Bombay Velvet Release Date announced: To hit screens during IPL

Ranbir Kapoor’s next film ‘Bombay Velvet’ will release during the IPL 2015 season. The final release date of the film will be May 15 2015.

“We are all gearing up for the release of ‘Bombay Velvet’ May 15 next year. The film needed time to complete given the work that was pending and now we have locked a release date. An exciting marketing plan is being crafted as we speak to promote the movie in a way films have not been presented before” director Anurag Kashyap said in a statement released to the media.

“‘Bombay Velvet’ is a very special film, a beautiful love story set against the rise of Bombay. It’s authentic, good cinema with amazing performances by Ranbir, Anushka and Karan,” Vijay Singh, CEO, Fox Star Studios, said in a statement.

Ranbir Kapoor's Bombay Velvet look

Ranbir Kapoor’s Bombay Velvet look



  • shocked to see everyone jealous of rks success.they praise rk but moment he starts threatening d stardom of their fav star they star bashing rk.really peculiar

  • Rk is like srk. If any actor give back to back successful film, his fans start comparing him with srk, n if any youngstar gave hit films their small fans comparing him with rk. But the fact rk is the strong compititor of the khans n ahead of hr aki ajay.

  • Clearly it seems a critically acclaimed as well as commercially hit movie. Obviously Beshram proved a black spot in ranbir’s career. That was his big mistake but he will easily get pace by this movie.

  • Hi guys
    2day i m posting my 1st comment on indicine
    i hv seen so much guys r posting abt srk,salman,amir n others on this site, i do so. I m SRK fan BUT this doesn’t mean i hate amir,salman n others.Actually i like good acting n movies as well.
    Here is a list of recent best acting actors of Bwood on my behalf(below i hv posted career based,rank changed)-
    1. Amir(exclude D3)
    2. SRK(hvn’t seen HNY yet)
    3. Hritik
    4. Ranbir kapoor(immense talent excluding besharam&YJHD-avg acting)
    Salman- stardom, body, look, freaky dialog, mostly larger than life action scene,mallika arora(item no.)> no talent that’s real
    Akki, Ajay> 3-4 good acting movies out of 10
    others- just starter
    Nw i m putting list of best career acting
    1. SRK(no doubt)
    2. Amir(selected avg movies in past)
    3. Hritik- nt made so much movies like khans
    4. Ranbir- excellent acting despite doing few movies(except 2-3 bad selection)
    5. Akki, Ajay
    Salman- no. 1 money making n stardom hero(acting nt much good)
    others- just starter
    again, i wil post some other list in srk, amir or ranbir blog posted by indicine after sometime

  • @James Bond….welcome on board 007!! Well 1st as a SRK FAN am surprised why u haven’t watched HAPPY NEW YEAR??
    Why excluding dhoom3?? Or u Havant watched it too!!!!…anys hope u can justify ur comments on other discussion board…once more welcome 007…nice name!
    If others are starters u better exclude Rhandbir kapoor name there ….if not u put ppl like farhan akther who has done few films too and is very talented… They don’t belong here for now!!
    Finally …u kept emphasis more on SALMAN KHAN! stressing and stressing and stressing!!!
    U don’t like him…if u did u would know that ATTRIBUTES consisting d words STARDOM and NO TALENT THATS REAL are BIG TIME MISMATCH !!

  • @007…forgot….I just hope u r not one of those SRK fans that comes here to bash Salman and others…cos we actually have lots of REAL SRK fans here that we respect a lot just from their comments. Just take it easy here with SALMAN and some other DIE HARD FANS… my candid advice ..just be REAL BRO! all d best

  • @eemran.. Oh okay noted…may b indicine BOI and wikipedia don’t like janaat 2 for giving it semi hit verdict…
    But nothing personal… Eemran is a very talented and natural actor…I love janaat1 footpath murder2 and gangster.. Appreciated his acting in OUATIM… ain’t an easy to TASK to share screen with such confidence with some 1 like AJAY DEVGN.. He did well!..just has to b re reading scripts more often… He is selective too that’s another plus for him. Wish him luck in Ungli!!

  • @Shail007.. Welcome to Indicine. U seem to be a rational man. I hope u wil be unbiased throughout discussions. I know its a very arduous task;)

  • @Shail007
    Welcome to Indicine. U seem to be a rational man. I hope u wil be unbiased throughout discussions. I know its a very arduous task;)

  • @Sani D
    i wil justify my comment of actors ranking regarding to ur question soon on dis blog or srk salman amir or ranbir new blog soon
    N thnx fr appreciating my name
    actually i m fan of 007 movies

  • I think either something terrible happened with the movie…they are not satisfied with the final shape of movie and taking their time to make this movie good….Best of luck RK..

  • @007..welcome bro! I like d confidence! Actually its quite fun here every 1 gives his and her views some authentic some crappy but @d end of d d day we get to know some additional facts we might have not known… Plus at d end of d day we r still all friends.

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