Shah Rukh Khan talks about Raees vs Sultan clash

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan spoke about the much-hyped clash between Raees and Sultan. He said the clash is ‘awkward’ and hinted that it could be Raees that would have to make way for Sultan.

ďI think logic will be to shift. We will try and figure out a way so that it doesnít eat into each otherís business. It is awkward.. itís like what are we doing. I donít think we like to have it” Shah Rukh told Press Trust of India.

When Sultan was first announced for Eid, the announcement did raise eyebrows, because Aditya Chopra is known to be very close to SRK. The question that everyone wanted to know was, why would Adi take on SRK?

Talking about his relationship with the head honcho of Yash Raj Films, SRK said “Adi (Aditya Chopra) is my family and so is Farhan Akhtar. With all due respect I will speak to Adi, Salman. I have spoken to Farhan already. If we have to change, one of us will move on”

Shah Rukh also said, he’d be willing to move if YRF and Salman think Eid belongs to them.

“If they are adamant or fixated that somehow due to some sense of righteousness Eid belongs to Salman Khan so be it” SRK said.

ďPersonally Farhan, Adi and I are friends and I donít think we have ego issues. We all know if there is an opening number assumed in terms of business we will share it 50-50 or whichever ratio. I am not saying X is a bigger star or Y”

But at the same time, Shah Rukh insisted that they are working towards making Raees ready for Eid “As of now we are making the film ready for Eid. Our production is ready for EidĒ he said.

Known as the ‘king of clashes’ for having trounced his competition in almost every box office battle, Shah Rukh lost to Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani at the domestic box office last year.

Talking about the same, SRK said “In case of ‘Dilwale’ and ‘Bajirao Mastani’, both lost money due to the clash. One doesn’t want it. It has never been a fight of arrogance when it comes to the release of a film. I feel every film should get its due”

Courtesy: Press Trust of India



  • Whatever he said makes perfect sense, but that’s certainly not ‘biggest superstar in country’ mentality.

    Even if he postpones Raees after booking Eid before Sultan, many people would assume he lost the battle of ‘biggest superstar in country’ even without fighting. If he sticks to Eid and clashes with Sultan, then there’s at least some chance of coming out victorious.

    Business wise, it does make sense to avoid the clash, but the person who does it will be the subject of news.

  • @anand the coward,shame on ur tiny mind … Shame on ur insecurity.
    Shame on your frustration !!!
    If u have a little guts , then why not u should just pray this clash take place for 100% like me … !!!
    I know ur true colour !!!
    I was a bit late on this article otherwise I new what to do !!!!

  • @Gupta
    What about your Jadoo boy without papa and
    Krish brand??? He has not even touched 200 crore yet Without manipulation…The manipulation king Hrithik always fooling audiences with his Fake box office collections….No one can believe that….
    #Fasal kerala

  • Are sidha bol na dar gaya hai.. . U know @Salman haters before creating negativity abt sultan first give yr idol some Bournvita.. Complain and whatever energy drink available so that it boost his confidence…

  • Hey hey LOL indicine.. Feb 12 th komala nahata one of the great critics has already spoken about the postpone of Raees but u ppl criticised him alot.. So wat happened now?? Dont b SRK s chamcha, its better to try be expert in ur profession, learn some thing from him…

    Clash of khans makes create a lot buzz n publicity , so both the makers hav done their job brilliantly but u r the ppl always said it not yet official announcement n bla bla bla… Try to Think out of the box always dont b stick wit ur opinion

  • So all salman fans who were already saying that Eid was for Sultan can go to hell ! There won’t be a clash, that’s a good thing for both films, but this Eid is for King Khan, nobody else !

  • First he rejected 3i then he did hny & now postponing raees. Iss baar srk ne apne paw PE kuladi nahi Mari balki apna paw hi kuladi pe Mar diya. Lol

    He lost the fight before it even started. #boycott raees all diehard srkfans if it postponed.

  • @spamzone 5:35pm:
    Dil behlane ka ascha bahana hain gaalib ka “Friendship”…. ROFL.

    BHAGODA never lost any clash unltil excusewale vs BM??? Really!!! What about Asoka vs Indian clash??? Learn ABC of box office you moron.

  • BHAGODA maidan sod ke bhag gaya!!! What a shameful moment for loongiwalas!!! Stop blabbering nonsenses and Kudhkhushi karlo Besharm Loongiwalo!!!

  • Ra.1,CE,HNY & Dilwale these are the names of SRK’s some films released in recent time.

    This is list of Masterpiece movies of Srk whose fans kept chatting that Salam is making craps.

    Audience are shifting from Masala genre thats why Dilwale & HNY not worked at BO.

    But same audience in same period made D3 & Kick blockbuster…!…How..?

    Raees which is story of a mafia man & it has an item song of Sunny Leone.

    This information is enough for us to call it a cut classic & ?
    it deserves Eid release…!?

    On the other hand Sultan is story of a wrestler whose love interest is also a wrestler… both are playing for India in various sport events…

    But still its a Masala movie..!?

    & our Srk sir now talking like a matured person.
    He is thinking about profit/loss rather than Ego.

    But why he was not showed this maturity at the time of JTHJ-SOS & Dilwale-BM..?

    Now he is ready to move but why he forced QATIMD in 2013..?

    Suddenly world got changed.

    Now we are in a virtual world…where Dilwale is cult movie like Inception.

    Here a dream under a dream & again N level dream.

    Here Ra1,CE,HNY,Dilwale & Raees are cult classic movies….

    where as PK,BB,PRDP,Airlift, Drishyam,Sultan & Dangal are Masala craps..?

  • after reading this article i find SRK is in big dilemma at the moment. he either has to choose his all producers friend or his own interest. he has got obligation towards his friends he cant just put his own decision. so salman fans stop thinking KIng khan is scared of anyone there is no one like him, he is in trap. lets just support our king. And by the way who is this salman, first he is playing games with the country judicery system now he is thinking as if eid holiday belongs to him. this is not right.

  • @gupta kiu itna bhonk raha he tere baap SRK ke bare mein..agar bohut jalan hota hai SRK se to uske bare mein bolna band kar de samjha..tere jaise idiot kabhi kisi ka fan nehi ban sakta kiu ki tu ek hater hai.Isse pata chalta hai tera family background kya hai so shut ur mouth u lunatic.i want all sachha srk fans to thrash this guy,he has crossed his limits.

  • Why HR fans and srkians are fighting???I dont see any reason for this-Be mature and dont act like kids.We were neven against each other and I dont it even now or in future.

  • @Fasal Kerala who made Dhoom the brand man?? Are you real or what? Dhoom (2004) was just a normal hit with songs being chartbusters. Come to Dhoom 2 and it was an international BB and made it a brand…yes Hrithik made Dhoom the brand…and you know who got the rewards from Dhoom brand….I will tell u…its none other than Aamir Khan despite Dhoom 3 being a crap fest…and you are saying coz of Dhoom brand Dhoom 2 became BB…? Go get a life man!. And what about Kaho naa pyaar hai…? Which franchise part was that? All heroes can only dream about such a debut…Koi..Mil Gaya….science fiction experience…who can make a BB out of that subject other than Hrithik among current heroes….Krrish and Krrish 3….who can make BBs out of superhero genres among current heroes…? We saw what your SRK did with Ra.One…LMAO! And What about Agneepath, ZNMD, Jodhaa Akbar…all these were Rakesh Roshan films…?? All you guys can bark on is about Kites and Guzaarish…Kites I agree was a crap…and Guzaarish was never meant to be breaking BO records coz of its genre…if you have atleast a bit of brains and knowledge about movies you will understand the points I wrote above…otherwise just continue putting up lame excuses…cheers

  • @fasal kerala
    Who made Krrish brand? It was Hrithik himself. One other hand srk is using big b’s made Don brand to save his own career.

  • @Jhadnu the fake : Rofl man, I have never seen a hypocrite like you:

    Anand_The Original April 10, 2016 at 8:11 pm

    Oh!!! Thatís a great news!!! I will watch Raees now. Guys, stop bashing Raees now. You have got what you have wanted!!!

    Anand_The Original April 11, 2016 at 8:35 pm

    Darr Gaya SRK!! Miyan Bhai Ki Darr!!! SRK, donít be diplomatic with this!
    Be straight forward and say you want it but you canít get itÖ

    Seriously, after looking at above two comments, I wanted to honor you with some nice words, but then Indicine’s moderation policy stopped me by doing so.
    You moron, who asked you to come and comment like a saint on other article, when you are a born SRK hater. Can’t you show your real color you chameleon ?
    @8:52 pm : Lol, so now you have degraded yourself till that extent where you are licking the feet of Jadoo fans to get support? Idiot, I have already said that. Just don’t watch SRK films and ask other fanbases too, not to watch any SRK movie. We don’t want support from some bhabhijan/Jadoo fans as we alone are enough to give a worldwide HIT.
    But then have the courage to accept that whatever SRK films are collecting , it’s all because his billions of fans located worldwide.
    As we don’t form a union called Salmir or Sal-Jadoo to churn out bigger collections.

  • @Chinmay 7:41 pm : Respect and bashing are two different things. I have respect for Amir/Hritik/Akki etc and I don’t want to bash them. But if their fans come and bark on an SRK article, then I will give them back in the same tone. If you are so concerned about Hritik, ask his fans not to spout their filth on SRK articles.

    @Bakswas (BK) 9:03 pm : Abe go and save the Sultana from sinking. Else now you saw her in chaddi, but after few days, that chaddi too, will be blown away in Raees storm.

    @Hrithik 10:53 pm : Lol, time has come when you need a lot of sympathy as Sultana poster is one of the crappiest poster of recent times. :D

  • @ MS Joshi at 11:05 pm : Agreed. I also wanted to ask him that question.

    Ashish Thapars comments are the best ones to read here at Indicine. Best thing I like about him is that he doesnt abuse, doesnt troll other actors and remains unbiased. I think he judges the actors on merit but at times I feel he is SRK fan but that only he can confirm.

  • He is such a nautanki and liar !!!!!!! Before Dilwale release he said no matter what comes Dilwale is meant for Christmas and now singing a different tune like every movie should get its due, Lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is nothing but a broken arrogance and ego is making him speak such words !!!!!!!!!!

  • @Chin-Maaaaahhhhhhh : Teri phatti hai kya Salman aur uske fans se ? Dum hai toh bol apne idol ko clash karne ke liye, bolna !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Typical haklutard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • @hrithik. April 13 10:33 am, firstly i ignored your rubbish baseless comment @April 12 11:00 am, but because u really want me to give u something, here it goes for u typical lallutard. So what clash am i scared of your bhojpuri bhabhijaan? His movie was badly crushed no once but twice by one man called Shahrukh Khan. He not only beat him but almost raped his jaaneman. Even akki who was a rising superstar back then couldnt save him. So srk alone beat both salman and akki combined. What else u want? Forget the king, salman was badly defeated by ranbeer’s second film despite having Big B and priyanka as co stars. So sad? Arent u ashamed that u keep wanting to remind this harsh reality of the so called megastar whose movies were not even taking as big enough opening as tushar kapoor, emraan hashmee’s movies in last decade? Please, better if u dont talk such big illogical stuff like teri fatti hui hai and bla bla bla. Otherwise u will cry hard just like last decade’s truma.

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