Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan at Arpita’s Sangeeth Ceremony: Video

Exclusive footage of Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan getting emotional at Arpita’s Sangeeth ceremony, has been released by Zoom TV. Shahrukh is seen arriving for the ceremony, holding Arpita’s hand and walking with Salman. Later, SRK is seen hugging Salman several times.

Zoom says it was a emotional moment for both the stars. It was also Shahrukh’s first visit to Salman’s Galaxy Apartment in more than 6 years. The two superstars were the best of friends about a decade ago. Their friendship turned sour at Katrina Kaif’s birthday party in 2008.

It was at politician Baba Siddiqui’s Iftar party last year when the two hugged each other and ended their cold war which lasted more than 5 years.



  • @Kshitij, I know what you want. You never to see the fightings end. You are posting preemptive negative comments. It is pretty old trick: buddhe!
    By the way, u know Floppy, Flopakki, Flopshay are srk fans! Just for ur info.

  • Worst nightmare of other actors fans.
    SRK fans and SALMAN fans joining hands and bashing other fans.
    But that wouldn’t happen because of these some cheaptards like the one and only one na vining. Who loves to cry and vomit on all pages irrespective of whether relevant and not and also how can I forget fake KHAN.
    Any ways back to the topic. Really a great video to cherish.

    @babaji. Ha ha ha. Can’t agree with u more than that. Atlast u too had to agree to this

  • @anand yes I m a chameleon but I don’t think it’s a bad trait to hv.I m not biased towards to anybody nor I hate any star.I always call a spade a spade instead of being politicaly correct that I think leads to all the bashing that I I m proud to b a chameleon.wheb I likes kick,bb8 I praised bhai and when I didn’t like certain things I criticised him.I did d Same for srk,rk,arjun,hro etc.


  • Wow, someone here blaming Kat.

    It was only her b’day, while the reason was Aishwarya.

    Srk said something about her, Salman didn’t like and all hell broke loose. What really happened we would never know though.

    The chapter is long over, and the actors are now trying to turn a new leaf, atleast for the media, for sake of their common friends and beloved ones.

  • The only thing cheap around here is babajis lungi which is a second hand reject from zeeshan sayed khans house which was gifted to him by SSS Khan….

    The thullu has nothing to say as usual…

  • @sambuddha mukherji

    Not only are you a chameleon (kudos for admitting it but then again it was without doubt so sooner or later it was going to hit home) but you are without doubt the most demented insane person here for actually thinking its a good trait to have…. Good luck when meeting your future in-laws n telling them that the only +ve trait you think you have is being a chameleon…. How ridiculous- learn from your idol shakti kapoor or babaji who atleast masks his treachery in a sly way….

  • @noam

    Joining hands with you lot…. Not a chance in hell… I speak for the loud minority hardcore battle hardened bhai fanatix when I say we rather join hands with the devil or in this case babaji than join hands with lungiwaales….

  • For the last time- irrespective of who bhais friends/ acquaintances are I on a personal level will still reserve the right to like certain actors n dislike others…. Sarook is one self proclaiming actor that I can never like- its blasphemous in my book to say nice things about the devil….! End of debate

  • @anand babu

    Took me awhile to work out who this kshitij srivastava was but now I know and hes a blast from the past… old man has been masquerading around here for a very long time….

  • Waiting for the KHANSOME moment which has all the 3 Khans in one frame..this happened during 3 Idiots premiere..waiting for an encore again..

    @Noam.. Don’t try to be a saint..there are good guys as well as moronic fans of all the it SRK, SK, AK or HR.. And among you SRKians..we all know some good fans like Fathiya, Goutam, Mithaiwala, SayaliSRK, Sameer, Bulli.. As well as the bad ones like SSS, Vikram, Romance whatever, IamAKN, Dynamic etc etc..

    Also if all these fan wars have to stop..simple and the best solution is to respect the work of each it SRK, Akki or Ajay Devgan.. But that will never happen until mischief mongers exist..

    Harsh reality but true..!!!

  • The best moment will be when Srk and Salman act together in a movie directed by Aamir! It is practically impossible to cast 3 mega stars together, but if someone writes an impeccable script for 2 big leads like srk and salman, it is quite possible to bring the 3 biggies together. And with TZP to his name, Aamir is a damn good director!

  • @Navin what kind of person u are, this is such a great occasion and u spew such hatred………………instead of using occassion to bring fans together, u keep up hatred between fans…………..such a bitter, hateful person. No respect for u.

  • Hi guys
    2day i m posting my 1st comment on indicine
    i hv seen so much guys r posting abt srk,salman,amir n others on this site, i do so. I m SRK fan BUT this doesn’t mean i hate amir,salman n others.Actually i like good acting n movies as well.
    Here is a list of recent best acting actors of Bwood on my behalf(below i hv posted career based,rank changed)-
    1. Amir(exclude D3)
    2. SRK(hvn’t seen HNY yet)
    3. Hritik
    4. Ranbir kapoor(immense talent excluding besharam&YJHD-avg acting)
    Salman- stardom, body, look, freaky dialog, mostly larger than life action scene,mallika arora(item no.)> no talent that’s real
    Akki, Ajay> 3-4 good acting movies out of 10
    others- just starter
    Nw i m putting list of best career acting
    1. SRK(no doubt)
    2. Amir(selected avg movies in past)
    3. Hritik- nt made so much movies like khans
    4. Ranbir- excellent acting despite doing few movies(except 2-3 bad selection)
    5. Akki, Ajay
    Salman- no. 1 money making n stardom hero(acting nt much good)
    others- just starter
    again, i wil post some other list in srk, amir or ranbir blog posted by indicine after sometime

  • May God bless both of them n their respective fans.

    @Navin : You do have a right for your likings & dislikings. But lets try once to bury the hatchet atleast on this occassion. Still upto you dude.

  • @aniel Im honest n not pathetic like you- you will never like Salman Khan n same goes for me not liking Sarook but Im honest enough to admit it publicly- so disgusting is a word that better suits you….

  • @Navin, unlike you I do like Salman movies. Not all but I have enjoyed Dabangg 1 and 2, ETT and Kick. I really think Dabangg is his best movie till yet, he was just awesome and deserved best actor award for it. And it give me joy that two best friends are reunited again. You honest? Come on man you are the most pathetic person on indicine. Did you noticed how many dislikes your comments got? Should that not rinkle a bell in your head. On such a special occasion, wedding of Salmans sister, you are full of hatred against SRK. Whats your problem beta?

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