Kim Kardashian to be paid Rs 5 crore for Bigg Boss appearance?

Kim KardashianIf reports are to be believed, American star Kim Kardashian West will be paid Rs 5 crore for a single day appearance on COLORS’ reality-show Bigg Boss.

The controversial star, who recently posed nude, is likely to make an appearance on Bigg Boss on the 21st of November 2014.

“According to Lauren Nogy of the APA Talent & Literary Agency that handles Kim Kardashian’s work, the appearance fees for the Kardashian sisters within the United States Of America ranges from $150k-200k (Rs 90 – 125 lakhs) per day plus all travel and accommodation, security and other extra costs.”

“The Kardashian sisters and particularly Kim Kardashian travel with an entourage of over 10 to 15 persons which includes managers, hair stylists and make up artistes and personal security officials. This means that her appearance fees alone are over Rs 1.5 crore per day plus all travel, accommodation for several people and other miscellaneous expenses. This is for a non-televised event. For a live-televised Reality Show like Bigg Boss, the appearance fees alone could be in the range of Rs 2.5 crore per day. This means that Mukesh Ambani-owned Colors could be easily spending about Rs 5 crore or nearly about USD 900-1000k for a simple single-day appearance for Kim Kardashian”

Confirming her appearance, Kim said ““Namaste India… Main Kim Kardashian aa rahi hoon India.. Bigg Boss ke ghar mein” in a statement released to the media.

The popular television reality show is hosted by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan.



  • No equality in this world.. a cheapster like Kim gets Rs 5 crore for a single day appearance.. waste of time and money. Whats her achievement exactly? She is nothing but Poonam Pandey of America. Talentless *hore who made it big with a sex tape.

    Whats more shameful is the prize money of BB is 50 lakhs.. when this undeserving female walks away with 5 cr in one day.

    Colors and Endemol are only doing this for cheap publicity.

  • After getting nearly 100 dislikes and his comment hidden on SRK – Bhai photo post, Navin posts another cheap comment. Example of his shitty taste.

  • These reports are false- no personal security officials will be accompanying her coz afterall she will have Bollywoods Numero Uno Bodyguard guarding her in the form of our bhai jaan…! Shes in safe hands…

  • @suniel why would anyone turn down 5 crore anyways…? Shes offered it so ofcourse she would take it… Are you saying you wouldn’t *hore yourself out for 5 crores… Do you *hore yourself out for more…?

  • That’s really stupidity . Colors, Endemol and Bigg Boss are doing buffoonery . Kim Kardashian is i really mean stupid . I don’t understand one thing why Salman Khan is doing this show . I understand that the makers are giving huge money to Salman but i personally feel he should stop doing this show . I have observed that Salman has become less involved with the contestants as compared to previous season .

  • very good
    @indicine i heard that in toi today (17 nov) article dhoom 4 is confirmed. Salman will be the next villain… is it true?.
    and Bombay velvet release date also confirmed… 15th may..

  • honestly bb8 has lost its started of very well but nw I will call it just abv avg mainly bcz of presence of goutam gulati and elimination of better contestants like arya.I m still watching bb bcz if upen and pritam and d day even one of them will b eliminated I will stop following that show

  • I only watch BB weekend shows! His Dus Ka Dum was amazing! No wonder Bhai is quitting the show after this season!

    As of Kim Kardashian, I gave the news yesterday. I am a big fan of her s. So, she should show that tagging that particular episode only for adults! Don’t think sick of me! Every guy Mani Mann Yehi Chate Hai!

  • What is wrong with you guys???
    Instead of talking Big boss, you are talking about naked pictures and sex tape hahahaha.
    Does her photos effect your life in anyway shape or form besides envying the fact she looks damn good after having a baby. That’s whats wrong with society.
    personally most of you who have some negative to say need to find a hobby and worry about them selves.
    If you don’t like Kim then Just don’t tune into shows she is a part of. The networks only give us what is in demand. Boycott the shows and she will go away…that is it.

  • salman has become bore from the show as this show is getting boring day by day contestants are boring.i only watch weekend episode and clearly seen that bhai is not interested in this show any bhai should quit this boring ahow.As a host he is incredible but contestants are boring.Bhai should come up with das ka dum again it was great show.

  • Im sure our baby nipun is upset with suniel for calling his fav poonam pandey the indian equivalent of kim…. ‘a cheapster’…. suniel is being ignorant coz atleast nasha had a script no matter how ludicrous it was…!

  • Only a fool could comment saying money well spent.
    @suniel. Agree with u Bro. Whats her achievement. Sex tape or honey moon which lasted for 72 days or hours and like fools they even sold that to the media. Wow. What a cv to have.

  • @black lungi- Im offended by that remark as I consider myself as a Sunny Leone type- obvious resemblence is that just like shes way out of all of your leagues I too am in a league way above you n your fellow lungiwaales- you cant match me so you hide behind a crappy name that detracts attention- expose yourself n not in a nude sense but unveil yourself so that I can proceed to rip your name to shreds….

  • @Noam Now her achievement will be appearing in a blockbuster reality show whose host is blockbuster star and not any leap year blockbuster

  • I wonder why our old uncle is going crazy after @hores and porn stars………………………looks like he is not getting any at home due to is irritating and disgusting behaviour hehehe to much fun!

  • @Sachin 11111 Writing “Lol” after every comment Does not make u funny
    Commenting same thing again and again doesn’t make any sense -_-

    @Navin Bhojpuri buddhe Do u really think I’m going to read your comments??
    Yes I called you poonam pandey coz you are attention seeker
    people from dharavi are better than you
    N next time don’t reply me coz teri utni aukat b nai hai
    and get well soon

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