Shah Rukh Khan talks about Raees vs Sultan clash

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan spoke about the much-hyped clash between Raees and Sultan. He said the clash is ‘awkward’ and hinted that it could be Raees that would have to make way for Sultan.

“I think logic will be to shift. We will try and figure out a way so that it doesn’t eat into each other’s business. It is awkward.. it’s like what are we doing. I don’t think we like to have it” Shah Rukh told Press Trust of India.

When Sultan was first announced for Eid, the announcement did raise eyebrows, because Aditya Chopra is known to be very close to SRK. The question that everyone wanted to know was, why would Adi take on SRK?

Talking about his relationship with the head honcho of Yash Raj Films, SRK said “Adi (Aditya Chopra) is my family and so is Farhan Akhtar. With all due respect I will speak to Adi, Salman. I have spoken to Farhan already. If we have to change, one of us will move on”

Shah Rukh also said, he’d be willing to move if YRF and Salman think Eid belongs to them.

“If they are adamant or fixated that somehow due to some sense of righteousness Eid belongs to Salman Khan so be it” SRK said.

“Personally Farhan, Adi and I are friends and I don’t think we have ego issues. We all know if there is an opening number assumed in terms of business we will share it 50-50 or whichever ratio. I am not saying X is a bigger star or Y”

But at the same time, Shah Rukh insisted that they are working towards making Raees ready for Eid “As of now we are making the film ready for Eid. Our production is ready for Eid” he said.

Known as the ‘king of clashes’ for having trounced his competition in almost every box office battle, Shah Rukh lost to Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani at the domestic box office last year.

Talking about the same, SRK said “In case of ‘Dilwale’ and ‘Bajirao Mastani’, both lost money due to the clash. One doesn’t want it. It has never been a fight of arrogance when it comes to the release of a film. I feel every film should get its due”

Courtesy: Press Trust of India



  • “If they are adamant or fixated that somehow due to some sense of righteousness Eid belongs to Salman Khan so be it”

    This shows.. SRK is not happy. At the same time he knows he cant take on Salman.

    SRK fooled Ekta Kapoor in 2013, OUATIMD suffered. I hope Adi Chopra doesn’t get fooled this time.

  • Sultan will destroy raees at the box office! MARK MY WORDS!!! This is not 2007 when don clashed jaan e mann!! Its 2016 And Salman “Almighty” Khan is india’s biggest superstar!! Its a suicide to clash with Salman Bhai at the box office and the entire industry knows it!

  • We love you SRk whether Raees comes on Eid or any other time.

    You are the GREATEST of all. We love you and support you whatever happens and even if you will turn 80 and no longer a star we will love you EQUALLY.

    Thanks for these 25 years which you have entertained us thoroughly and continue to do so.

  • Hahaha… hypocrite… he says every film should get its due, but he wouldnt have ever moved the date if it was against a Ajay devgan or Akshay kumar movie….. he tried to take all shows during OATIM2 clash… although that film was bad, srk tried it kill it even before it released…

    He has always been known for that attitude.. he is arrogant over the top proud and has little respect for others.. a complete selfish person.. and now after a crap dilwale and getting thrashed by Ranveer, got scared of Salman and talking all these diplomatic shit..

    why didnt he think before BM clash?? thats bcoz he wasnt scared.. this time he knows if Raees releases with Sultan, it wont even do a 100cr business and the whole world will know what a loser he is..

  • I will sell my property on 50% loss if Raees Beats SULTAN “Salman” Khan!! Its not happening!
    Reason 1: its not 2007 when shahrukh was bigger star than Salman Bhai.. Every star has his time.. rajesh khanna was at top but Mr Bacchan overtook his stardom in short time!! So in today’s date Salman Bhai is the biggest Super star of Nation! And shahrukh’s lost to BAJIRAO MASTANI proves shahrukh’s lack of stardom!

  • Though you know the business better, Kindly release your movie on Eid SRK !!!
    Let others release their movie on the same day, but we want Raees on Eid.

    @Neerja 5:23 pm : Wait for Independence day weekend. Akshay will thrash that shivering skeleton from left, right and centre. No body is interested in long boring saga directed by Ashutosh Flop Gowarikar.

  • @xzone, haha.. Losing a clash is any day better than giving up and moving your film to a different date :D

    If Raees moves from Eid.. it’ll be proved that very minute that SRK is shit scared of Salman.

  • Even though it would be a logical decision to postpone the movie considering the dynamics in case if Raees turns out to be a niche film but I genuinely want Srk to thrash this non-actor for the betterment of this industry.For how long would Bhai make such sub-standard films and continue making money just because it gets released during holiday.I am sure if not the opening weekend the lifetime collection of Raees would have been more than Sultan.
    Had prdp clashed with any good film it would have struggled to cross ready.But anyways I will always respect your decision I am nobody to advice you since you have been part of this industry for more number of years than my age and as I said before will watch Raees no matter whenever you decide to release on the first day.

  • @Ro-Mat 5:28 pm : Still he values the friendship and it’s only his friendship (with Adi) which is making him to think till this extent. Else, SRK is neither scared nor afraid of anyone. Also, other than BM VS Dilwale (that too domestic) , he has a track record of winning the clashes, but same can’t be said about your bhabhijan.
    So if you are thinking that SRK is ready to postpone Raees out of fear, then you are the biggest moron.

    @Quasim 5:29 pm : An illiterate beggar like you , should not boast about property when you don’t posses one !!!

  • So that means that news yesterday was not completely true.
    There are equal chances of Raees releasing on Eid..
    They must release it on Eid otherwise the case would be same as ouatimd..
    Abi to fan par concentrate krate hai.. Raess baad me..

  • @Neeraj 5:35 pm : That I have already said. Losing a clash is indeed better than shifting. But don’t jump into the conclusion and just wait for official announcement.

  • Har Har Mahadev

    Bajirao Was not loss venture for Team because it earned 186 Cr in Bharat and around 14 million from Overseas and rest around 40 Cr from satellite & music rights

    so 93 cr from domestic + 40 Cr from rights + around 60 Cr from overseas = 193 cr = Total Profits for Bajirao Mastani Team

    Har Har Mahadev !

  • @xzone Hope you will be still around after Independence day weekend..we will be putting up some nice numbers for you and some of the over the tops bhakths of Canadian actor Akshay Kumar lol.

  • @Rohit…exactly..can’t agree more…why SRK didn’t have this same mentality (every film should get their due) when he announced a hurry burried, half baked Dilwale (which was only announced at May 2015) for an X’Mas release when SLB had already booked the space for Bajirao Mastani?

  • RAEES is releasing for sure now on July 3rd. It is clear.

    It is already in post-production. If anything, SULTAN should postpone as 1.5 mo. Shooting left.

    RAEES on EID is perfect as bollywoods changing trend of abandoning masala cinema and going after quality content cinema like KAPOOR & SONS, KI & KA. AIRLIFT.

    RAEES has perfect content of EID.

    1st day 1st show for me. Repeat viewing after a week. One more go after a month.

  • We dont want that classless none actor’s bhojpuri movie on eid, we only want Raees this eid. We have been waiting desperately for 2 yrs. U cant cheat your audience like this. We want the clash so that lallulal gets to see his aukaat once again like he did back in 2006.

  • @Thug 5:42 pm : I will be around, don’t worry about that. Guys like you, Neerja etc have crossed all your limits ,so now be ready to take the same in equal proportion.
    Have never bashed Hrithik , but from now on, the odds will change.

  • This article has given some an indirect indication that Raees will be postponed . If this happens it will be rare case as the movie which was announced first will postpone for the 2nd movie . In 2012 SOS was slated to release on Diwali before JTHJ and Ajay did not postpone his movie and the result was both the movies did good business and there was no clear winner in this clash as both were Hits and the margin was also not huge . In 2014 BB was announced for 2nd Oct before Haider . Both the movies released on Gandhi Jayanti and did good for themselves . BB did 181 CR although it could have done 20 CR had it been a solo release . Haider did 60 CR considering its offbeat genre, dark theme, less number of screens, limited appeal and less budget it was a Hit . Shahid gave his career best performance and also won the Filmfare Award for Best Actor . But the margin between BB and Haider was more than 120 CR . In 2015 BM was announced earlier to release on Christmas and than Dilwale also occupied the same spot . BM was supposed to release on 25th but because of Dilwale it shifted to 18th and than both the movies released on 18th Dec . The result was BM was Superhit and Ranveer Singh gave his career best performance in BM . Dilwale did 148 CR and BM did 187 CR and the margin between them was more than 39 CR which was huge because nobody expected BM to take such a huge lead . Raees was announced before Sultan and the shooting started and ended before Sultan . If Raees is postponed SRK fans will be pissed off with him as Salman fans will troll them on social media and they will have to suffer humiliation . Also the long term dream of HGOTY will go in smoke .

  • @Xzone, what? This is not done. Why arevu bashing hrithik like this. I am also a huge srk admirer and I hate lallu. U can bash lallu as much as u want, but i never expect srk fan to bash hrithik. Please take back ur comments. Hrithik and srk are friends. @Neeraj is a lallulal fan so please bash lallulal. Thanks.

  • It was all publicity stunt… Both movies have got unlimited free publicity in last year or so due to this “clash” drama… Dono mile hue hain…

  • SRK fans want Raees to clash with sultan,not because they think SRK will beat salman but because they know SRK has no chance of giving HGOTY so they want to make sure that salman cant give another HGOTY. . .

  • This guy in an interview with Rajeev Masand once said he has his own playground/swimming territory and no one can enter that. Now what, Raees is being postponed and he is mimicking Akshay Kumar by doing 4 movies a year. Go to a circus and thats where you shall get better recognition.

  • Personally I want this class to happen to show srk his real aukat, sher ek hi tha ek hi rahega all hail the MEGASTAR, KING OF KINGS, SULTAN OF BOLLYWOOD one & only THE BIGGEST ENTERTAINER EVER “” “”SALMAN KHAN “” “

  • @Chinmay 5:53 pm : I have been watching this since a long time. Hrithik fans like Neerja, Thug etc have been bashing SRK since a quite some time. You just see this article for an example. The very first comment on this article is from that loser called Neerja.
    I have not seen SRK fans bashing Hrithik, then what makes these stupid Jadoo fans to come and bash SRK??
    Even you see this @Saksham’s comment. He is a Hrithik fan and he pretends himself to be a baba/saint who always speaks the truth. But even he never leaves an opportunity to take a dig on SRK or his fans. I have waited a lot buddy, but not anymore.

  • @Jhutha-jit 5:58 pm : Didn’t you see the aukaat of your bhabhijan ins DON VS Jaan-E-Mann clash that you want to see it again…?

  • @xzone Lol what limits are you talking about, show me a post where I have bashed anyone unnecessarily…if any, that would be only replies to nerds like Sunny Akkiholic…my previous reply to you was due to your unnecessary bash of Hrithik while you were replying to a guy who seems to be a Salman fan to me…check your comment and you will know

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