Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan at Arpita’s Sangeeth Ceremony: Video

Exclusive footage of Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan getting emotional at Arpita’s Sangeeth ceremony, has been released by Zoom TV. Shahrukh is seen arriving for the ceremony, holding Arpita’s hand and walking with Salman. Later, SRK is seen hugging Salman several times.

Zoom says it was a emotional moment for both the stars. It was also Shahrukh’s first visit to Salman’s Galaxy Apartment in more than 6 years. The two superstars were the best of friends about a decade ago. Their friendship turned sour at Katrina Kaif’s birthday party in 2008.

It was at politician Baba Siddiqui’s Iftar party last year when the two hugged each other and ended their cold war which lasted more than 5 years.



  • Shahrukh was trying to hug salman many times…See at 1:20 min. SRK was going to hug sallu but sallu did’nt!!

  • Wow!!! Two of the three biggest Khans together!! Two of the biggest megastars come together for their lovely kid sister, Arpita! It will be epic if Aamir in the same bandwagon on the wedding day!

    Arpita, you are the real queen that have forced these two fighting khans together keeping their differences aside and that too, this emotionally and sincerely!

    For some days, I will not question anything on SRK!

  • Yeah..emotional moment for them and a very sad moment for all those, whose only purpose of visiting this site is to spread hetaerism and ignite the fan war. Those people would definitely be crying sitting at a corner as 80% of their comments comprises of such hetaerism and negativity. So if at all Sallu and SRK will reunite (which, I believe, going to happen very soon) they will be lacking of words that what to put into their comments.

  • Now I hope even SRK n SALLU fans stop fighting! :D
    Shahrukh is good in his own way n Salman is good in his own way!

  • I read many comments saying Arpita had commented something bad about Ra-one but that was not Arpita, but Alvira Khan and she too, didn’t comment anything bad. She just passed a remark that “Even a superhero needs a bodyguard” , but again, this news hungry media twisted and decorated that remark using their own words and they rotated that news continuously on all the possible media channels.

  • Nice to see both the Khans together and they seem to have patched up their différences. Now a movie together please.

  • I dnt like srk not becoz i am a salman fan the reasn is his unoriginal actng skills and he dsnt deserve wat he is gettng so i am sorry

  • @thebhatta:That will never happen..they won’t reconcile!! Because most of the Salman fans are so cheap,they can never change their attitude,they mock other actors for no particular reason…..srk fans are much better,but they have to reply them for their nonsense..
    So this War won’t end.

  • salman and srk have given a welcome break for their fighting fans.

    fans of both stars will now take a long due break and resume their fighting with renewed vigour, in the very next article. lol.

  • See how time changes.
    the reason they fought for “katrina” is not here even in the scene….
    seriously gals can make the best of friends Enemies.
    Anyways hope they burn their hatchets n be friends again like b4.
    n we will see a healthy competition between two of the biggest stars of the hindi cinema

  • oh yes!! we saw the sangit video and now we are waiting for wedding video and all videos related to this marriage..
    spreading love


  • @bulli 3:59pm

    Im too dreading the wedding day when King will get up n dance to nonsense ki night, sharabi, criminal and the grand finale Lungi Dance…. King will ruin Arpitas Big Day like he ruins Diwali every year with his halloweenisque shenanigans…!

  • At 1:20 Was SRK trying to hug Sallu or he was trying to run Away From Fans And Paparazzi or was he saying like let’s go inside???? I couldn’t understand that.

  • Definitely now all srk nd sallu fans should stop fighting . Salman nd srk both r like brother nd karan arjun of bollywood. I love them both.

  • we all know all three were great friends in the 90s……audience, producers, money, fans, scripts etc etc drifted them apart and guess thats natural too….

    for all those who like me are khan crazy, adding aamir to the pic would make it just about perfect…..guess that’d happen at the wedding & reception

    high time for all fans to stop abusing and fighting with each other……they’re at top……not one above or below the other!!!

  • @Kshitij Shrivastava, Yes we are cheap. So, are you! In fact, you are the cheapest piece of God’s creature!
    You call Sambudda Mukherjj to be chameleon. That is why I have called u an advanced version of Chameleon on another article.

    Sambuddha changes his color. It is obvious and everyone can see. He is at least frank.

    But you are cunning like a fox. People generally don’t see treachery in your comments because you play an inobvious game. So, they don’t realize how you change your colors frequently and you try to make SRK fans & Salman fans.
    Under the pretext of the so-called neutral fan, you sway from SRK side to Salmam side and vice versa.

    You just use the old British Policy ‘Divide and Rule’ and so that u n ur akki can have some space. You want to see the end of Khan’s reign. As simple as that! Even your current masters, SRK fans, know this.

    You can’t hide your true colors from those who closely observe you.

  • When two of the most popular star under the sane roof for a family celebration.what else you want more. This is definitely the big moment for all Bollywood lovers as their two prime stars shares great bond and forgot the fight.Superb show and lovely pics.
    Congo to both srk-salman and their fans.
    Blessings for Arpita and best of luck.

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