Aamir Khan at Amitav Ghosh’s book launch: Photos

Author Amitav Ghosh launched the third book in the Ibis Trilogy called the ‘Flood of Fire’.

Actor Aamir Khan, who is a big fan of Ghosh and his books, was present at the launch. Shobhaa De was also on stage at the unveiling.

The Ibis trilogy consists of Sea of Poppies, River of Smoke and Flood of Fire.

Aamir Khan at Amitav Ghosh’s book launch

Aamir Khan at Amitav Ghosh’s book launch

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan at the launch of Amitav Ghosh's book

Aamir Khan at the launch of Amitav Ghosh’s book



  • lately ,aamir khan has proved that content conquers everything
    initially his good movies like sarfarosh & lagaan,didn’t did blockbuster business
    but ghajini , 3 idiots , d3 , pk all went on and became all time grossers
    4 all time grosser out of 5
    dum hai boss

  • Aamir Khan is a great human being. He is the most honest, hard working and self-respected man I have ever seen. He is not jealous of anyone, instead he appreciates every talented actor’s work.
    Aamir is so talented and so generous, I am in absolute awe of him. He truly is a perfectionist.

  • success ke pitche nahi excellence ke piche bhago…. 750cr zhak maar ke piche aayenge….
    any other star in his place would hav gone mad n book all crismas bt he dnt…. he satisfy himself…he satisfy audience….
    still earns less than srk n salman…but he dnt care… dnt do mch adds.. dnt do add at all during satyamev jayate…
    free add for gov in many capains like clean india… now fr maha gov too.. he would easily gt crires fr tht…
    thts guy is dffrnt …
    he earns respct…


  • you post about useless news like book lauch …but reality is nobody interested in these type useless news like book launch…..please post namstey england which is upcoming movie of akki and sequel of namstey london…..vipul shah direct this movie….akki will be lead….two actresses takes place in this movie…this will be fresh story and not contouning of old story….this will shot in punjab england switzarland and other overseas country …..this will go on floor late 2015 ya early 2016 after akki finish shooting airlift….and this will be release on 2nd half 2016

  • @bajrangi bhushan you are wrong, he earns as much as Salman and shalu rukh earn if not more. He takes huge share from producers’ profit.

  • Omg.. i had to blink ma eyes twice wen somekne here said aamir isnt jealous of anybody.lol
    Infact he is the most jealous guy among all in the superstars. A complete showoff
    No doubt he is talented.
    But still an honest n kind man….hazam nahi hui bat

  • Aamir is in shape! Well, another masterpiece is in the making. But the wait is too long! I want every year a christmas film from the King Aamir Khan.
    Waiting for Dangal, only the next ATBB of Bollywood.

  • @Hrithik Roshan fan, I also love hrithik’s good films. It will be superb to see him in a period film after Jodha-Akbar. Very good actor.

  • He Totally transforms himself in a Different Look For His Every Movie .. unbelievable
    Good Job Chhota Chetan..!

  • @sunny chechi,well said.with out brand dhoom/Raju ,he is nothing and still chasing KANK’S overseas collection till now,lol.

  • @sunny chechi your floppy looks like a go at. He has no fan following at all. Aamir has billions of fans. So shy up kid. Floppaki aka floppy Kumar is the chota chetan.

  • To all the a****** who keeps on saying Aamir has no fan following they must understand that Aamir sir has better fan following than most of bollywood superstars like akshay, shahrukh, hrithik in fb amd twitter. So don’t be delusional little kids.

  • Aamir has done only 2 films with Hirani and gave Hirani his first highest grosser. But Srk has been spoonfed by YRF/Dharma ever since the beginning of his career till now lol. Without these two big studios Srk is nothing, absolutely nothing.
    Without Dharma Srk couldnt cross even $20 million in overseas lol. Aamir has already crossed $25 million thrice.

  • @SSS He Iz Not even tht worse :P
    He iz a big Brand With Small fan followinggg like himself .
    & his Fans r so stupid .
    They should accept tht he is not even in top 5 in terms of superstardom , glamour nd fan followinggg ..!
    He Not even have 50% fans Of Srk Akki salman nd they should accept it ..!

  • @Funny Chachi & Cyco Patient sss: Aamir has a lot of fans in Italy,
    Korea (etc)
    Aamir was voted the No.1 Indian star by a mainstream Indonesian TV. Aamir has huge grip over South East Asia where no one even knows there is an actor called Sarook..

  • Sunny chachi whatever ur name is,so that’s why Aamir has more likes in fb than srk and more follower than salman in twitter.it’s look like u are retarded bro to say that Aamir has less fanfollowing than akki and akki can never match superstardom of Aamir in his 10birth also.

  • Sunny chachi whatever ur name is,so that’s why Aamir has more likes in fb than srk and more follower than salman in twitter.it’s look like u are retarded bro to say that Aamir has less fanfollowing than akki and akki can never match superstardom of Aamir in his 10birth also.

  • @sunny

    wht a joker u are! I really like akshay bt u shldnt compare him with Aamir at the moment. Aamir has gone beyond everyone at the moment. Stop making insane comments!

  • I know Amir iz no.1 Star at this tyme . it’s truth nd I accept it bt sorry he don’t have the fan followinggg nd craze like akki hve in audience .
    Akki ki entry pe Log Pagal ho jte h ..!
    accept the reality chhota chetan Fans .

  • @sunny chechi,yeah absolutely true.he is not that much bad like salman.after all they are papa’s spoon fed boys,lol.

    @rew,Dhoom is that brand that gave a hit to john abraham that also in worst period of Bollywood when every star were searching for hits,lol.and with hr it becomes all time grosser as well a blockbuster.so amir grabbed by licking feet of YRF because he knew very well dhoom prolonged from hit to blockbuster,and he would have thought the next verdict will be atbb and he got what he thought,even akshay Kumar would have delivered atbb if he was in dhoom3.and don’t be kidding raju hirani is that director who from his start conquer the minds of peoples and delivered success to sanjay duty.and you know what 2 times He requested KING SRK to act in his movies and that 2 movies are MBMBBS,3i.

    Every Actor/Actress’s dream was to to work with YASHJI at least one.

    Similarly Every director’s dream was to direct THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD ONCE.

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