Shahrukh Khan to attend Arpita Khan’s wedding in Hyderabad

Two of the most popular Khans of Bollywood, have patched up and this time for real. Unlike Baba Siddiqui’s Iftar Party where both Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan looked a little uncomfortable in each others presence, Arpita’s wedding has well and truly been an emotional reunion of old friends who always shared mutual respect and love for each other.

Sources say, on Arpita’s request, Shahrukh and Salman danced together and hugged each other multiple times inside Salman’s Galaxy Apartments in Mumbai on Sunday.

Shahrukh Khan with Salman and Arpita

Shahrukh Khan with Salman and Arpita

Salman’s family invited Shahrukh for the Sangeeth and also the wedding ceremony in Hyderabad. The source added that while Shahrukh has apologised for not being able to the attend the Sangeeth ceremony due to prior commitment, he will attend the wedding and stay through the day long celebrations in Hyderabad.

The wedding will take place today at the Taj Falaknuma Palace, and Shahrukh is expected to be warmly welcomed by Salman’s family at around 3:30PM.

While unconfirmed, a source also added that SRK will be attending the wedding reception in Mumbai on November 21.



  • @Suniel ur right. even SRK doesnt think about himself so much, such is the dedication of our uncle. kya kare budhape me satiya gaya hai uncle.

  • @nipun

    Visuals are the magic of Hirani movies. The title track of Lage Raho Munna bhai is quite amateurish but the way it is shot makes it eye-pleasing. The bhagwaan song in itself had a strong emotional conflict, so compared to Hirani’s previous movies, I thought it was his best.

    Nothing wrong with your review, but I got kinda emotional because I really liked that song.

  • @Megha… a wish or a prayer is a gesture of love and support. The person at the receiving end need not necessarily read it…

    When someone dies, the entire world says RIP.. does that mean the person will get the message? When someone is unwell or gets injured, people tweet or post comments saying get well soon… they wouldn’t be reading it no?

    Why are you so negative in every comment? Is there nothing in your life apart from hate and negativity??

    P.S… aunty and uncle are a match made in heaven. Kindly contact ASAP on FB or Twitter. :D :D

    Now I know everyone will ask me about negative comment on Aamir.. I have never likes Aamir’s personality.. for some reason he seems like a jealous person. That comment calling SRK a dog showed his jealousy and insecurity. I love Aamir’s acting and his films.. but as a star he will never ever be able to get the stardom that Salman and SRK have. Even Hrithik, Ranbir and Akshay have more die hard fans…

  • If Navin is blamed so blame @IamAKN too who is spreading hatred towards Salman. Stop bashing Navin, he reserve his rights to his likings & dislikings. Opportunity mili nahi everyone is on him, he may be wrong but just ignore him. btw I respect Srk for atrending Arpiras wedding n being part of Salmans family. Hope all goes well from here on. I agree with @Anand they need to maintain certain distance yet being buddies !!!!!!!


  • @IamAKN : What do you expect from Salman ?? bash or make fun of Srk at public events or family occassions ?? Do you treat your guest same when they come to your home ?? Yes he did make some of Srk in BB but as a friendly humour why dont you also mention when Salman praised Srk for his hard work & dedication n blasted IMAM (BB 6 contestant) when their rivalry was at peak ???

  • @sambuddha mukherjee

    Before dreaming about hanging me upside down or Boney Sir (whom you blame for not launching you Arjun Kapoor into Bollywood not once but several times like Vashu Bhagnani has launched Jacky) try to first stand up straight on your own two feet you two left footed ugly humshakal of Shakti Kapoor….!

  • @kshitij stivastava no surprises that you agree with sambuddha mukherjee coz like master like student…

    You chameleons brown nose as much as you want but I will bash you non stop on any actors articles bcoz quite frankly you both deserve it….

  • @aniel

    I can get 100 dislikes for saying king shoxXxXx but you will never get 100 likes for saying King RoxXxXx

    Hhhmmm even without manipulation

  • @hrithik thanks buddy but dont worry about me… Im quite enjoying the fact that Im getting more dislikes than aniel, suniel, noam get likes…. Too much manipulation going on here and this chulli wants to lecture me too…. My day will feel complete if my complan boy SSS Khan comes n gives me english grammar tips….!

  • @Babuji or gj007, cudn’t agree more! Even I also think it will have a great video. But we cann’t consider the video when we’re reviewing an album! Yeah, Bhagwan song gave me some goose-bumps as I got emotional too. Specially I loved the part where Sonu Nigam sings the part after the 1st stanza! The only thing is that it’s composition could have been a bit more complex and better. It sounds a bit simple! BTW,3.5 rating a very gud rating too!

  • God bless Arpita for uniting srk nd salman. It would be very exciting to see three khans together on wedding. Srk nd salman look great together.

  • @aniel

    But Im here proud that I only got 117 dislikes… Phew what a relief- you should be sitting in some street corner of Paglapur asking the question where were the billions of dislikes for me….?

    Beta understand one thing- if saying the truth upsets the doubters/ non believers then shame on them coz truth always hurts so I got nothing to apologise for.

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