Kill Dil 1st Weekend Collections: Yet another YRF film fails at the box office

Yash Raj Films’ is going through a bad patch. While their big budget films featuring top stars is breaking records, every single medium budget film released this year has tanked without a trace at the box office.

After the success of Dhoom 3, YRF followed it up with Gunday which did reasonably well at the box office. Then came the disastrous Bewakoofiyaan starring Ayushman Khurana. Even the critically acclaimed Mardaani didn’t do too well, despite getting tax free status in a couple of states. Daawat-e-Ishq was rejected outright and now Kill Dil too will fail to recover its costs.

The film opened poorly, dropped on Saturday and didn’t show enough growth in business on Sunday. From here on, it would be quite an achievement if the film crosses the 50 crore mark, which already looks out of reach looking at the drops on Monday.

Kill Dil 1st Weekend Collections (Official figures)

  • Friday – 6.53 cr
  • Saturday - 6.41 cr
  • Sunday – 7.25 cr
  • Weekend collections - 20.19 cr


  • nothing to b depressed about.success and failure r two sides of a coin.both yrf and youngistaan will bounce back next year in an unbelievable manner.
    cheers to all

  • And then I read somewhere that a well known bollywood superstar only relies on Yashraj and if they stop casting him into their movies then his carrier will be over.
    But these collections tell a different story altogether. Right now its YRF who needs some favour from top superstars and vice versa is not true.
    If they are so big, then their low budget movies casting newcomers should at least get a HIT status if not super hit and blockbuster.

  • n dey said dt yrf made srk

    now u haters got it dt srk – yrf = chennai express nd hny

    nd yrf -srk= daawat e ishq, bewakufiyan nd kill dil

    even mnik wch wz released in 2010 wz d highest grosser for dharma productions till agneepath dt means for 2 yrs it wz d biggest hit for dharma productions

    widout brand srk nd salman nd dhoom yrf cn give only flop films
    let me give u all d facts of 2006-08 aftr dhoom 2
    dhoom 2-blockbuster
    kabul express-flop
    tara rum pum-semi hit
    jhoom barabar jhoom- flop
    laga chunari me daag-flop
    aaja nachle-flop
    roadside romeo- flop ( first animated movie frm yrf)
    thoda pyar thoda magic-flop
    bachna ae haseeno-semihit
    rnbdj-blockbuster (nd d biggest hit of yrf nd srk aftr oso)

    so its a fact dat yrf cn hire only those actors, apart frm srk, who r giving huge hits outside yrf

    nd sm haters say dat yrf made srk…. lol

  • v youngistaanis weren’t flying high in d air when v hd delivered 8 hits in a row so v r nt feeling too low just bcz our last 3 films hvnt must remember iyr captain rk wasnt there for last 1yr yet v hv performed so just imagine wat v cn do wen rk will b back next yr with 3 releases.

  • Im still hopeful for a sequel starring Arjun Kapoor depicting the real life events of Sambuddha Mukherjis public character assasination at the hands of a giand media outlet…,

  • All songs of PK have released

    I think PK is a story of an alien who comes to Earth in search of God ! Sounds really interesting!

  • @sajid khan atleast kd hs recieved decent reviews from critics and public unlike ur humshakaks and himmatwala which were total disasters

  • No film can be hit at the boxoffice if their story,songs,cast will not why are you expecting from these movies for earning

  • Yrf ke films bomb ho rahi hai kyuki in film me kuch nayapan nahi hai. Kaafi films similiar hai inke.Gunday ki marketing ne usko bachaya.
    Emraan in worst phase of career doing variety of new films n challenging roles like tigers, mr.x , azhar. Yrf should learn from emraan .

  • the problem is very simple – none of the new actors or actresses are worth wasting time on. nobody has the charisma or charm of any of the older actors

  • Where is yashraj lover babaji ka thullu who said srk is because of yashraj. Whatever yashraj is today it is because of superstars like srk (8 superhits), Amir (2 superhits) salman/hritik (1 superhit each). This is proved that yashraj is below utv without big superstars

  • See guys Shahrukh Khan made Yrf famous worldwide and also Dharma and you see guys only Yrf doesn’t mean hit movie
    Yrf mostly hits due to Star power of Srk and Dhoom brand its truth.

  • This title song from #bangbangis the song of the year for me!!! #partyanthemoftheyear #playingonrepeat
    – Deepika Padukone on twitter

  • @sht:When did I said that srk is all because of YRF?? i hardly commented on that top 15 actors articles 2 days before..that was “Babuji ka thullu”..

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