3 did a great job by postponing the film…

  • Dilwaale will not work at box office….!!…

    Rohit shetty is bad director…!!…

    Srk is over-actor…. He stammers too much….. Not convincing dialog delivery…..!!..

    Dilwaale Disaster….!!..

  • Trust me I am soooo happy at the moment
    becoz of this news. ..!!!
    with dilwale and Raees srk will definetely
    rule 2015 and 2016 …!!!
    no one will dare to clash with srk !
    This is my promise …!!!
    I am super sure that fan will come after Eid
    2016 …… maybe Christmas 2016 …
    becoz it is also a big movie and is deadly

  • 18th December is an ideal release date for the movie.Now the movie has every possibility of becoming the biggest hit of Bollywood.Can’t wait for it

  • @indicine, plz publish my 1st comment
    which is my first comment on the top
    plz publish my 1st comment as I have counted moment to moment for getting
    a top comment for the 1st time ever !

  • First Disaster pic from dilwale with srk’s same expression since his debutant film deewana.
    And same girl kajol in most of films
    Old Jodi, old film, no expectation.
    From Dilwale

  • Hahaha, again a new trend started by Aamir, who ever thought to release films earlier than a festive weekend.Credit should goes to Yrf team also. Now srk fans have no excuse, want to see 50cr opening day after for srkians he is biggest star lol. Let’s see will dilwale uninflated figures can top dhoom 3 first 3 days 102 record with normal weekend which is still unbeatable, though BB had out of scope due to pre eid release. Now even 250cr is impossible to dilwale. Hahaha.

  • I must say this is what we called fear…
    fear of bajirao mastani….
    This is what effect of content…
    BM rocks…

  • 25th dec is what I think is best release date
    but now they made huge mistake….
    both movie will eat each other collection…

  • Bajrao mastani will be postponed to 2016
    trust me …
    the clash will not happen …
    haters and lovers this is my promise !

  • @javed mark my word, dhoom 3 is out of reach for dilwale, pk to bahut dur ki baat h.
    Waiting for romance crap year prediction.
    CE – 205 cr correct
    HNY – 305 cr highly incorrect
    Dilwale – 405 incorrect
    Fan – 505 and so on.

  • Now I’m sure this movie will turn of 180 cr grosser….
    Remember bang bang vs haider clash
    SOS vs jthj…
    now bm vs dilwale…

  • Hope…. There is a choice….other than dilwaale… For christmas…dilwaale not expected… to release this year…so its content… will be bad

  • Ha ha ha ha,finally MY DREAM also comes Hera pheri3 and bm will change their release date ,if they clashed also,then also no problem because after one week all the theatres will remove posters of hp3 and bm due to heavy losses.

    Just look at SRK-KAJOL ,THEY are the most stylish couple on earth.they are looking like TEENAGE COUPLE.and especially MY KING is looking so SLIM,HANSOME,TALL,18 YEAR AGED LOVER BOY.DILWAALE will be GIANT ENTERTAINER OF THIS DECADE.THIS TYPES OF FILMS COMES ONCE IN A DECADE.

  • @Ultron Replace PRDP’s collection with Dilwale’s
    @Sky Why couldn’t Aamir give a 102 weekend with Pk because there wasn’t any brand attached to the movie.Let’s see whether Dangal collects anywhere near D3 or even Pk in its weekend

  • One thing I really want to say aamir is legend…
    he is content legend….
    that’s why he released d3 n pk just a week ago but srk is not….
    rip dilwale

  • If srk can give 200+ movie with farah khan ..just imagine heters with a director like rohit how much srk starer movie can do ??
    At lest 350cr is guarented ..#dilwale18decmber

  • So what will happen now
    Dilwale will get 3300 screen in india
    bajirao mastani will get 2500 screen
    dilwale lifetime max 180 cr
    BM will be 100 cr

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