Shahrukh Khan confirms Fan and Rohit Shetty film for 2015

While interacting with the media after the launch of his new television show ‘Sabse Shaana Kaun?’, Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan confirmed that he would like to release Maneesh Sharma’s Fan and Rohit Shetty’s next this year.

“The basic shooting of Rohit’s film will start in March and I join the shoot during May – June. I will start work on Raees first” SRK told reporters, confirming the release of his keenly-awaited film this year.

When a reporter asked SRK about the rumoured Christmas release of his film with Shetty, SRK said “The film hasn’t even started yet. I don’t exactly know the date, but I will be very happy if we can do it. We will try to finish it by then, Rohit completes his films quickly. I would like to bring it this year, because it’s a Red Chillies Production. Fan also I would like to release it this year (August 14). Raees will release next year.”

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan

There have also been reports that Rohit is keen on casting Kajol, when SRK was asked about the same, he said “For now, only I have been confirmed. One or two other artists have also been confirmed, but the official announcement should be a made in a few days. The film has a huge star cast, so it would be unfair to announce one name and not the other. We are still in the middle of casting, it will be announced as soon as Rohit is back.”

There you go then, confirmation from the superstar himself. Fan during the Independence Day weekend, untitled film with Rohit Shetty during Christmas and a big-budget television show. SRK fans have a lot to look forward to this year.




    • @TINGER – the real king : yes like #Hny as it was blockbuster, bigger grosser than Salman both jaih,Kick in 2014… even it crossed jai ho life time in just 3 and half days..

    • @imakn better worry about bhai’s next film titled ‘bajrangi bhaijaan’!!!wat a crap title.urban ppl will boycott the film.only saving gracr about the movie so far is that it will b directed by talentd director kabir khan and has nawaz is also acting in the film.but u just can’t trust has every chance to bcm a crap film like bodyguard,jai ho,sooryavanshi,marigold,kyun ki,baabul,yuvraaj and many more

    • Today king fans declared hny is a blockbuster and collected more than kick……God plz plz plz give little wisdom to king fans to understand 204cr(hny) is less than 234cr(kick). Otherwise tommorow they will not hesitate to declare YLJK as ATBB.

    • yes it will be a record breaker but people are bored of watching Rohit Shetty’s films…..Golmaal is classsic and rest of all movies including CE are big NO NO…strictly one time watch….no good humor …u’re forced to laugh in theatre after looking at others laugh …hahahahah LOL ….say a guy walking on road and steps on banana peel and falls down….is that a comedy ???

  • ‘Sabse Shaana Kaun’ on Television and ‘Sabse Bada Kaun’ on the big screen this year. Wait for it guys. Every record, India and overseas, will be broken this year.

    If Fan turns out to be a good film, records and awards, both will belong to SRK.

    Bring it on. Can’t wait. Love you SRK.

    • As emraan’s humari adhuri kahani may get postponed due to shooting left, sources are saying hamari adhuri kahani might clash with biggie in october or august.

  • If all goes well its RohitShetty-SRK which will break #PK lifetime like #CE broken 3Idiots record. History will repeat… as Life time depends of content we can’t predict Life time of movie as we should know the content first but huge Hny’s Opening will be broken SRK him self in his next movie… aur Chotu, Mottu, kallu ki itni aukaat nahi.. ;) Excited for #FAN and #RS’s next..

    • Good for you. Start the promotions right away for RS-Srk next with a new chant ‘Chaplin coming with 400 crs in India’. Everytime same unrealistic expectation n same foolish predictions !!!!!!!

    • Unrealistic expectation and foolish prediction going hand hand to hand for Salman fans –
      Bodyguard to DABBANG 2 – RIP 3IDIOTS.
      JAI HO to KICK – 250-300 crs…RIP D3
      PRDP and BB – RIP PK

    • SRK vs Salman..

      2010 – Highest Grosser SRK’s MNIK [ SRK -> Salman]

      2011 – Highest Grosser SRK’s, 2nd Don 2 [ SRK -> Salman]

      2012 – 2nd Highest Grosser SRK’s JTHJ, Ett first.. first time in last 12 years where SRk give highest Grosser than SRK just because SRK has Romantic plus 3 hour long movie plus had clash with big Masala movie…

      2013 – Again SRK ->> Salman..

      2014 Again SRK only one reason Hny –> Salman two releases, jaiho,Kick….

      2015 – again it will be SRK —>> Salman.. ;)

      will not talk about before 2010 kyu ka 2010 se pehle MeriGold jaise ATBB de raha tha… [should be thankful to me ]

      now you Got the answer @Hrithik with new lines.. hope it helps u and help you to bring u out from mentially illness.. Enjoy

    • Kingshuk, ur predictions were very realistics for hny…
      1st day- 50cr.
      1st weekend- 150cr.
      Liftime- 350cr.
      Worldwide- 600cr…..

    • @FAN : According you Don 2 (106 crs) is higher than Bodyguard (143 crs). Which school you studied mate ?? Also, in 2013 there was no Salman movie released so your king enjoyed the kingship only for 3 months.

    • @kingshuk : I never predicted Dabanagg or Bodyguard to break 3 Idiots but yes for ETT. For Jai Ho I had predicted 160-180 crs and for Kick to cross CE (which Kick surpassed) but not D3. Didnt you predicted 300 crs domestic and 600 crs WW for HNY ??? Even if we have failed with predictions it is only for 2 or 3 years but you srkians always predict same from last 7 years. Let Srk give highest grosser of the year then you may talk about Salman !!!!!!!!!!!

    • @Hrithik – During KICK release you said – It will set a new benchmark which all the superstars have to cross….now you are revealing that benchmark is crossing CE…….Go to every page of salmans film and you will find 250,300 crs pprediction…highest grosser prediction for Bhais film….Every time you failed and then hide behind Aamirs back…Let Salman give a All Time Highest Grosser esp with 6 days free run…then let us talk.

  • Bad news for Salman and Aamir Fans hahaha… specially for Salman fans this time as Aamir does not have movie in 2015… :P

    • Dude, plz come up with some new lines. We have been hearing same since 7 years. Specially, 2010, 2011 & 2012 proved your predictions wrong. 2013 there was no Salman release still glorious days lasted only 3 months !!!!!!!!!!

    • SRK vs Salman..

      2010 – Highest Grosser SRK’s MNIK [ SRK -> Salman]

      2011 – Highest Grosser SRK’s, 2nd Don 2 [ SRK -> Salman]

      2012 – 2nd Highest Grosser SRK’s JTHJ, Ett first.. first time in last 12 years where SRk give highest Grosser than SRK just because SRK has Romantic plus 3 hour long movie plus had clash with big Masala movie…

      2013 – Again SRK ->> Salman..

      2014 Again SRK only one reason Hny –> Salman two releases, jaiho,Kick….

      2015 – again it will be SRK —>> Salman.. ;)

      will not talk about before 2010 kyu ka 2010 se pehle MeriGold jaise ATBB de raha tha… [should be thankful to me ]

      now you Got the answer @Hrithik with new lines.. hope it helps u and help you to bring u out from mentially illness.. Enjoy

    • Bad news for yours lol,
      Brothers kick table fan and ranbir make TAMASHA your king.
      Lol hat off your brain, Salman vs srk give me some more excuse.

    • @Hrithik – In fact 2011 is my graduation year. :-D..based on your comment i conclude that GLORIOUS DAYS means Highest Grosser of all time which your bhai haven’t achieved for a long time but SRK did that with 6 days free run….Btw Sallu bhai took every festive period and at least 2 weeks free run from Dabbang to KICK…Still unable to give highest grosser…..but succeded in making loss for distributors…lol

  • Don’t think it can release next year. Srk’s films take time. Even Chennai express took around 1 year. I think they’ll go for eid 2016 as no sallu film is scheduled.
    Anyways I want a big film during Christmas. Hope Tamasha or Rohit’s next releases during Christmas.

    • @akash I strongly blv srk rohit film wont release this Christmas as even its casting is not final and pre production has just begun while on the other hand tamasha shooting is 60% complete

      I really hope tamasha is tge only Christmas release this yr

  • If SRK comes on Christmas, neither Bhansali nor Sajid Nadiadwala would dare to clash with SRK’s film given their past experiences. remember #Sawariya #Janemaan

  • It’s high time he realizes that masala genre is not gonna work. Funny how some fans are comparing Shetty with Hirani. Shetty is a gutless director who never looks beyond his comfort zone.

    Hirani is a risk taker who has the balls to make a religious satire and now a biopic on controversial star like Sanjay Dutt. Hope Srk does some sensible movies like Chak De rather than wasting his talent with someone like Shetty.

    • I agree with your point. It is useless to compare Shetty and Hirani. They are poles apart. But you are missing a point, Rohit shetty makes entertaining films like no other (obviously except Hirani). He currently knows the formula of how to make his audiences involved and entertained. May be there is no logic in his films ever, Damn the logic mate! It is just about entertainment sometimes. Nobody goes and sees how well made a satire is unless it is directed by a BIG director. Rohit knows the audience’s pulse. And, every film of his in the last 7 years is a testimony to this. I don’t care if you believe this or how disagreeing you are on a Rohit’s film, the audience have always loved his films. Singham Returns was a bad film, but it only collected because Singham was such a good film, that everybody had thought that Rohit could not justify it! It did well coz of Ajay back as bajirao, Shetty and Singham factor.

    • @mr engineering genius
      I agree with u that one should not compare shetty with raju as they r poles apart from each other but u should also not frequently insult a higly successul and down to earth man like rohit shetty.

      Bollywood is blossoming nowdays,higher no. of fioms r becoming hit and even so called niche films r also working decently bcz modern day Bollywood is filled with talented artsts of all kind.Bollywood is incomplete without both rohit and raju.

      I m not a fan of rohit films but I like the fun filled,relax,don’t take me seriously atmosphere of his films and that is perhaps wat has connected with the audience so much so that he has given 7 big hits in a row in 7yrs!!!
      Now isn’t that a huge achievement?
      I hv personally not liked his golmaal3,sr and all the best but I respect him a kot and luv to watch all his interviews

    • You can’t compare Rohit and Hirani.Hirani is the best director in Bollywood but Rohit is the best in masala.His films are fairly entertaining and he has never made a movie which has been thrashed by the audience.

    • @gj007,then go and bash salman 1st for always doing masla movies.why you’re so interested in KING KHAN?or you already admitted salman as a non actor so you don’t need this to tell him?rohit has no guts then who has raju hirani?he made remake of OMG as pk ,lol.raju hirani can’t give a true life based classic rather giving same illogical movie so called classic in India,lol.Rohit shetty is KING of masala films,everyone knows about his daring,got it?

  • It will be icing on the cake if Rohit’s SRK starrer releases this christmas..

    Meanwhile I am waiting for Baby, Fan, MS Dhoni biopic and PRDP this year.

    if Rohit’s movie releases this year then I am also waiting for it.

    Good Luck.

  • I read Varun Dhawan will also be a part of Rohit-SRK’s next, now i am eagerly waiting for this untitled movie SRK Rocks

  • Salman has 2 films and SRK also has 2 films. It’s going to be too much fun. It will be intersting to see how it does during Christmas.

  • only stardom will not work to break records (HNY) if srk also work on content type movies like perfectionist then u srkians can enjoy more than other star fans. example HNY and singham returns best opening ever but not for new records. if next will also average then dont expect to break any record!!

  • fan will be big. But how much big is not sure because it will not enjoy an ideal festive week and will come few days after bajrangi bhaijan which due to salman’s stardom and eid will do wonders on BO. If fan earns 200 crore it will be a huge acheivement of sort.
    Rohit shetty is a fabulous director. He is the king of the comedy-action genre. If he is able to make an entertaining story again than 300 crores may be on the cards. The movie may turn out to be the biggest grosser of the year. (only if it releases during Christmas time which most likely it will )

    • Agree that,
      But now SRK has enough stardom which can make a film reach at least 150 crore even with a worst script. Rest depends on Rohit and content… If that too is good, nothing is impossible…

  • Excellent News

    Cant Wait

    Whatever boxoffice result we want SRK entertain us hugely.

    Love u KING Khan u may live long.

  • Its impossible, Rohit’s next will release in 2015, If it releases also, there will be no records as Tamasha and SLB”s Baji Rao Mastani is releasing in christmas.
    Ranbir’s Tamasha will do more than any other films. Rohit’s films were not much good to break the records. It may maximum breaks chennai express records if the content is good. other wise it will end up like HNY for sure.
    Salman’s films PRDP will be breaking all the records of PK with family audience repeating to see the family entertainer. Bajrangi bhaijaan will go to 270 -280 crores.
    Fan will only do 130-150 crores as it is dark and intense film. Film will do business of 140 due to Yashraj films. SRk is always 4th in the ratings and remains same in 4th league.

    • rankings considering bo collection in worldwide for whoe career

      1.KING SRK
      2.akshay kumar

      your one is imagination and this one given by ME is REAL TRUTH.

    • @Anil who said you Fan is a dark movie.It is a intense movie but also commercially viable.And family audiences doesn’t have that much of movie to watch a movie multiple times on theatres.You please worry about Prdp

  • I was waiting for Raees for this christmas..Chennai Express was one of the best films of Rohit Shetty..It will be difficult for him to make a film like that once again..He has been disappointing with his Singham Returns,Golmaal Returns,Golmaal 3..
    So you can expect it to break opening weekend records but once again even Dhoom 3 lifetime might be difficult for him to cross coz of the content.

    Raees might release next 26th January I think..

    • If SRK-Rohit next is releasing this Christmas then I don’t think they will take this risk of releasing Raees in very next month. After all SRK would not have been forgotten how Ra-one dented the collections of Don 2, when it was released just two months after the release of Ra-one!

  • One film would showcase Srk’s acting talent and the other his starpower.This year is going to be a replica of 2007

  • this year dafinately belongs to SRK…..rohit is so fast so it is possible that it will release on Christmas. …I wish kajol should be cast in the movie….it will sure cross 300 cr….

  • Two SRK films releasing this year. 1 for critics & another 1 for boxoffice. my wish to see him with both awards & records will be fulfilled?

  • YES ?350-400CR is coming this CHRISTMAS.though our 1st target blow pk just like 3i that WE did.this time if content will be at least like CE then pk’s hiking ticket price collection will be history.this year SRKIANS gonna rock in India as well in @indicine.

    @tiger,lifetime depends upon story and opening depends upon sallu fans can’t let your bhai to win a poll here then how your bhai can give such a huge and giant opening like HNY,ROFLMAO.

    • Again who deliver first 100cr YRF film Salman ETT and how many srk have? one JTHJ while he have done numbers of film with YRF numbers of record belongs to Salman only if you check BO all time collection.

    • Sss, we have seen 350cr storm with charlie on last deewali and gonna watch 400cr storm next christmas…

    • @sss : Forget Dabangg, Bodyguard and ETT ?? Who gave 32 crore opening in 2012 ? Let Salman release his movie on a national holiday (opening day) then you will see !!!!!

  • srk plz ignore love stories…try something new.. just like our south indian perfectionist Chiyan Vikram..he took 3 yrs for one film…

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