Shah Rukh Khan talks about Raees vs Sultan clash

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan spoke about the much-hyped clash between Raees and Sultan. He said the clash is ‘awkward’ and hinted that it could be Raees that would have to make way for Sultan.

ďI think logic will be to shift. We will try and figure out a way so that it doesnít eat into each otherís business. It is awkward.. itís like what are we doing. I donít think we like to have it” Shah Rukh told Press Trust of India.

When Sultan was first announced for Eid, the announcement did raise eyebrows, because Aditya Chopra is known to be very close to SRK. The question that everyone wanted to know was, why would Adi take on SRK?

Talking about his relationship with the head honcho of Yash Raj Films, SRK said “Adi (Aditya Chopra) is my family and so is Farhan Akhtar. With all due respect I will speak to Adi, Salman. I have spoken to Farhan already. If we have to change, one of us will move on”

Shah Rukh also said, he’d be willing to move if YRF and Salman think Eid belongs to them.

“If they are adamant or fixated that somehow due to some sense of righteousness Eid belongs to Salman Khan so be it” SRK said.

ďPersonally Farhan, Adi and I are friends and I donít think we have ego issues. We all know if there is an opening number assumed in terms of business we will share it 50-50 or whichever ratio. I am not saying X is a bigger star or Y”

But at the same time, Shah Rukh insisted that they are working towards making Raees ready for Eid “As of now we are making the film ready for Eid. Our production is ready for EidĒ he said.

Known as the ‘king of clashes’ for having trounced his competition in almost every box office battle, Shah Rukh lost to Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani at the domestic box office last year.

Talking about the same, SRK said “In case of ‘Dilwale’ and ‘Bajirao Mastani’, both lost money due to the clash. One doesn’t want it. It has never been a fight of arrogance when it comes to the release of a film. I feel every film should get its due”

Courtesy: Press Trust of India



  • FAN & RAEES Two intelligent Class movie in one year… Exited….
    Dangal & Loltan Two classless bhojpuri crap wrestling movies in one year…
    Eagarly Waiting for both two class movies & Two crap movies….
    #Fasal kerala

  • Given any release date any SRK movie will do the expected business just because he is the duniya ka sabse bada super star, shut up nonsense autowalas.

    It’s good not to release Raees so early after FAN, we can enjoy FAN’s success and then also block the year end with Raees to win the awards…

    Love you SRK!

  • Jadoo boy Hrithik is nothing without papa Roshan & Manipulation calculator… mohenjedaro will collect 200000 cr with Roshan calculator… without calculator it will be bellow than 150 cr…
    #Fasal kerala

  • @Xzone yo, I m with u in bashing 9 hit actor hrithik roshan. Kites 42 cr,guzarish 3 credit Ranbir = hrithik

    @Thug Canadian government themselves offered him Canada citizenship ..
    even alia, deepika have duel citizenship.
    Akshay does a lot of charity for Indians unlike your 150 cr budget Movie actor who cannot even focus on working in 2 movies, just getting beaten by an actress like kangana. Ha ha

  • @xzone What proof you have that Neeraj is a hrithik fan. He could be a sallu fan in disguise.
    Stay in limits else srk ko dhool chaatni padegi. Ranveer ne usko aukaat dikha di hai :D

  • Srk is a great human being. Both salman nd Adi r his friends so he doesn’t want to hurt them. Although srk knows better abt when to release raees bt we all srkians would love raees to be released on eid. In any case we love u srk. Once an srkian will always be an srkian.

  • @fasal kerala
    What is your flopstar without Yrf and dharma? He has not even touched krrish 3’s 244 crore yet.
    Ranveer is bigger than srk, so stop spouting jealousy against the most handsome actor and megastar Hrithik.

  • srk is the most insecure and irritating actor ever. and then his moronic fans like @fasal kerala and @xzone make me hate him even more.

  • @Sunny Akkiholic you should also consider that 9 includes 5 BBs and 2 Super hits and all these from just 20 films….not like your Akki who has 30 odd hits from God knows how many movies (2500?) Lol. And about the movie collections of Akshay the lesser said the better hahaha

    @Fasal Kerala….firstly try and put Kerala’s K in caps…atleast that is a place which gave you respect it….and also let me ask you a question if you can answer me properly…why does movies directed by Rakesh Roshan with Hrithik as hero ends up as Blockbusters? Are you saying all the tickets are purchased by the Roshans to get that kind of revenue..? Lol! And also Rakesh just didn’t turn into a director from ‘kaho naa pyaar hai’ onwards…he was a director from 1987 itself and he has directed 3 movies of your SRK also if you didn’t know…and when a director has a son in the caliber of Hrithik why would he bother to cast another actor in his films? If you were Rakesh you would also have done the same…

  • DILWALE loss at box-office in clash against BAJIRAO MASTANI. But to save his film Dilwale, srk said both films had lost their investment.
    Dilwale – flop
    Bajirao – super hit / blockbuster
    Har Har Mahadev

  • Shah Rukh Khan definitely knows what he’s doing, so it is up to them Raees Is a blockbuster like it or not it is up to the haters and only a fool can call a man who is a fool enough not to get married at over fourty years Almighty

  • SRK you can’t sacrifice yourself to bhaitard and adi chop even they are your friends,,,,,what the matter???? and why should eid belong to bhaitard??????? everyone can use that date not just bhaitard and yrf…..chalo SRK don’t disappoint your fan around the world..
    .we respect you for your humbleness but to sacrifice yourself to bhaitard and adi chop??????? NOOOOOOOOO WAY

  • It’s interviews like these that prove sarook is the biggest hypocrite and two-faced person alive in bollywood.

    Where was his sense of righteousness during Dilwale-BM, CE-OUATIMD and JTHJ-SOS clashes where he deliberately tried to sabotage the other movie.

    Now he has realized that salman will spank him very badly and hence wants to show the whole world as if he’s doing a favour on Salman by shifting his vijay mallya biography to some other date.

    A certified moron of the highest order.

  • @Thug… Really i don’t have prblm with Hrithik… but some moronic Hrithik fans trying to bash him… Tell me Hrithik blockbuster without papa & Dhoom brand??? Jadoo boy come up with guzarish & kites with so many gaps… but both were mega disasters…

    then ur question….
    why does movies directed by
    Rakesh Roshan with Hrithik as hero ends up
    as Blockbusters?

    My Answer
    Only with krish brand & Manipulation calculated…
    #Fasal kerala

  • @xzone, I agree with yr feeling dude. Some of the hrithik fans are morons and talk rubbish against Srk. But still they are not as bad and cheap as these loser bhojpurians I.e. Salman fans. Just look at the language of @Tigress the Chipkali, @Quasim, @Anand the pirated, @Navina, @JS and many countless Salman fans who talk rubbsih whole day and night. Yes, some hrithik fans are initiating but, hrithik is a great actor and he doesnt deserve the hatred just because of his few moronic fans at least he is much better actor than Salman. But Salman deserves to be trolled because he is seriously damaging the quality of cinema since 2010 and only exception was BB which was his only good movie I guess.

  • No matter whenever u release Raees Shahrukh sir I will watch it..I am excited like hell for Raees the day it’s teaser was revealed..of course it will be a disappointment if u postpone because the wait will be even longer but one thing will be again proved that u are very generous and indeed a Bade dilwala when it comes to friendship..

  • @Chinmay – 5:53 pm

    Those idiots Neeraj Pandey , Thug , Aman Kapoor are HR fans that never respect SRK . @xzone is doing the right , and soon I’ll be joining him in bashing process .

  • @Hrithik Fans :

    Don’t worry about SRK – better worry about ever shivering king of Jadooo Dynasty .

    Ranbir > Hrithik

  • Darr Gaya SRK!! Miyan Bhai Ki Darr!!! SRK, don’t be diplomatic with this!
    Be straight forward and say you want it but you can’t get it…

  • I think Raees movie will now release 2nd or 3rd July 2016 beside releasing on Eid Prayer Day on 7th July.

    So Raees Wii be a Ramadan release.

  • @XxxZone, Chilla Ne Se, Jhoot Sach Banta!! The truth is that SRK is a chota don like a Rajpal Yadav and Salman is like a Sultan Emperor!!!
    Spout shits out of ur mouth as much as u can. We see your frustrations!!

  • In all seriousness, meoww bhai Eid belongs to Salman bhai… Hiding in the arms of Sunny wont save from getting thrashed by Sultan if u dare clash with him!!(

  • @Chinmay, XZone has already bashed Hrithik. U know he doesnt like Hrithik. But u lik Xzones s as much as u can.

  • Coward ,agaya line pe, srk knows very well that he will easily get beated and also loose his bonding with adi thats why he ran away ,haha no guts at all.

  • @Romance King
    Are you in your senses?What the meaning of releasing a film during RAMZAN??when you are giving EID release to anyone else?Its better to release a film in any period except pre Eid and pre diwali when you cant take the advantage of the festivities.And specially when other big film is releasing on EID…

  • @Indicine Directors of Salman Khan’s upcoming movies:Ali Abbas Zafar, Kabir Khan,S S Rajmouli,Raj Kumar Santoshi,A R Murugadoss

  • @Fasal Kerala, so u have already decided that sultan and dangal are classless movies without even watching the teaser or trailer of both films? hatts of to your logic. and by the way, dangal is an inspiration story about father training daughters so i don’t see any logic of calling it classless bhojpuri. your language is too harsh and disgusting to read. please take care of that. we will watch all good movies be it dangal sultan, raees, fan, mohenjo daro, shivay and rustam just like we did airlift and neerja. if you are truely srk fan, then please show some decency and politeness just like srk. look at srk, he always shows respect, politeness, humbleness for everyone, but sad and unfortunate that a man as humble and as grounded as srk has fans who are too harsh, cheap and pathetic as you.

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