Supreme Court issues notice to Salman Khan in blackbuck case 

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court of India issued notice to Bollywood superstar Salman Khan on a plea by the Rajasthan government challenging the stay on his conviction and sentencing in the blackbuck hunting case.

The apex court has also asked the actor to reply to the notice in the next four weeks.

In 2006, Salman was sentenced to one year in prison for hunting and killing the Chinkara, an endangered species. A complaint was also files against Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Sonali Bendre and Neelam. He had been charged under Section 51 of the Wildlife Protection Act, while others under Section 52 of the Act and Section 149 of the IPC.

The actors were accused of poaching two blackbucks in Kankvillage near Jodhpur in October 1998.

Salman Khan - Blackbuck

Supreme Court notice to Salman Khan in blackbuck case



  • I don’t feel the kick to go to jail so my lawyers hv kept on delaying the case using some witty tricks.the day I get my kick I will surrender myself to the law.

  • One day I was feeling the kick to end my relationship with the gorgeous aishwarya I called her to a restaurant and broke up with her.but only few hours later I realized my blunder but it was too late.

  • All the best Salman Bhai!! Hope you are proven innocent as you are. We, fans, know it is a conspiracy by Royal Family as you didn’t bow down yourself when the Royal Members met you during the shooting of the film, HSSH!

  • I always find this combo of Salman-Blackbuck pic hilarious…lol

    Justice should be done…thats it.

  • All animals should hide themselves in caves or somewhere else if Tiger is roaming in forest.Even real Tigers kills animals for food and humans also eats non veg.

  • Why this happens in India a case of 1998 or 1999 is still pending in 2014 . I think the judiciary of India is pathetic . I don’t whether Salman has pushed the case with his money, power and fame or because of lack of evidence the case is still postponed . I just hope that truth prevails if Salman has committed this crime then he should be punished and if not he should be given a clean chit . Not only Salman, Saif, Neelam and Tabu should also be punished if found guilty .

  • Nothing against Salman bt @sachin11: u r comment is disgusting.. “All animals should hide themselves in caves or somewhere else if Tiger is roaming in forest.” WTF

  • Tiger is the King of the Jungle who eats Black Bucks and Goats.
    And Salman of the King of Bollywood who beats SRK.
    So logically Tiger should be blamed for Blackbuck case not Salman.

    This is an epic mistake. Tommorow we will read

    “Supreme court issues notice to a tiger on SRK case” LOL

  • Thankfully no film is clashing with my u all know I always loose during clashes.

  • Srk has filed a case against Salman for consistently beating him for 25 years.
    Also a case has been filed against a tiger for hunting a blackbuck.
    So the title should be either
    “Supreme court issues notice to Salman in SRK case”
    “Supreme court issues notice to a tiger in blackbuck case”

    Seems the two case-files got mixed up as the lawyers/judges were still suffering from disorder.


  • @fake What is a less disgusting statement? “All animals should come out of caves and line up heightwise so that when Tiger comes he can choose whom to eat first”

  • @Rotten Painly Year, Ask your sarkar to respect the law as well. While allegations against Salman are yet to be proven true, it is a notorious fact that your sarkar is a chain smoker who smokes in public places and gets drunk and creates havoc public places.
    @Babaji Ka Lungi, Yes, the combo of Salman-Blackbuck pic is hilarious because is the blackbuck is the animal avatar of Babaji Ka Lungi.

  • @js actually one thing is true, our bhai jaan is the one who believe in equality as he is only celeb who face charges to running over humans and hunt down animals.

  • Allegations against SRK —

    (1) Smoking in public — Paid fine.

    (2) PeeCee affair — Rumors.

    (3) Sex Determination case — Court ruled out.

    (4) Wankhade brawl case — Police dismissed it…..MCA banned SRK.

  • I think Indicine Be come …. war zone area of bollywood where … two major stars frnds were clashing with each other….. This is not good…. why i am following indicine becoz… we cn earn knwledge abt bolly n movies…. so plz plz…. don’t fight here with stupid n nonsence reasons….. mujhe lagta hai… yeh jo aap log bacho ki jese lad te ho its a stupidity…and others can get irreted so plz ….

  • JS: & sachin11: So u both belive wat Salman did is right? ok fine.. I’ve got nothing else to say.. listen guys salman ki jagah agart hum hote to jail me sud rahe hote.. ..

  • Bhai jaan will not face any action just more waste of time n money just to appease the media hungry n inept judiciary system. Do some real work like sentence ppl for causing ruckus in public places ie Wankhede Stadium incident 2012…!

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