Baby Movie Review: Akshay Kumar – Neeraj Pandey Film

After PK, we all hoped for a shift towards good content oriented films and the combination of Neeraj Pandey and Akshay Kumar had already raised hopes (after their previous outing in ‘Special 26’) in delivering yet another gripping film. The theatrical trailer of ‘Baby’ had created the much needed buzz in promising a sleek action thriller film. Unlike most films featuring a superstar in the lead, Baby wasn’t marketed aggressively as the makers were super-confident of the product and always believed that the content will speak for itself. Does ‘Baby’ live upto those expectations? Read the review to find out!

Story: The country is constantly under attack by terrorists, and while we always see the forces battling the terrorists during the attacks, a newly-formed elite team decide to tackle the terrorists when the attacks are being masterminded!

Akshay Kumar (Ajay Singh Rajput) is an officer who is a part of an elite team chosen by Danny Denzongpa from amongst the best in the forces to form a confidential Counter Intelligence Unit. In the course of foiling one terrorist attack bid, Ajay discovers a major threat to the nation – a plan to cause damage and strike fear at the heart of our very existence. The plot is masterminded by a maniacal leader Rashid Naz (Maulana Mohammed Rehman) whose organization has its tentacles spread across the world. As days progress, the unit goes through constant leads and challenges to pin down the main mastermind.

Baby Movie Review

Baby Movie Review

Since the movie is an Indian espionage action thriller film, there is always a risk of one weak scene or one dull moment ruining the pace and mood of the film. However, the script and every scene in ‘Baby’ is so well crafted that it leaves you speechless. Ajay’s (Akshay) interrogation sequence with Jameel Khan (Taufeeq) where he clearly explains the difference between religion and nationality will be greeted with whistles and claps. The last 35-40 mins of the film where Ajay is helped in his mission with Om Prakash Shukla and Jai Singh Rathore is without doubt the best climax scene in recent times.

Baby Review: Performances and Character Analysis

Baby is one of those rare films where even characters that have just one scene have managed to stand out. Akshay Kumar as Ajay delivers the performance of his life. From his dialogue delivery to his body language while handling the emotional sequences with his family, Akshay lives the character of Ajay. It’s his tribute to the many unsung heroes of the country who have sacrificed their lives on their undercover missions.

Anupam Kher as Om Prakash Shukla appears towards the last 40 mins of the film, instantly bringing a smile to your face. A shift from the serious roles he plays, watch him when he refuses to leave the gang behind. Tapsee Pannu plays Priya Suryavanshi, an outstanding shift from her character in Chashme Badoor, watch her in the sequence when she fights Javed (Sushant). Not one frame in the entire fight will look exaggerated. Rasheed Naz (Maulana Rahman) is the find of the film. His character, his look and his speech will establish the fact that there could be no better villain for Baby. Towards the end of the film, as an audience, you begin to hate him so much that you actually applaud when he is pinned down. Hallmark of a great movie.

Kay Kay Menon (Bilal Khan) may have less screen time but his performance reinstates the fact that great performances are all about quality and not the length of a role. Danny Denzongpa is cast to perfection and delivers a mature performance. Watch him in the scene where he explains to the minister that we do not do enough for those who sacrifice their lives for the country.
Madhurima Tuli as Ajay’s wife and Mikaal Zulfiqar are good too.

Baby Review: Technical Aspects and Background Score

Baby is definitely one of the best shot and visually appealing films in recent times. The film is shot across Kathmandu, Istanbul, Abu Dhabi, Delhi and Mumbai. Across every location the cinematography is beautiful and every sequence is captured with such grandeur and scale that it enlightens the experience of watching a high adrenaline film. Special Mention to the DOP (Director of Photography) Sudeep Chatterjee. This is probably the first Indian film where an Octocopter Drone (like helicopter cameras) is used to capture aerial shots. Also, a lot of scenes have been shot on live locations like busy streets to keep the authenticity of the script intact.

The background score by Sanjoy Chowdhuary is perfectly in sync with the mood of the film. Editing by Shree Narayan Singh is crisp and the length of the film is optimum.

Overall, Baby will not only be one of the best films of the year but will also be remembered as one of Akshay Kumar’s finest works. If Rajkumar Hirani is the king of slice-of-life feel good films, then it would be safe to say Neeraj Pandey is the king of the thriller- drama genre. Absolute must watch!

Rating: ★★★★½



    • WOW. Excellent review.. I always had decent expectations from the film but this review has given me confidence about the content. Akki is back in a good film

    • tickets booked…sat evng show :) XD
      PS i hvnt watched the trailer yet :p but as per the reviews..cant take chances to miss it :)

    • @arjun kapoor: I think this is probably the first time that you got so many ‘likes’ on any comment of yours ever! Hahah :P

    • this is the best movie of 2015. s
      salute you neeraj and akshay… you make us proud ..
      outstanding movie … Must Watch Guys . Must Watch…

  • The review is too good, But Indicine u not covered all performances like u not mention Rana Daggubatis performance in the movie, in the trailor also he has more screen time than other site cast
    But the review is good, i will watch movie tomorrow

  • Rip agneepath record hope movie will break Rowdy Rathore record too….
    akki u r best…love u man…
    can’t wait for movie…
    baby only…

  • now no one can stop baby to cross 100 crore…
    and may be this movie can be akshay’s highest grosser

  • Wow. What a review! Was there a press screening @indicine for all the press that you released your reviews pretty early? Movie looks rock solid. Seeing it tomorrow. Look Forward!

  • From the review it looks, Baby is actually better than Special 26! Will have to catch it soon! Awesome job Neeraj and Akshay.

  • Wow, 4.5 star.Great.
    Its means baby able to lift homogeneous expectation.Akki-Neeraj rocked. will see surely in this weekend.
    Agree Indicine that supporting cast is very important,lead actor made the box office pull but well crafted story with great supporting cast makes the film better.We can see example like Haider,3i,pk,znmd,rdb,cdi,lagaan etc.Even best example is Sholay.
    Similarly a strong villain us must in masala,revenge films.
    We can see Why Salman’s Dabamgg,wanted,kick were trended film because it had superb strong villain.
    Similarly Aamir-Ghajini, Srk- Chennai Express,Ajay- Singham too.
    So I wish in upcoming film specially superstar should work in great script with talented supporting cast.It doesn’t mean you pick talent in supporting role but also made there role well balanced and meatier.
    What say Indicine, do you agree?

  • definitely gonna watch this film. From the trailer this film had shown such potential. I believe akshay kumar should do such films and not some bad tamil remakes.

  • Excellent review
    Will try to watch it tomorrow evening or Saturday first day for sure. Always expected a master film from neeraj pandey. Your review has raised the expectations to the sky.
    Looks like the best work of neeraj pandey.
    Hope the movie works big on box window as well and collects 150 crore.

  • I said at baby trailer article –
    There is stark contrast between january releases, on one hand there is content rich baby and on the other hand there is b-grade tevar.

  • Superb review! not a single negative point mentioned by @indicine…….it is a must watch movie for sure. Will watch it in 1st weekend.

  • Going by Indicine’s review, I feel the movie will be better than S26. Hope it cross 150 cr (though 100-120 cr looks more achievable). Cant wait to watch it.

  • i feel low when some undeserved movie had already in 200 cr club :( even majority of people know . This baby should create magic in boxoffice becoz it deserved the best boxoffice collection.(content)

    • @gj007, can’t compare the two films. A Wednesday was thought provoking. Baby is a fantastic thriller. Last 35-40 minutes takes the film to a different level altogether. Both great films. A little concerned about the limited appeal towards different sections of the audience, but Baby deserves to be Akshay’s highest grosser.

    • @gaurav I think baby will b akkis nest film in his carrer.even better than hera pheri,patiala house,s26,khakee etc

    • @indicine

      Thanks for the reply. I like the way Neeraj Pandey stuns us with his unpredictable twists. Special 26 was an excellent film with a bit of unwanted romantic track and average song in the middle. Apart from that, I loved the film. I think Baby looks a notch higher than special 26.

      Excited to watch it. Going for it tomorrow!

  • I told it before about the background score of baby. And see background score getting special mention in indicine review. Spot on!!!! Content is the king, baby will be the 1st theatre film for me this year.

  • here they go and baby comes..
    thats why i was waiting for baby..
    i have trust in neeraj pandey..
    and i loved akki in holiday so cant wait for tomorrow..

  • Epic review. Srk should learn acting from Akshay. His performance in CE and HNY was utter crap. Akki will be #3 after he beats SRK and Hrithik in 2015.

    • What was the need to even take SRK’s name in this comment? Please don’t talk about SRK’s performance in front of Akshay. Akshay is good but you seriously can’t compare him with SRK in acting department. Drink water. You moron!!

    • Even after 20 years Akki will remain behind SRK and HR….Yes you should compare him with Varun,SId,Shushant,Arjun even Ranbir is ahead of him

    • @king of overacting x, really? U think srk need to learn how to act from akshay? Here I would like to point out that you have just prove your names part right that “overacting” and here you are exactly “overreacting.”

  • Thank you very much for the fantastic review of BaBy, First Day First Show is already booked for me at Attrium Cinema Karachi, Pakistan and now i booked sunday also for watch it again, no doubt N. Pandey is the king of Thriller action and Akshay sir everyone knows he is the best.

    22 HRS remaining

  • Excellent review from indicine and almost every site.
    I want to watch tomorrow but i bad luck. Because Baby not releasing in Myanmar, may be releasing later like Kick and bang bang.
    Opening day 13cr – 16cr sure.

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