Bombay Velvet Release Date announced: To hit screens during IPL

Ranbir Kapoor’s next film ‘Bombay Velvet’ will release during the IPL 2015 season. The final release date of the film will be May 15 2015.

“We are all gearing up for the release of ‘Bombay Velvet’ May 15 next year. The film needed time to complete given the work that was pending and now we have locked a release date. An exciting marketing plan is being crafted as we speak to promote the movie in a way films have not been presented before” director Anurag Kashyap said in a statement released to the media.

“‘Bombay Velvet’ is a very special film, a beautiful love story set against the rise of Bombay. It’s authentic, good cinema with amazing performances by Ranbir, Anushka and Karan,” Vijay Singh, CEO, Fox Star Studios, said in a statement.

Ranbir Kapoor's Bombay Velvet look

Ranbir Kapoor’s Bombay Velvet look



  • youngistaan is nt scared of ipl.last yr aashiqui2 bcm bb in d same period and this yr 2states did d same despite election disadvantage.


  • Hope it turns out well n as expected- heard it went astray- heres hoping Anurag pulled it back on the right track… All the best

  • salman-king of eid
    srk-king of diwali
    aamir-king if Christmas
    rk-king of summer vacation

    hope bv recreates d magic of cult blockbuster yjhd


  • RK will flop big time next year. Yes he has done Rockstar and Barfi but not to forget his last non-sense Besharam. He is another Kapoor with that ego which will take him down.

  • Something went terribly wrong with Ranbir after YJHD. Besharam was a disaster. And there have been strong rumors that BV hasnt shaped well.

    Though he has 3 really strong directors with him after BV; Ayan Mukherjee, Imtiaz Ali and Raju Hirani so he doesn’t really have to worry if BV fails to make a mark. These 3 guys have almost never failed at box office.

  • Heard a track “nanga punga dost” from pk! Cann’t believe that even shreya has disappointed! This song doesn’t suit 2 her voice!

  • Releasing the movie during ipl was started by emraan hashmi.
    His jannat n jannat2 were superhit during ipl. Infact jannat opened to packed houses during 1st season of ipl which had craze.
    Youngistan is replicating the same with lesser charisma.
    Good luck.

  • Srk= romance
    Salman= stardom
    Aamir= masterpiece
    Akshay= comedy timing
    Hrithik= god gifted…in rare u will get everything looks, talent, body etc
    Ranbir= acting
    Others r der bcoz of der surname…

  • Let’s hope Bombay Velvet is brilliant . Anurag Kashyap is directing his first commercial movie . Let’s hope it is worth the wait . After Barfi ! I have not liked YJHD very much and i have not seen Besharam so looking forward to Bombay Velvet . Ranbir is a talented actor i hope he does not disappoints with his performance . @ Indicine Now much will release after IPL in 2015 ?

  • Oh No! Our king & bhai is going to become one! And their possible successor Ranbir’s career will be ruined by Kashyap brothers!

  • Bombay Velvet looks very interesting.

    After all its from the maker of GULAAL, BLACK FRIDAY, GOW.

    BV will either become a cult classic like GOW or will be Kashyups worst. But I love the risk he is taking.

  • wish it’s a good flick…az heard rumours that everything got ehmmmm ehmmmm….. even indicine itself published article???

  • I am not interested in Ranbir! Hope he has a goof fan base that will make his film hit!
    I only like Varun Dhawan coz I see next Salman in him. Looks, charisma and screen presence wise!

  • Is it just me or does anyone else find ARJUN KAPOOR’S comments boring n annoying? Youngistaan Youngistaan Youngistaan.. YAWN!

  • @True Actor, how can u have left Ajay Devgn when it comes to Acting? He is simply the best when it comes to getting into the skin of the characters

    Phool Aur Kaante
    Dil Jale
    Pyar Toh Hona Hitha
    The Legend of Bhagat Singh
    Apharan and many more!

    Hrithik would be perfect if he didn’t have six fingers!Just being sarcastic, Not being bigot.

  • @Eemran ….
    1.janaat was released by Bhatt and co not eemran. Though he was d main lead actor with excellent performance!!
    2. Janaat wasn’t d 1st movie to release on IPL season…
    a)…tashaan (April 2008)
    b)bootnath(May 9th
    c)..JANAAT (may 16) all 2008
    3. No doubts JANAAT was declared a SUPER HIT
    JANAAT 2 declared SEMI HIT by both BOI and INDICINE. So both of them weren’t super hit! Only one of them.
    4. Rather d year janaat2 was declared semi hit…HOUSEFUL2 and VICKY DONAR which released even b4 janaat 2 but during IPL season were ALL DECLARED SUPER HIT!!
    best of luck for UNGLII.. its gonna do well!!

  • @sani.d jannat2 was superhit by producer figures. It collected 54 cr with budget around 15cr.
    Indicine didn’t gave producers figures then. It was a massive superhit.
    Remeber emraan-s statement during jannat2 – i don’t fear of ipl season, ipl must fear jannat2.

  • My son arjun’s cmnts might b irritating but I hv to admit that most of d time he speaks d truth and his luv for his so called youngistaan is same as the luv of others for their hv his behaviour doesnt surprise me

  • @boney I tok about youngistaan only in youngistaan related topics just like khan fans or hro fans tok about their fav stars in related articles.btw I don’t care wat an idiot like u think about me

  • @Nipun

    That song was quite average, but kindly listen to “Bhagwaan hai kaha re tu” It is one of the best songs of 2014!

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