Shahrukh Khan confirms Fan and Rohit Shetty film for 2015

While interacting with the media after the launch of his newátelevision show ‘Sabse Shaana Kaun?’, Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan confirmed that he would like to release Maneesh Sharma’s Fan and Rohit Shetty’s next this year.

“The basic shooting of Rohit’s film will start in March andáI join the shoot during May – June. I will start work on Raees first” SRK told reporters, confirming the release of his keenly-awaited film this year.

When a reporter asked SRK about the rumoured Christmas release of his film with Shetty, SRK said “The film hasn’t even started yet. I don’t exactly know the date, but I will be very happy if we can do it. We will try to finish it by then, Rohit completes his films quickly. I would like to bring it this year, because it’s a Red Chillies Production. Fan also I would like to release it this year (August 14). Raees will release next year.”

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan

There have also been reports that Rohit is keen on casting Kajol, when SRK was asked about the same, he said “For now, only I have been confirmed. One or two other artists have also been confirmed, but the official announcement should be a made in a few days. The film has a huge star cast, so it would be unfair to announce one name and not the other. We are still in the middle of casting, it will be announced as soon as Rohit is back.”

There you go then, confirmation from the superstar himself. Fan during the Independence Day weekend, untitled film with Rohit Shetty during Christmas and a big-budget television show. SRK fans have a lot to look forward to this year.




  • fan : independence days weekend indicine plz reply to my comment please for god sake???
    every movie does well in its weekend .
    so it should have either 5 days extented weekends or week holidays u know what i mean…
    srk should release on 12 august 5 days weekend not good 14 august.
    and srk should release his movie with rohit shetty next on 18 or 19 december 6 days before christmas like pk did..
    indicine team please state this kick and did becoz these two films were pre eid and pre christmas festivals and hny failed becoz it did not come on 22 oct or even 23 oct..

  • thank u everyone for today unanimously bashing @gj007 for his pathetic comment about rohit and giving huge thumbs down to his comment

    I have been politely and sarcastically criticising this guy for last 100 days because of such offensive,over smart comments that he passes on others and his lack of respect for successful people like bhansali,bhagat,karan johar,rohjt shetty,mohit suri,ranveer singh,arjun kapoor,sidharth malhotra and many others.

    This oversmart genius deserves to b bashed and taught how to give respect to others opinions in a polite manner and be open minded.

    thank u everyone for opening up ur eyes and bashing this oversmart mission to teach this pseudo intellectuals a lesson is completed today.thank u all :-)

    • ROFL:: Poor Sambuddha wrote a long comment to criticise Gj007 and instead got 3 dislikes for his comment. Please remove arjun kapoor from this list..when did he became successful?? I bet wvwn if you would have acted in 2 states,still it might have crossed 100crs..
      So go and eat Machchi bhaat and not our brains…

    • Do u really think those were bashing??? Dude, understand the difference between discussion and bashing.

    • I was expecting such lame reactions from all the frndz of gaurav who cn support their frndz without looking whether he is saying correct thing or not.this gaurav has zero respect for others and starts crying or using his frndz to shield him when I give him logical reply to his offensive comments

    • @Sambuddha : Looks like Tevar debacle was not enough for you. Again !! you started to show your true colors by bashing Salman. It is Salman who held your Arjun Kapoor’s hand when there was no one (including his father). What a shame you are !!!!!!

    • Gaurav is a GENIUS n smart to boot whereas you deserve the bengali village idiot tag..,,

      What a pile of nonsense you just wrote- getting dislikes means nothing and you have got afew million dislikes the past 100 days n look you still the same idiot today that you were back then… Well wait you are infact a bigger idiot today than you were then as you still havent mended your ways. Grow up- Im gonna get 100 DISlikes in a min as I will post another comment saying Billu 2 will flop big time and so what.., means nothing

  • az a srk fan my predictions for fan and rohit shetty next!!!
    fan: 200 to 250 crore for sure.
    remember it has independence weekends.
    rohit shetty next: if it releases on 20 or 19 december then
    srk and rohit shetty next 290 to 350 for sure….

  • All biomass (fans of Salman, Aamir and others) were alarmed …
    Think, think through and through, and still it turns out that SRK to come …
    How were the 20 years of flops and left …
    Aamir, a perfectionist, honor and conscience of the nation took off his pants for the victory
    clothing is no more? It’S Nothing? Then the film would not be?
    With sincere regret fan of SRK

    • @Raysa : Ask Srk to do a Marigold and MAMK and survive. We will see his power. Were you in coma during last 20 years to not see 5 highest grossers of Salman (Before 2010 and Dabangg) ? which is as equal as your kings !!!!!!!!!!

  • @Goutam mohenjodaro comming on independence day 2016, i think raees comes in Eid 2016, earlier raees expected to release in Eid 2015, raees story belongs to muslim culture, so Eid will be perfacet for Raees

    • agreed srk lover i am also srk biggest fan plus i am salman and aamir biggest hater i hope bb and prdp cross 200 crore which is impossible fan 259 crore only domistic

  • Best years of SRK’s career -> 1993 , 1995 , 1998 , 2003 , 2004 , 2007 … & all these years 2 more than 2 SRK films released …

  • Happy to know there will be 2 SRK Releases this year :) one TV Show & IPL. It will be entertaining year for SRKians ahead :)

  • woww one movie will impress critics n other will destroy box office…. dey shud release rohit shetty directorial on christmas…

  • @sss….with due respect I think u shd open an account with box office site). Ppl comment strictly via Hindi! Don’t b decieved with d few likes(SURPRISINGLY) u get cos ur points r off tracks as usual! Plus many dumb fans like u and may b few intellects obsessed wit just his name srk don’t even review ur comments before VALIDATING???

  • Funny and now confirmed! I bet had Robit Shetty not directed Shah rukh before many users here( not only me but am sure ppl like @bbaji @tiger etc now know them too) double standardized comparism of Rohit and Hirani. King of masala comedy… Best director bla bla..?? Really u judge ROHIT wit just 1movie CHENNAI EXPRESS?? IF NO then out of d so called 7 BIG HITS in a row stars an ACTOR who u guys DISLIKE and often BASHES starred in 6/7 so only 1 film of rohit CHENNAI XPRESS (BLOCKBUSTER no doubts) shd b talked about here not d remaining 6 movies!
    Even I as an AD die hard and admirer of AD made ROHIT SHETTY cannot compare him with HIRANI(give d senior director his due respect)! When did Rohit start? What genres(versatile contexts?? ) nah PRETENDERS!! am sure its d AAMIR KHAN PK EFFECT making u guys mock @urselves….

    • Its not about seniority ,Both are of different league….people trust Hirani because he always gives good product but people go and watch rohit film even if has poor content….Rohit Shetty is really loved by masses because of his style…So like tendulkar and messy are rulers of their games ,Rohit and hirani are commanders of different genre..So comparing Hirani and Rohit is not that bad as you think

  • Wow Srkians we just want to hear that you are awesome King Khan Srk started giving gifts to his fans for his 50the birthday wow t.v show then Fan after awesome combo of King Khan and Rohit Shetty in Xmas wow 2015 will be great year enjoy.

  • i am srk’s biggest fan.
    fan: independence weekends my predictions.
    1st day: 37 crore non holiday
    2nd day 51 crore independence day
    3rd day 45 crore sunday.
    weekends: 124 crore
    1st week: 170 to 190 crore.
    lifetime: 240 to 290 crore
    remember sometimes miricle happens.

  • my prediction az a srk fan.
    fan:220 to 290 crore.
    rohit shetty next: 300 to 450 crore.
    raees eid 2016: 260 to 350 crore.
    race 3 eid 2017: 300 to 380 crore.
    don 3 : christmas 2017: 400 to 500 crore.
    triplicate christmas 2018: 600 to 700 crore
    dhoom 4 or 5: 320 to 400 crore.
    all will happen inshallah.
    waiting for fan and rohit shetty next this year breaking all records best of luck srk sir! all haters will be shocked and surprised. becoz srk is always keep his haters surprising.

  • It does not matter for me with whom Srk is going to work….When his movie will release…only important thing is srk and a movie…..I will watch in every case….

  • raees will come on eid 2016 !!!
    raees: 270 to 370 crore.
    remember nowadays if a movie release six days before eid like ( kick) released 230 crore earned.
    if a movie releases pre christmas like (pk) 340 crore it had week holiday.
    if a movie release 4 or 5 days before diwali then 250 crore is quite easy. the reason hny collected only 204 crore becoz it did not come on 20 oct it came on diwali.
    so every movie does excellent buisness in its weekend so it should have week holidays.
    if hny waz release 4 days before diwali then 250 crore would be piece of cake.
    this is the reality!!!

  • my real prediction for 2015 movies:
    baby: 90 to 120 crore.
    gabber: 100 to 130 crore.
    roy: 70 to 90 crore.
    bombay velvet: 100 to 135 crore.
    bajrangi bhaijaan: 230 to 260 crore.
    brothers: 130 to 160 crore.
    fan: 210 to 240 crore.
    phantom: 70 to 105 crore.
    jagga jasoos: 125 to 170 crore.
    sing is bling: 100 to 120 crore.
    prdp: 200 to 250 crore.
    rohit shetty next : 300 to 370 crore if it releases on 19 or 18 or 20 december.
    if on 25 december then: 240 to 280 crore.
    always hope for the best…

  • This year gonna be huge for king of universe shah rukh Khan and also Ranbir ka poor TAMASHA and Ranbir singh movies get postponed soon..because king is arriving this Christmas…baap of bollywood

  • 2014 was a glorious year for our complan boy Suresh Sukhinath Subhramanium as he won the Ghanta Award for Best Dialogue for his ‘Charlies 300cr storm is coming’…! His crappy dialogue only did one thing that was the eviacuation of Paglapur causing paglapurians to take shelter in Bakrapur…! This yr our complan boy is predicting a 400cr storm for rohit sirs next shitgiri with king this Christmas- lets just hope Santa still brings kids like baby nipun their jaadoo toy this yr despite king n rohits best efforts of slowing him down with flying cars and train wrecks everywhere…!

  • We don’t want to see you. Just retire as soon as possible. by doing multiple films you won’t be able to beat king aamir. aamir is far ahead of you. non of your film will work. christmas is already occupied with ranbir’s tamasha and ranveer’s BM. so no chance for you.

    • @suchIt srk must retire because u don’t like him? Why r u so worried about his films? U rather worry about urself than worrying about his career.

  • @sweet heart… Hmm 2articles u r kind of disputing my views(lol)…anys am ok wit it n we r all here to share our views…though honestly I respected both of your replies here and there and feel u. I know not that am actually against Rohit. Come on my Icon Ajay Devgn and Rohit share STRONG BOND! AD has couple of 100crores wit Rohit suppose to b on his side for real but wat kind of stuttared me is…many users here praising and placing ROHIT..called him just a mass director… Rohit SHITTY wen ever an article of Ajay was posted and these r d same guys CROWNING him cos its Rohit vs Aamir latest director! Believe me they wouldn’t have said these if ROHIT and AJAY article of acting together again was posted. Ur case is different even though u said it doesn’t matter who he works wit ..but av never come an article of urs bashing Ajay unlike d rest!
    Obviously a director at this era is ranked by 100crores plus movies consistently.. Which ROHIT tops…agreed no doubts. U also right about their genres too.. But always bashing him on “just making masala craps has been inevitable but now cos its SRK masal a vs Hirani d story changes?? thats y I called them “pretenders/chameleon” so don’t mind me. Nothing against SRK… and honestly wish him best of luck wit Rohit!

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