Kim Kardashian to be paid Rs 5 crore for Bigg Boss appearance?

Kim KardashianIf reports are to be believed, American star Kim Kardashian West will be paid Rs 5 crore for a single day appearance on COLORS’ reality-show Bigg Boss.

The controversial star, who recently posed nude, is likely to make an appearance on Bigg Boss on the 21st of November 2014.

“According to Lauren Nogy of the APA Talent & Literary Agency that handles Kim Kardashian’s work, the appearance fees for the Kardashian sisters within the United States Of America ranges from $150k-200k (Rs 90 – 125 lakhs) per day plus all travel and accommodation, security and other extra costs.”

“The Kardashian sisters and particularly Kim Kardashian travel with an entourage of over 10 to 15 persons which includes managers, hair stylists and make up artistes and personal security officials. This means that her appearance fees alone are over Rs 1.5 crore per day plus all travel, accommodation for several people and other miscellaneous expenses. This is for a non-televised event. For a live-televised Reality Show like Bigg Boss, the appearance fees alone could be in the range of Rs 2.5 crore per day. This means that Mukesh Ambani-owned Colors could be easily spending about Rs 5 crore or nearly about USD 900-1000k for a simple single-day appearance for Kim Kardashian”

Confirming her appearance, Kim said ““Namaste India… Main Kim Kardashian aa rahi hoon India.. Bigg Boss ke ghar mein” in a statement released to the media.

The popular television reality show is hosted by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan.



  • Shit show, shit host, calling a hore to come appear for his program, go and Marry salman, ur nt even a good muslim @age 49 still single what rubbish, oh I get diz, salman is still waiting for the right moment to declare his identity to public (GAY) like others did, ahahahahahah

  • It is up to the makers, whom they call whom they don’t want to call.

    Kim is a huge celebrity in US for her reality shows. She is quite popular outside US too, and the makers know how to cash on it.

    People making a huge hue and cry about this are ones who don’t watch this show, but i bet majority of them will start watching from this weekend. lol.

    As to the crazy amount given to Kim, i guess the makers very well know that they will make much more with the show now.

    By the way, the show will now be renamed temporarily to BIG BUTTS. lol.

  • If da world is against Gautam Gulati then I’m against da world. :D The Boss Gautam Gulati! Arjun Kapoor if you hate him for being da best, being da boss, being da guy who does what he wants, when he wants, then you can simply shut your mouth up and take some sleeping pills and get off from commenting on indicine. Gautam deserves to win this season. And about Kim? Hardly anyone knows her. Most internet guys would know her, other than that, she’s not even worth a watch.

  • Salman can only recommend contestants n final word is from makers. He has recommended few contestants like Hazel, Ali, Tsunami from Bodyguard (Rajat) n few more. About Sunny Leon n Kim its Colors decision to cash on their popularity. If its Salman decision to bring them he would have them walk BH fashion shows for cheap publicity but he will never do such things !!!!!!!!!!!

  • The fact I am silent these days about SRK doesn’t mean his fans can blabber anything against our Bhai. At least, Kim Kardashian is gonna work under Salman manages the contestants.
    He is not at least licking the feet of Lady Gaga and following her like a puppy as a certain king Kong did when she visited India.
    The whole have witnessed how lady gaga disrespected him & the king Kong was happy to interview her like a sadist! Shame!

  • @dinda 11 . Correct and u can also add on that the only show whose trps have plummeted down m the lowest since its inception and because of which lallu himself is considering to leave at the end of this year. Ha ha
    @dinda 11 . By the way good to see u. Was so bored these days when u weren’t

  • @anandi from balika vadhu. Rofl at Ur comments. U act as though u are the guardian of SALMAN fans. Rofl. No body gives a damn about u moron.
    Any one can vouch lady gaga to be a bigger star than this “selling Ur body for money ” star.

  • @Noam, even you give a damn about me and my comments. That’s why you have read it and bothered to reply. Don’t lie, you liar!

    So, Lady Gaga is a saint to you? Is she a mother Theresa or Seeta Devi?? She too sells her body via her songs. Her songs fall nothing short of vulgar? They are not songs but she is selling her bodies in bikinis through her so-called songs?

    Anyway, suppose Lady Gaga is a saintly celebrity, does it mean that your kingkong should take the humiliations and rudeness to him by her as her blessings? And continue to behave like a sadist??? Watch the interview again & ask your heart!

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