Salman Khan’s Guest List for Arpita Khan’s Wedding

The who’s who of the Indian film industry will be attending Arpita Khan and Ayush Sharma’s wedding at the Taj Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad. Amongst the prominent personalities who were invited are the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi who was personally invited by Salman for the wedding. Sources say, Salman went to meet the PM last week to invite him for the wedding, however, due to his on-going foreign tour Modi expressed his inability to attend.

Next up are the two superstar Khans. While SRK will definitely be attending the wedding, we was earlier quoted as saying “She (Arpita) is like my sister. I have seen her from childhood. I will attend the wedding.”

Aamir too said he would attend the wedding whether he is invited or not “Salman and I are so close that he doesn’t need to send me an invitation card for Arpita’s wedding. His sister’s wedding is like my own sister’s wedding.”

Arpita Khan - Ayush Sharma

Arpita Khan – Ayush Sharma

Amitabh Bachchan and Hrithik Roshan have been invited. While Big B might not make it to the wedding, Hrithik is expected to make a quick trip Hyderabad later today to bless the couple. Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Karan Johar and more than 75 other celebrities from the Hindi film industry have been reportedly invited.

Salman’s friends from the Telugu Film industry will definitely be making it, as the wedding takes place in Hyderabad. From the Tamil industry, Kamal Hassan and Rajnikanth have been invited, but whether they will be attending the wedding or not remains to be seen.

Not many are aware that Aayush Sharma is the son of Anil Sharma, a Congress minister in Himachal Pradesh. The Sharma’s have invited Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Vice-President Rahul Gandhi for the wedding.

The guest list is long, right from political bigwigs to superstars from various film industries. Security arrangements will be in place to ensure that the wedding goes on peacefully.

From the entire Indicine Team we wish Arpita Khan and Ayush Sharma a very happy married life.



  • @indicine but when will salman marry?I think entire india wants him to tie d knot afterall everyone wants him to b happy by finding a life partner

  • Happy wedding to Arpita and Ayush . I would love to see a pic of Salman, Hrithik, Aamir and SRK together at the wedding ceremony .

  • honestly speaking I know hw arjun is currently feeling.deep down inside himself he must b crying afterall it is impossible to forget ur first crush especially if u hvnt found a new gf after her.but knowing arjun he Will dfntly b happy that atleast arpita has moved on happily and found her match.
    arjun bhai,dont worry.u will also find ur Angel

  • Definitely one of the most “Grand” and “Lavish” marriage ceremony of the year !!!
    Wishing a happy married life to Ayush and Arpita :)

  • Aamir Khans presence means the most- hes affections for Salmans family is real n genuine n not fake like the other khan….

  • Heres hoping their big day goes agead without any hitch n they get lucky that kings sharabi nonsense ki dancing shenanigans does not affect them or their guests….

  • @sambuddha mukherjee forget about Bhai for a minute n worry more about whether you will ever be able to find fanny…..

  • Looking immensely forward to seeing PK n Jaadoo blessing the happy couple….

    PS no Aliens from Paglapur are allowed…!


    “The nation wants to know” is Arnab Goswami’s copyright line. Don’t use them without his permission :D

    Don’t know the fuss about salman’s marriage. It’s his life. If he wants to marry, he will. If not, he won’t. Why become so judgemental about someone’s personal life?

  • what is indicine to wish anybody a haay married life????

    ha ha ha..

    if these stars read indicines compliments then they must be reading my comments too .!!

  • @gj007 wen was I judgemental?no matter where he goes he is only asked one question-wen will u marry?I also asked that in a positive manner

  • May God bless the couple!!

    @Sambuddha, stop worrying for Salman & Arjun Kapoor! Their personal lives, mind it! They will do what they want with their lives.

    @Navin, loved your reply to Sambuddha! He will never be able to find his fanny!

    @Megha, though I don’t like megha pirate aunty, she sometimes speaks harsh truths. That hurts everyone! Here too, she again rocks! If they read what u write here, they would be reading my comments too. Ha ha ha ha

  • @ arjunkapoor

    man. u r so funny.
    funnier than ur movies.
    u can be a real comedian who can give kapil sharma a tough competion. I am not sarcastic. I really mean it. dude consider it seriously. the world needs comedian and u can be.

  • @ arjunkapoor

    hats off….so much innocense by the way u asked that ques to @indicine.

    hahaha. yaar u made my day with that funny ques

  • Oh yes.Our king will come in wedding as arpita is like his sister so we want our king to rob shoes of arpitas husband and demand money from him for returning shoes

  • High profile guest list and many VIP’s r expected to attend this wedding.Will be great to see all popular personalities together.

  • @Navin Don’t worry Srk will not perform in wedding bcoz he is invited for wedding and not paid to perform in wedding.

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