SRK launches new entertainment channel &TV: Photos

Shahrukh Khan is all set to make a grand return to the small screen with his new show ‘Sabse Shaana Kaun?’. Khan will also be the face of GEC’s new channel &TV.

The superstar launched the channel at a grand event here in Mumbai. He danced, interacted with the media gathered and entertained the crowd.

‘Sabse Shaana Kaun?’ would be SRK’s 7th television show after Fauji, Circus, Kaun Banega Crorepathi, Kya Aap Paanchvi Paas Se Tez Hain, Zor Ka Jhatka and Dil Se Naachein Indiawaale.

Some photos below, have a look!

Shahrukh Khan unveils new GEC show

Shahrukh Khan unveils new GEC show

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan launches Zee Entertainment's New Channel &tv

Shahrukh Khan launches Zee Entertainment’s New Channel &tv



Shahrukh Khan at &tv launch

Shahrukh Khan at &tv launch

SRK at the launch of Zee TV's new channel

SRK at the launch of Zee TV’s new channel



  • looks like SRK didn’t stop helping friends.. and making their careers like he made Farhan,Aditya,Karan,Farah now Maneesh, Rahul Dholakia…

    SRK is perfect in every thing…

    -the #Greatest Actor

    – the #Bestest Friend
    – the #Finest Father
    – the #Honest Husband
    – the #Mindblowing Son,Bro
    – last #Admirable ideal.

    Excited for the Show and all the best for new channel..

    • Biggest joke that Srk made career of Farhan Akhtar. It was DCH who made Farhan the director and Rock on which established him as an actor !!!!!!!!! Remaking a cult sequel starring fake king is not called as making career. Though I agree for Karan and Farha. Adi is too talented to take away credit from him.

    • But still his fan like you opened the Indicine review page and written a great lecture for pk review without watching the movie and what is surprising that you did that on imdb and got trolled big way.
      @joke of the year srk made karan,aadi,farhan agree he made Farah khan a famous director but Aadi,karan pair created themselves.Manish malhotra,shimit,Rahul dolkita are already known director with movies like BBB,SDR,Ab tak chappan and Parjaniya.
      Farhan was known for DCH and Lakshya who cares for Don series even Farhan don’t. Lol.

  • SRK is helping every friend… he made so many people career .. Karan, Aditya, Farah, Shimit Amin, Nikhil Advani etc next Maneesh, Rahul Dholakia…

    mean while Aamir Khan destroyed the life of his own brother, gave wrong medicines, kidnap him and tried to prove him a mental patient..

    this is the difference b/w Human being, Good friend, king and no human being, bastard, Ghulam,Chota actor….

    SRK we are proud of you.. you are the best person bollywood have… All the best King Khan ;) …

    • srk is someone who dances in weddings for money, bettrayes his wife with affairs with his co stars and doesn’t do anything for society. while aamir donates money for charities, doesn’t dance cheaply in unknown people’s weddings doesn;t buy awards and does a social show like satyamev jayathe. that’s the difference between megastar, king, great human being aamir khan and self proclaimed, media puppet, bastard, haklu, bakru chotu khan srk.

      aamir we are proud of you. that bastard ugly pig called shahrukh has fans just like his him. while you are not only bigger star than that bastard haklu but biggest megastar of bollywood worldwide. haklu looks like bakru in front of you.

  • Earlier king danced on streets, marrige parties, award functions(for award) etc now he have started to dance for tv channels too….KING ROCKS.

  • Iamakn and ur comment is the greatest, bestest, finest, most honest, most mind blowing , most admirable & most exciting JOKE ever made by a srk fan on indicine! kamal karthe ho yaar , I don’t know how srk fans come up with such great jokes , aisa soch bi kaise letho ho but anyway always funny u srk fanboys are Lol :D :D

    Charlie chamacch SSS is the biggest joker on indicine, all his comments are always absurdly nonsensical & humorously illogical , woh Jo bi liktha tha kudh samaj nahi paatha hei tho how can others understand all his weird nonsense and especially his baby doll srk ? And the language that he writes I wonder is it English ya some other code language? to understand his useless , senseless comments fully we need someone who can decode it & perhaps Iamakn is the best person :D :D

  • KING KHAN is the most charming and most handsome actor of INDIA.

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  • Wow you people fight like this for what you think these guys are???? Really!?
    Looking it from outside, it’s kind of funny. Maybe too funny.
    They’re actors, famous actors yes, but they’re only humans. I’m sure they both do some good and some bad shit, but that’s it. No need to fight over 2 guys. They’re nothing else, just 2 guys that made fame for themselves. Good for them.
    What they do or not do with they private life, shouldn’t be a matter of competition between all of you.
    Maybe, since I’m from Argentina, and we all know every flaw every actor has here, we don’t idealize them much…. I’ve heard in India, people tends to see actors as little gods (please correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t attack me. I’m from the other side of the world and I don’t completely understand your culture).
    They’re nothing but humans. Flaws and all.
    I’m not much into Aamir, don’t know much of his movies.
    More a SRK fan. I find him sexy and funny… Not for that I should say anything bad about Aamir.
    SRK fans should just be focused on SRK, and Aamir fans, in Aamir.
    Maybe I’m just a simple girl from Argentina, maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right…. Just think about it.

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