Shahrukh Khan to attend Arpita Khan’s wedding in Hyderabad

Two of the most popular Khans of Bollywood, have patched up and this time for real. Unlike Baba Siddiqui’s Iftar Party where both Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan looked a little uncomfortable in each others presence, Arpita’s wedding has well and truly been an emotional reunion of old friends who always shared mutual respect and love for each other.

Sources say, on Arpita’s request, Shahrukh and Salman danced together and hugged each other multiple times inside Salman’s Galaxy Apartments in Mumbai on Sunday.

Shahrukh Khan with Salman and Arpita

Shahrukh Khan with Salman and Arpita

Salman’s family invited Shahrukh for the Sangeeth and also the wedding ceremony in Hyderabad. The source added that while Shahrukh has apologised for not being able to the attend the Sangeeth ceremony due to prior commitment, he will attend the wedding and stay through the day long celebrations in Hyderabad.

The wedding will take place today at the Taj Falaknuma Palace, and Shahrukh is expected to be warmly welcomed by Salman’s family at around 3:30PM.

While unconfirmed, a source also added that SRK will be attending the wedding reception in Mumbai on November 21.



  • Arpita is such a great would hv been gr8 if she hadnt broken up wid arjun but then thats wat destiny wanted to happen.hope arjun also matches his right match very soon

  • Short Music review of PK music by Me:

    1.Tharki Chokro: This one is a simple folk song. Lyrics by Swanand Kirkire is good. The composers didn’t put much effort on this song to make it very complex. Over all, nice,but not great! 3/5

    2.Love is a waste of time: this song sounds a bit outdated. The composition is very simple ! The song requires patience to be listened completely.2.5/5

    3. Chaar Kadam: it reminds me of “kyon” from Barfi. The composition in the 2nd and 3rd stanza are similar. So another simple track. The lyrics is good. 3/5

    4. Bhagwaan hai kahan tu: Swanand kirkire deserves maximum credit for this beautiful and poignant lyrics. Sonu Nigam has sung it very nicely. Composition is very simple though and reminds of “jaane nahi denge tujhe” from 3 idiots. A generous 3.5/5

    5. Dil Darbadar: Ankit Tiwari track! Lyrics is beautiful. A regular composition by Ankit Tiwari. 3/5

    6. Nanga Punga Dost: probably the least impressive one in the album! I won’t blame the composition only. Composition is simple. But I feel it was not a perfect voice for the song. Shreya’s voice and singing style don’t suit to the song. I feel any other female singer like Sunidhi Chauhan or Shalmali Kholgade etc could have given more justice to it. 2.5/5

    over all, PK album is not great, but decent. The composition by Santanu Mitra is very simple, having said that all are situational songs and may get catchier if you listen them multiple times!
    Over rating a generous 3/5 !

  • Is Gauri Khan accompanying him? She is a lovely lady and the main reason behind his success.

    Yes, they may not still be comfortable but they have proven to be responsible men. They have kept everything else aside for the sake of their families.
    Earlier, SRK has misunderstood his brotherly feelings for SRK. According to Salman, SRK was not his friend but like Arbaaz and Sohail to Jim. But SRK thought it was just a friendship and professional relationship. So, SRK treated him that way. That is why the problems have arises between them. Different expectations!

    When they fought back in 2008, Salman expected SRK to go his (Salman’s) home & sort the things out because he considers his home to be SRK’s home as much as it is his. If there is any place that SRK has spent most of his time in his life, it is Salman Khan’s home.

    But he went to KWK & apologized Salman on TV. That made Salman more upset because the fight was never in public domain.

    So, this time when SRK stepped into his home. His heart seems to have melted and forgotten everything.

    All the best for the future! But I personally feel they should stay a bit away from each other and maintain their relationship eternally.

    All the best to Arpita’s marriage!

  • Oh look they have kissed n made up n by default we too their fans should let bygones be bygones n all get together n do the lungi dance and act stupid while dancing to nonsense ki night…

    Such retarded mentality- grow up you losers- if they hugged Dawood tomorrow then will we all forgive him n start liking him too…?

  • @nipun… what has this PK song review got to do with Arpita’s wedding? Will Aamir be playing these songs at the wedding? @indicine.. why approve that comment?

  • A real royal wedding cerrmony. Good to see karan arjun back together. @indicine aamir is attending wedding or not.

  • @navinA TANDON- grow up man u r comparing dem to a gangster who tuk lots of lives whreas des two megastars r doing no harm to anybody nd becoming frnds… u r such an idiot

    box office is another thing bt family nd foe-turned-frnds r other things… u cnt undrstand as u r d dawood of dis site who cnt see d happiness of others.. such a pathetic person u r…

  • Disgusting stinking Kings fans like ‘aniel’, ‘triniman’ and ‘suniel’ must continue to shake their rotten legs to lungi dance all by themselves as no self respecting bhai fan will be seen dead dancing to such a heinous song alongside them…. I dont care who Salmans new friend is as my enemies are still the same today as they were yesterday…

  • @nipun

    3.5 for Bhagwan song is outrageous! I respect your opinion but this song is one of the best ones of recent times! Way better than the clichéd chart busters of recent times.

  • Ek baat kisine notice ki?
    Big Loss ke ghar me SRK ke baare me aur kabhi kabhi against Chaati fulaake confidently bolnewale Salman ka mooh…woh jab bhi SRK se face to face milta hai tab aisa kyon ho jata hai jaise ki 2 din se toilet nahi gaya hai…?
    (phir woh Iftar party ho star guild awards ya arpita ki wedding…just look at his face…lol………)

  • @suneil

    Why unhappy? Can’t we just say best of luck to wedding instead of fighting which khan is better.
    All of them have their own style and charisma. Both Aamir and SRK respect each other. They were once bitter enemies but with times they have matured. High time for their fans to mature!

  • @Nipun, keep your reviews in you! This is a wrong page for that.

    Coming to the songs of PK, the songs will not be immediate chartbusters but over the time, it will grow with the people as you keep listening! Like ‘All is Well.”
    All songs are melodious!

    My fav songs are: Bhagwan Kahan Hai Tu & Chaar Kadam!
    My rating of the album: 4/5

  • Now every salfan is busy accusing SRK of all guilt and saying SALMAN as golden heart…while the real truth is SALMAN got drunked and verbally attcked SRK…And at the very next day again attacked SRK in the media meeting of his film GTGH…all tgese people are saying like they were present at the event…lol…:v

    Note – I strongly believe its a publicity gimmick created by the two Khans…even the quarrel between AK and SRK is a gimmick..or may be its an ego problem.

  • @anand honestly speaking I m quite moved by ur changed personality in last few days.u r a very nice guy except for the moments when u start speaking rubbish about srk and arjun.I m nt asking u to stop criticizing srk and arjun but b a little polite while doing so

  • @Goutam: I loved That song and gave it 3.5,which is a good rating! To get 4 or 4.5 out of 5, a song has to be better. BTW, it will get catchier after listening more times.,
    @anand: I agree and I have even mentioned that in my review. I didn’t find any new article about pk. That’s why posted it here. BTW 4! ! ! That’s too much!
    @indicine plz post the songs of pk.

  • @Arjun Kapoor… Anand comments have always been a good read as long as he doesn’t get influenced by our resident Navin uncle from Paglapur.. who has dedicated his entire life and time to SRK – a man who he supposedly hates, yet doesn’t forget to mention him in every comment :D

  • @na vining. Stop whining dude. U talk as if u have been bathed in honey or milk. Stop this nonsense u stinking piece of shi*. Oh u mean SRK is Ur enemy. Never expected king to have a looser like u as his enemy.
    Comparing with dawood. Wow. I only can say SALMAN and SRK hugging on each other has got Ur pheromones burning and itching u senseless retard navin uncle. Good luck for Ur so called manipulated hatredness. U can’t be fan of any hero u jealousy monster.

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