Shahrukh Khan wishes Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty for Singham Returns

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan, who returns to the big screen more than a year after the release of Chennai Express, has wished the director of his biggest blockbuster Rohit Shetty, all the luck for his upcoming film ‘Singham Returns’.

Khan also wished his rival Ajay Devgn, who battled it out against him during Diwali 2012 when Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Son Of Sardaar released on the same day in theatres.

“Want to wish Rohit Shetty & Ajay Devgn & their whole team of Singham 2 (Singham Returns) the best of luck. May you entertain us as you have been doing for years,” SRK posted on Twitter.

Since Shahrukh shares an excellent relationship with his ‘Chennai Express’ director, the two have mutually agreed to release the theatrical trailer of ‘Happy New Year’ with ‘Singham Returns’.

The sequel to ‘Singham’ also features Kareena Kapoor in the lead.

Singham Returns is produced by Ajay Devgn Films, Rohit Shetty Productions and Reliance Entertainment. The film releases in theatres on Independence Day.



  • @nipun Hrithik getting 50 crores is a shameful news. Already Mohenjodaro has a huge budget and Hr demanding 50 crores is disgusting. Now if Mohandodaro becomes disaster then all blame on Hrithik.

  • @romance new year. ????????????????????? Can’t stop laughing at a new interesting excuse from srkian. Lol. Raone biggest hit of 2011!!!!!!!! Joke of the millenium.

  • @IamKN,first of all Singham Returns is not a remake,it is fresh script.
    say something after you made research.
    btw SRK is intelegent guy. he alweys tries to seduce directors like what he did to Balaji last year.
    when he came on the sets of Singham returns last month he begged Rohit and Ajey sir juts to release his disastrous trailer and unfortunately they accepted him

  • Srk……evergreens movie and my all time favorite…..
    1..Karan Arjun
    I hope fan film include my lists…….

  • @IamAKN, The biggest shame goes to srk because, despite working with YRF since 1993, he failed to give YRF its first 100 Crore Grosser. Hence, Salman needed to come in to save the image of YRF because even small producers like Arbaaz Khan had got 100 Crore grosser and wYRF had not. The bigger than biggest shame goes to assrk because, despite working with YRF since 1993, Aamir needed to come in to give its first ever 200 Crore grosser. Hit your nerve? Ehhh!!

  • I mean how THIS MAN could get such BIG HEARTFELT .MY KING wished to that crap devgan who made conspiracy by associated with lallu against JTHJ .how could HE forgive that thief,after all might HE understood that game played by chip lallu
    Justifiable HATS OFF TO MY KING.

    @suchit,big lol on you RA.ONE is the BIGGEST WORLDWIDE COLLECTION FILM OF 2011,now show your teeth.

    @ajay rocks,hey thief’s fan give THANKS to KING KHAN due to WHOM might your 48cr club actor single Ajay starter film may collect 100cr of course also due to Rohit sir’s KING KHAN’S grace that HE allowed ouatimd in larger screen still it destroyed along with your Ajay starter Satyagaraha,baby it’s all due to stardom.may be Ajay rocked in your dream that doesn’t mean you should comment against THAT PERSON WHO ROCKEF THE GLOBE. understand you 2rs south remake artist’s fan.don’t compare coal devgan with DIAMOND KING KHAN SRK.

  • Already so nuch negativity…..I wonder how some morons make up stories of SRK begged to ROHIT and AJAY or seduced ROHIT and AJAY…..Lollll….I think they are the personsl servants of the three whose job is to stand beside them and do as ordered. ROFL

  • @romance: your comments are same for all hrithikmovies. But their BO collection is always opposite to your comment.

  • So sad even our bhai couldn’t get a movie to release his trailer as every director n distributor wants to stay away from him after he deliver Biggest hit of 2014 Crap ho.

  • @sss mind your words. Whom you are calling a 2rs artist or 48 club actor. Those words are suitable for Srk and other pathetic khans. Ajay won Best actor at National award twice. He gave four 100 crore movies. Golmaal3, Singham, Sos and Bol bacchan. He did Satyagraha, Raajneeti, when Srk was doing garbage like and Chennai express. Ajay never created any controversy.Bollywood is proud of Ajay. He is Diamond and Srk is coal.

  • @anand,similarly you lallu fans shouldn’t forget SRK holds HIS highest collection film with HIS OWN PRODUCTION HOUSE not HIS SELF MADE YRF. still you shouldn’t forget SRK is the 1ST MEGASTAR who gave 1st 200cr in a single male starter film.while tingu needed 2actors and great director raju hirani,so don’t be so should also not forget tingu/lallu’s highest collection belongs to SRK ‘S YRF.our 60crbclub actor akki surpasses bhai’s jai ho which released during holiday even bhai came after 1year.even bhai got everything with out facing major release during ett still couldn’t do rikshawala 2rs star fan doesn’t know how to compare.while your alone tingulal couldn’t surpass 90cr while ranveer Singh’ ram leela did 110cr in non hang yourself you shit…..

  • Oh dear the movie will be adversely affected now as ppl will have to endure a 2 min crap full of bleating n flying lungis but I hope the Singham ROAR shakes ppl up n brings them back to their senses…!

    All the Best Ajey despite Thakurs best efforts at harming your films chances.

  • I m anxiously waiting for HNY . I hope it will be another alltime blockbuster for srk. Srk has the heart of king as he is. He is always very generous to wish others.

  • The stroy of Singham Returns Tamil version is outstanding, full of action,comedy & suspense(Which wan missing in the first), if Rohit copy paste the same script than it will be Super Hit for sure & if he dare to make some changes than it can be Blockbuster .

  • ”Future Predict : @taran_adarsh :- #HNY Life Time grand total stands at Rs 307.55 crores. ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER.”

  • @sss, Salman Khan has won national best children film award as a producer for his first film Chillar Party. What did you assrk win for home produced films, Ghanta Awards. Besides, Paglapur Xpress is not a solo movie but there are a lot of aliens starring in the movie including Thangavalli that your assrk was dead afraid of. Besides, its main lead is depeekia not the thakur. It was directed by Rohit Shetty, a blockbuster director.

  • WE SRKIANS will not spare any 2rs star.

    @satyam,you better mind your you dare to speak against 15TIME FILMFARE WINNER as well how dare you to speak against National award winning film RA ONE? India’s national is just like a joke,because they gave said for hum tum instead of SRK for big example I have to give to prove this national awards are biggest jokes.ask your coal sorry coal also have values,ask your mud devgan to act films like BAAZIGAR,SWADES,MNIK,CDI,DEVDAS,DDLJ and also RNBDJ. let prove your mud devgan to prove how best he could do and in romance he is zero,lol.don’t ever dare speak against GLOBAL MEGASTAR who in every genre proved HIMSELF the BEST.while mud devgan has the most crappiest film himmatwala that even more dangerous than rgv’aag,lol,CE is 1crore times better than hope you understood your position.

    @navin,as usual you came with your same crappiest comment that no one wants to even read though indicine supported lallu/tingulal fans more still they also have no time to check and delete your crappiest mindless bhojpuri comments just like some child ranted words.always frog man,ra toon,lungi,pagalpur interesting words seems like a child needs to pass nursery class less than to go to a mental asylum,a totally out of world and so funny bhojpuri you’re,lol.OK however some illiterate bhojpuri in India could forcefully entered to school,but bhijpuria like you in other country have no treatment option.bichara phattu.

  • @Chaman Mathur you should better worry about our King chasing Ready records yet again as this time Rohit and Thalaiva wont be there to save him…

    Salma Shera Zeeshan Khan aka @sss khan.. you will remain an idiot forever in life..Ajay had delivered 3 100cr grossers with Rohit before Rohit decided to save our King’s career.. Also you yourself might be a 2Rs person who insults Ajay Devgan’s achievements..first ask our King to win a National Award which he can’t buy in his life.. Ask our King to deliver classics like Omkara, Zakhm, Company etc etc which demanded an actor with high intensity.. Also when Ajay gave us Omkara, our King gave us a Flop Paheli..

    also @Anand as given all you idiots a solid reply.. YRF and DP who made our King’s career with numerous hits couldn’t get their highest grossers from him..they got it from the right people, i.e Sallu Bhai and Aamir Sir..that too without promotions.. pls ask our King to deliver a monster hit without any promotions and begging for release dates..

    and coming back to the biggest hit, well our King needed, Deepika, Rohit, Thalaiva tribute, Lungi Dance, Jeetuji’s postponement of OUTIMD to get his leap year blockbuster..and also now he’s begging to Rohit to release his disastrous New Year’s Party trailer with Singham 2..that’s an EPIC SHAME and HARSH TRUTH to all you dumb-heads.. now you hang yourself you shithole!!!

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